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Since I was around 10 years old I've wanted...

Since I was around 10 years old I've wanted rhinoplasty. I told myself I would do it by the time I was 21, and I wasn't too far off! 23 years old now and surgery is booked for 10 days from now!! I'm nervous and excited, but scared for recovery days too. So far Dr. Burden and staff are very friendly and professional. They work well with people from out of town too.

One week away!

Surgery is in one week! I can't believe it! I have been shopping almost everyday for things to make recovery better. I started taking Bromelain a few days ago and have all my other meds ready. I got lip balm, a travel pillow, soft foods, sprite, water, nasal spray, ice packs, and sleeping pills. Anything else you would recommend??

Ear Cartilage?

My doctor mentioned maybe taking cartilage from my ear for surgery... Why?? Has anyone experienced this? Is it painful to heal?

One more day!!!

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm so excited and nervous! I keep looking in the mirror thinking this is the last day I will ever have this nose... And that is a great feeling :). I hope I'm ready for the recovery! Friends want me to go out on a boat with them 3 days after surgery... Not anything crazy, just floating down the river. Do you think I'll be up for it? Ha I hope so! Keep me in your thoughts tomorrow!!

Surgery Day!!!!

It's done!!! Had surgery early this morning and everything was great! The staff was incredibly nice and got me right in and out.

The check-in was very easy and fast. They got me in to dress in my hospital robe and then I met about 10 nurses. Soon my Dad came by to say goodbye and then I was in the cold surgery room! I only remember a few minutes there then the next thing I know I was in recovery! Only an hour an a half in surgery and my doctors last words to me before surgery were "oh yeah... This is going to be easy!" Ha good to hear!

Recovery has been awesome so far! Very tired but I have to get up to walk every 2 hours. Bruising is pretty bad today and is spreading quickly. I'm taking Arnica and Bromelain for it. No packing in my nose so I can breathe easily in and out of it! My throat was sore for a few hours due to the breathing tube, so I suggest taking some lozenges.

I took nausea pills about an hour before surgery and I have had no nausea. I even have an appetite! I had ginger ale, a milkshake, and mashed potatoes tonight :)

The only pain so far was at the tip where he cut it but after taking pain pills I feel no pain at all. I've been wearing the drip gauze under my nose and changing it often. Bleeding is getting less and less. I cleaned the bottom of my nostrils a bit with saline solution they gave me and Q-tips. Got a lot of dried stuff out.

I'm so thankful I got advice from others on here about medicines and throat lozenges, and especially the U-shaped travel pillow! That thing is a god send! My head is elevated and never moves but is very comfortable in it. If you are getting rhinoplasty, this is a must!

I've been icing on and off around my face which feels great. I feel wonderful, just look really scary thanks to my crazy bruises! I will keep updating (hopefully) everyday as long as I feel good enough to. So far, I feel great and am extremely happy. Can't tell much yet, but I'm hopeful!

Day 2... Looking Blue but Feeling Great!

I'm feeling great! Eating a very normal diet but trying to avoid greasy things. I have a big appetite and I can still breathe easily through my nose. Sleeping is not great, as I was instructed to get up every 2 hours to walk around, which is not fun. I only have to do that until tonight.

I stopped bleeding around noon, so I don't need to wear the drip gauze anymore :) I'm feeling a little more swollen and a lot of pressure from the cast, but still no real pain! I hope recovery continues to be this easy!

Bruising has increased a bit around my eyes but is changing from dark purple to more red. I take Arnica every hour and I can see differences every time I look in the mirror. I'm really looking forward to getting the cast off in 6 days!

Day 2... Part 2 :(

Well the day started off well, but has since turned ugly. I knew the dreaded third day of recovery was coming but it came too soon on Day 2! After noon, I started swelling up big time all over my face. My bruises are huge and taking over my eyes. I've been icing all day with no results. Because of the huge amounts of swelling, I cannot breathe through my nose anymore, which is not fun :(

I'm praying it only gets better from here, but I think tomorrow will be rough!

Bruises, Bruises Everywhere!

