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June 7th: So far I have had a consultation...

June 7th:

So far I have had a consultation with my surgeon (June 4th) and have scheduled a rhinoplasty (primary) for August 13th. So far my doctor seems pleasant, helpful, and intelligent, The office staff are generally nice too, and one in particular was especially helpful in explaining HER personal rhinoplasty with the doctor. Comfortable environment and the surgery will be preformed at the office since its a state licensed ambulatory surgical center. I've disliked my nose since I was in middle school and now that it's approaching my 18th birthday I've decided to get it fixed! In my opinion there's nothing really weird or wrong with it, it's just over projected, has the ever so slightest bump, and is wide in the bridge. Dr said it should be straight forward and easy to fix and explained how he would do it. Looking forward to my pre-op consultation and will update on that day!

And sorry for the rough pictures lol.

June 11th: I'm really getting anxious about...

June 11th:

I'm really getting anxious about this surgery even though it's two months away. I'm okay with getting shots but when it comes to drawing blood or an IV I really get uncomfortable. Any time I've had to do bloodwork they've used a butterfly needle on me because I'm really small. (95 lbs and 5ft 4"). But they seem to be using less of those needles now in the medical industry because apparently they're more expensive. I know for a fact my surgeon will want bloodwork done because he likes to use the patient's own blood platelets in surgery so that there is less bruising during recovery. Sooooo I have to worry about a needle then, and another needle for general anesthesia's IV. I guess I'm kind of being a baby about it but needles in my veins just freak me out, it's not so much the pain. Atleast my veins are pretty good and stick out so hopefully they get me on the first stick like they always have, because I've heard bad things like people having to get stuck in their hands and that must be sooo painful and I have the boniest hands, :( I'm also really anxious about the idea of under going anesthesia. I have this irrational fear that I'm going to be the one in a million people who are unable to move or speak but feel everything during surgery and no one notices. I'm also concerned that I'm going to wake up really nauseous from all of this crap being injected into me on an empty stomach. I'm pretty sure throwing up with your nose clogged is NOT good. And I'm really afraid that I won't like my new nose. What if it ends up looking worse than before? I really really want a good outcome. (as does everyone). I don't want to regret it. And I'm sure the outcome will be good I'm just having these fears because I think everyone who has a cosmetic procedure thinks about these things beforehand. How could you not? Anyway, the last concern I have is bleeding. In 2010 I started having severe nose bleeds which caused me to be hospitalized twice. They shoved this really huge "nose balloon" into me on the second trip to stop the bleeding. It was basically like a 6 inch inflatable tampon that they just shoved into my nose. It sucked. I went to two ENTs to find out why my nose was bleeding so much and the first guy shoved a little camera into my nose on this huge wire and said I had "bone spurs" rubbing the inside of my nasal cavity (only on the ride sight of my nose) and that was causing the bleeding. He wasnted to do surgery to remove them but we got a second opinion because I felt something wasn't right. The second doctor did the same thing with a camera and showed us on a screen and we saw no bone spurs. He said I had a scab on the inside of my nose that kept breaking open because the blood vessels were really weak. He gave me an antibiotic ointment to rub on it and that healed it. My nose bleeds have pretty much stopped since. I thought about it and I realized that my nose bleeds were probably attributed to the fact that I have a nose ring on my right side and I've stabbed myself with it several times on accident, which is probably what caused those blood vessels to weaken. So anyway,my concern is I'll start bleeding immensley during surgery. I notified my surgeon that my nose easily bleeds on the right side and he said he would cauterize it if that happened. Which is a simple fix and doesn't sound like a big deal but I get overly fearful with new experiences and since I've never had surgery, especially on my face, this is what's happening at the moment so I needed somewhere to vent it.

So I've been hearing about this arnica stuff that...

So I've been hearing about this arnica stuff that people have been using as a cream or a pill for help with bruising after surgery, so I went on WebMD to look it up. Now this is just info from the internet, not from a doctor, so take it for what it is but I tend to think WebMD is atleast moderately trustworthy. However, I would ask your doctor before taking this to get utmost reliable information. This is basically what's on WebMD

"Arnica is POSSIBLY SAFE when used in the amounts commonly found in food or when applied to unbroken skin short-term. The Canadian government, however, is concerned enough about the safety of arnica to prohibit its use as a food ingredient.

