After Two Surgeries and a Painfully Draining Journey I Am Seeking a New Dr to Help Me Fix my Boobs So I Can Move on W Life!

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I had my first BA 6/2015 with dr bartell in...

I had my first BA 6/2015 with dr bartell in Madison, wi, From day one I was unhappy with the look of my breasts. I got mentor saline through the armpit 475cc filled to 500/525. They were always wide and flat, looked like my same old boobs with more volume and the shape was just not what I asked or hoped for. I had been experiencing mild discomfort in my left breast that would come and go pretty much ever since the beginning. After my dr dismissed my concerns, told me to find a new bra and said he was going to charge me another $6000 for a 2nd surgery I found a new dr to perform my revision.

My 2nd revision was done 12/2015 w dr bernsten in Madison wi. I knew I wanted a more rounder shaped breast w more projection and I thought the only way to accomplish this was by adding more volume. Boy was I wrong!! This time I got natrelle style 45(uhp) silicone implants through the breast fold, 700cc. At first they looked nice, big but nicer than before. I asked for bigger, but not uhp and not a bolted on look. I started experiencing the same discomfort in my left breast that came and went and dr bernsten pretty much told me he didn't know what was wrong and sent me to my regular dr. 6 months later I'm still experiencing the pain, only it is constant and doesn't come and go. At times it is worse than others but I have been able to pin point the areas that are causing me pain. I have gone back to bernsten several times and he has recently agreed to downsize me at the cost of implants only but seemed uninterested in finding the cause of pain and trying to fix the problem for good. I realize no one can guarantee it can be fixed, but with their expertise in this field they should at least be willing to help! He said he would downsize me and do nothing else. This concerned me so now I am on to finding a 3rd surgeon to help me fix this once and for all!!

I have had two consults recently with two Drs, one in Middleton, wi and the other near Milwaukee. Well the first consult I had was with a female dr who has great patient reviews, however is newer to the practice. She advised a areola reduction w a full lift to reshape the breast and pocket work to shrink the area down, downsizing implants and possible pocket work to any areas that may need work on my left "problem" breast. I think I really liked her but of course I'm second guessing my judgement.

The second consult I had was worthless! I saw him back in April for a second opinion and he said to come back in August if I'm still having pain. After seeing him I became even more overwhelmed and began to cry. He didn't seem too willing to find the cause of my pain and told me to just take the implants out, with no capsule removal and no type of lift or downsizing, again with no lift, and he suggested in the 300 range around 350/375. Which I already know is too small for my frame and will not fit my breast width diameter either. I asked about taking them out and allowing them to heal for 6-12 months and then re implanting, he said this would be a better option. The dr seems skilled and has a decent rep, But the price was ridiculous for what he said he would do and based on past experience with the other 2 Drs his personality and patient care is not what I am seeking or what I need at this point.

Soooo I am moving forward in this journey in hopes that I can find the right surgeon to fix my boobs once and for all so I can move on in life! This has been so emotionally draining with lots of ups and downs and lots of anxiety at times. I do agree with some sort of a lift to reshape my breasts and definitely an areola reduction!! I do want to downsize but I think somewhere in the 550 range.
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