I have basically slept all day today. My bruising had gone from bad to worse and I can't even stand to look in the mirror! It seems like no one else on this site has had bruising like mine :( maybe I'm just sensitive? I've been taking Arnica and Bromelain since before surgery, but I guess it didn't help.

I am still not feeling much pain, just a bit in the tip by the stitches. My eyes are starting to swell closed. I'm trying to keep ice on, but it's freezing my eyes too! Haha

I'm still very happy I got the procedure and can't wait til Friday to get the cast off!! Please share your bruising stories because I feel so alone!

Day 4

I was feeling good this morning so I decided to go out on a very slow pontoon boat with my family today. It was very nice, but the day felt so long! I was exhausted when we got home and went straight to bed for three hours.

I'm having a lot of itching under and around my cast and cannot wait to get it off! Friday cannot come soon enough! I also have a lot of dried stuff in my nose that I'm trying to wash out but is very painful :(

My bruises are still pretty awful, but I'm seeing some progress, so I think it's safe to say the worst of it has come and gone. I'm going to keep taking it easy the next few days, but I think this transition back to real life could be harder than I anticipated! I've also started working my way to Tylenol instead of my prescription pills which is going alright.

Anyone out there having surgeries or that just had theirs, I am thinking of you! Be strong through recovery! This one week after feels like an eternity but I know it's going to have great results!

Day 5... Sleeping my way to feeling better

Today I'm feeling much better! Apparently I was allergic to Perkoset and it was causing itching all over! I switched to a different pain medicine and it knocked me out! After I woke from a crazy deep sleep of 2 hours I felt amazing! My bruises are really healing and my smile is already coming back!

Recommendations: frozen peas are the best ice packs I have found! They keep their frozen-ness longer than any ice pack and you can break them apart easily to match the shape you need.

I plan to continue this restful lifestyle until I can get the cast off on the 28th (which I'm thrilled about!). My stitches are bothering me a bit because that area needs to stay dry to heal. I've been cleaning the sides of my nostrils with saline solution and putting Vaseline in them to ward off build-up. So far that's very helpful!

I also got huge news today that got a job in Spain beginning in October, so I'm even more thrilled to start a new life in a new country with a new NOSE! Thank you for all the advice and support on this website. You've really helped with my recovery!

Day 6

Only 2 days til cast removal! I'm counting the minutes. Had a lot of pressure today from the cast but no strong pain. I am very nervous about what my new nose looks like! I hope it's a great result. Bruises are fading more, but still pretty obvious. I hope this recovery speeds up!

Cast Off!!!

The cast came off today!!! I was so nervous and excited not just to see it but to get that annoying thing off my face! The doctor and a nurse came in and within one second lifted the cast off (painless!) and immediately gave me a mirror to look at it with. I was so happy I cried! It looks so amazing. Everything I imagined! It finally fits my face. It's still quite swollen, especially at the tip, but he said it would go down a lot. I asked several questions about taping, steroid shots, massages for the nose, etc and he said I wouldn't need any of that. I was very surprised to hear I can already wear sunglasses too! My nose is still tender, so I don't wear them long, but it helps cover what's still left of my bruising.

After I left I was so overwhelmed, I couldn't stop crying. Absolutely one of the best decisions of my life. Dr. Burden does wonderful work and I highly recommend him to anyone! My nose already looks so natural and it hasn't even finished forming yet! I officially changed my status to WORTH IT and I am so happy about the whole experience!

I know I still have a long road of recovery and swelling ahead, but I'm already so pleased and overjoyed, I feel like I'm going to enjoy every part of it! I have one more check up and then I'm leaving town, so hopefully recovery goes well!

To anyone considering rhinoplasty, imagine how you would feel getting that cast off and seeing the nose you've always felt you should have had. If it's exciting and truly a big enough change that will make you really happy, go for it!!

Day 9... Feeling Fine :)

It's day 9 and i feel great! I'm no longer on pain pills and the bruising is subsiding. I Went out with my friend last night and felt great! I worked for awhile to cover my bruises haha. I'll post pictures with the heavy makeup. I also met a new frien today who is beginning her rhinoplasty journey with the same doctor as me :) I'm so excited for her and am so grateful for RealSelf for bringing us together!