Amounts that are larger than the amount found in food are LIKELY UNSAFE when taken by mouth. In fact, arnica is considered poisonous and has caused death. When taken by mouth it can also cause irritation of the mouth and throat, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, shortness of breath, a fast heartbeat, an increase in blood pressure, heart damage, and coma.

Do not apply arnica to damaged or broken skin. Too much could be absorbed.
Special Precautions & Warnings:
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Don’t take arnica by mouth or apply to the skin if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. It is considered LIKELY UNSAFE.

Allergy to ragweed and related plants: Arnica may cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to the Asteraceae/Compositae family. Members of this family include ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies, and many others. If you have allergies, be sure to check with your healthcare provider before applying it to your skin. Do not take arnica by mouth.

Digestion problems: Arnica can irritate the digestive system. Don’t take it if you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcers, Crohn's disease, or other stomach or intestinal conditions.

Surgery: Arnica might cause extra bleeding during and after surgery. Stop using it at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery."

---So I won't be using any of this because the pills seem unsafe and with my luck if I used the gel it would get onto the broken skin part where the stitches are and that wouldn't be good. But for those of you who are thinking about using this or something, you should ask your doctor just to make sure.

One thing I should mention is that I also wear...

One thing I should mention is that I also wear contacts like 70% of the time and glasses the other 30%. And I've been told you can't wear your glasses for two months after rhinoplasty which concerns me because I'm really nearsighted and after surgery I won't want to put in contacts, because honestly even though I have the Acuvue brand they're still uncomfortable. I'm gonna just want to chill in my glasses after surgery but that might not be a possibility. I'll have to ask Dr. Schalit in my next consult and find out for sure. If this is true it's going to be realllllyyyyyy annoying to not be able to put on my glasses especially at night and on days i'm doing nothing.

Growing ever more aware of my nose by the second....

Growing ever more aware of my nose by the second. I was reminded of why I'm doing this yesterday when I was with my best friend and she wanted to take pictures. I'm horrified of the way I look in pictures, it always turns out bad if I'm not taking the picture at an exact certain angle. My nose is just so big I hate it. And there's this ridge on the right side of my bridge that makes my nose look crooked when I look at someone at a 3/4 view. It sucks. Its like when I'm talking to people I can FEEL the largeness of my nose on my face, I'm very concious of it being there and I'm always hoping people aren't looking at it when we're having a conversation. I just want to be able to take pictures and have fun with friends and not be self concious and worry about being embarrassed when I see the outcome of the photo.

Yesterday I had my pre op consult. We went over...

Yesterday I had my pre op consult. We went over all the medical history stuff and set post op appointments. I showed pictures of this girl who has a nose I want that I think could be realistically achieved and we just went over the usual info. They took pictures from all the different angles, (looked horrible, lol) and my surgery is confirmed for the 13th of august. :)

Less than 2 weeks away! Getting nervous.

Less than 2 weeks away! Getting nervous.

Surgery is monday at 8am, reeeeallllyyyyy...

Surgery is monday at 8am, reeeeallllyyyyy reallllyyy nervous so wish me luck. I really hope i don't get nauseous and i hope I love the outcome.

It's tomorrow....got all my stuff. Hoping for the...

It's tomorrow....got all my stuff. Hoping for the best!

Day one and i have light packing on the inside of...

Day one and i have light packing on the inside of my nose so I can't breathe through it. It's horrible because I keep waking up with a sore throat and constantly have to keep swallowing. I go back in the morning to get the packing out though so hopefully i can breathe then. Never had anesthesia before this or surgery at all so it made me really sleepy

Post op day three and I feel a little better...

Post op day three and I feel a little better because I could actually sleep last night since I can breathe through my nose a little bit. Still feels clogged though. Swelling is still extremely prominent of course. Felt nice to take a bath today although I'm concerned about how i'm going to be able to wash my hair. I might just have to wait until monday when the cast comes off. Right now I'm just trying to be patient and wait for the next few weeks to come. Nose feels like a weird rock on my face and my smile is all weird, but that will resolve itself also. Can't wait for proper function of everything and for the swelling to go down!