I'm feeling great, but still quite swollen. Tomorrow is my last check-up before I leave town! Can't wait to thank Dr. Burden again for changing my life!

Official Be

Had my last Dr. Appt and he took some photos! Wanted to post them :) Dr. Burden is just amazing. Still a lot of swelling and obviously the bruises are still there, but look at the difference!

Official Before and Afters

Haven't been able to update in a few days for some reason and my last update didn't include my pictures, so here they are!

Still Bruised :(

Recovery is going well! I'm still very swollen at the tip and sleeping elevated makes it easier to breathe. My tip feels so weird and numb, but no pain! I did sneeze the other day and got a nosebleed, which was scary, but it wasn't bad and stopped quickly. I can't believe I still have some bruising! It's not terrible, just so annoying to have to keep covering up when I go out. Hopefully in the next few days they will go away. I'm feeling great and working hard outside in my lawn and haven't noticed any of that affecting my swelling. It's hard to believe it has been almost 20 days since surgery! I can't wait for a year to come so I can finally see my finished nose :)

Feeling Good :)

Well my nose is shrinking a little each day! Still pretty tender and it hurts to touch it, but it's getting better. I still try to sleep elevated to help the swelling. I've noticed a bump is starting to grow where the original hump was removed. I'm a little concerned it won't go away, but I'm going to give it more time before I freak out. Still have what looks like dark circles under my eyes. I'm not sure when these will ever go away :(. I'm feeling good and much more confident! I'm so glad I got this surgery and will continue to post updates!

2 month update!

Hello all! I've been so busy lately but I wanted to post my 2 month update! Everything is looking good except I have some major dark circles under my eyes. I've read this is a side effect and it usually goes away in about 6 months. Anyone else experience this? Anything I can do to speed up getting rid of them?

Under-eye Circles :(

Well, I'm almost 3 months post-op and things are looking good except for the awful under-eye circles! I just can't wait for them to go away! Anyone else having this issue?

4.5 months Post-Op

I can't believe it's been almost 5 months since surgery! The time has gone so fast. I love my new nose more and more everyday. I feel so amazingly confident now and I feel so able to do many things I wasn't comfortable with before like wear my hair up.

For the last month I've still been pretty stuffy at nighttime. I use my neck pillow from time to time. I also have white bumps forming where my stitches were. I have one small one under my eye and 3 on the tip of my nose. I hope these go away.

I still have some circles under my eyes, but they are improving. I have tried massaging them, but it hasn't helped. I feel like my nose is still a little big for me, and maybe in the future I will have it reduced a little more, but it is a 1000% improvement than my old nose for sure! I still have a lot of recovery left, so I don't want to rush into any decisions.

It's amazing how I don't feel self conscious AT ALL anymore when I'm out or when I'm driving. I just think "Yes. I have a great nose that fits my face. Thank you." And I am feeling so confident and happy. I love this new life with my new face and I recommend it to anyone considering surgery. :)

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

This year I am so thankful for many things, but one of the things at the top of my list is my NEW NOSE! I have absolutely NO regrets about getting surgery and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I am so thankful to feel happy and more confident. Every day I feel better and better about the way I look. I am also thankful for the support and advice of fellow surgery mates on this site. :) Each day my nose gets smaller and I am so excited to see it in another 6 months!

One year!!

I cannot believe it has been one year TODAY since my surgery! I am so happy with the results and I would do it all again in a heartbeat! I feel much more confident and happy now and the best part is no one even knows I had it done! I still think the tip is a bit bulbous... I might go back in a few years to have it done again, but I love it. No major problems a year later... A little stuffy from time to time if I keep my head flat for a long time, but nothing too bad. Good luck to all considering the surgery and just remember to go for it! This is a life-changing surgery for the better :)

Official One Year Photos

Back in Florida for vacation and to have my one year photos done! I'm very pleased with the results! The tip is still big and I am considering revision, but Dr. Burden told me to wait one more year because swelling is still happening! Hard to believe a year later and my nose could keep changing. Here are the pics!
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