Post op day five and aggravated about my tip being...

Post op day five and aggravated about my tip being round and my columella is still puffy and swollen. Swelling is the most annoying thing in the world. Can't wait to have the cast off so I can start seeing my fiancé and friends. Being in the house and worrying about my nose al the time has me really depressed.

Today has been a week since my surgery and I got...

Today has been a week since my surgery and I got the stitches out and the cast off! For anyone who's worried, the stitches don't hurt coming out, just feel like little pinches. The cast coming off puts some pressure on and gives your a little soreness since its being taken off of a tender spot but is not really that bad. I took a hydrocodone this morning before my appointment just in case but did not need it AT ALL. My worries have been erased, my nose looks SO GOOD with the cast off! I was scared to death I was going to hate it and I have been depressed all week long for nothing. It looks completely different with the cast off so anyone worrying about how it looks now, just WAIT. It gets much better and you can really see it when the splint is off and then the swelling can start to heal way better. Time really is key. My nose looks so different from the second day post op to now. In a good way. Right now my tip is still swollen and the columella is still swollen and once that swelling goes away I feel like I will have an almost perfect nose, or at least the perfect nose for me and my face. I love it and it's just going to get better. Also in a little while my PS is giving me a laser treatment on my scar to soften it up and make it look even less visible. Right now my bruising is still pretty prominent because I have super thin skin under my eyes, but that will go away of course. I have taping on my nose till wednesday then I'm free!

And for some reason all of my before pictures have...

And for some reason all of my before pictures have disappeared. This site has been screwing up so much lately, I will try to put them back up.

I am pretty happy with my nose right now, or I...

I am pretty happy with my nose right now, or I know I'll at least be happy when it heals up more since I see a few flaws. Right now the tip has some uneven swelling and the columella is swelled so its a little more visible then I'd like, the tip needs to drop a little bit more, and the bridge will hopefully gain some fulness after this tape comes off and it can "breathe". And hopefully within a few months I'll see this happen. Nose still feels funny, still numb in some places. Sneezed a few times today and it felt normal. Went out in public and got a sub at firehouse and the guy asked me if he could ask a personal question and of course I knew what he was referring to, and I said yes and he asked my if I had an accident or a nose job so I just told the truth because it doesn't bother me for people to know. First person that's asked me though, thought that was funny. I got to see my fiancé twice so far and he likes it, and so do my family. I just can't wait for it to heal.

Nose is annoying me today, haha. Some uneven...

Nose is annoying me today, haha. Some uneven swelling and my tip looks pretty silly. I have a little tiny bit of extra swelling in one area at the very end of my tip so it makes one profile side look sooooo pointy. My tip needs to drop a few millimeters as well which I think will happen but it will take time. So frustrating to wait for though! And people seem to have NO problem whatsoever asking about my face (I'm going out in public with no tape anymore but bruising under my eyes still). I guess that's because I live in florida and people are pretty ill mannered and not very respectful or have any tact. But I don't mind telling the truth. I've been asked like 4 times already, haha. By this upcoming monday I'm going to try to take more pictures where I'm actually "ready" and have make up on and such and take down the pictures where I look like crap. My nose should look better by then anyway and it will be the first day of fall college classes.

Today is sixteen days post op and is also my 18th...

Today is sixteen days post op and is also my 18th birthday :). It was the second day of college classes and I saw several people I know well and none of them noticed my nose was any different, even a couple people that knew I was having a nose job had no idea! I'm guessing that's a good thing because it looks natural. My smile is 70 to 80% normal, and will probably be completely back within a few weeks. The stitches up under my lip are FINALLY gone. My scar is pretty thick and raised but will probably get better over time especially since my PS is going to do the laser treatment. My tip and columella are still numb for the most part, and firm. The tip has a lot of swelling still, which is expected. My bridge is healing very well and has literally zero swelling even though I had an osteotemy. I think it's because I have thinner skin at the bridge and thicker at the tip. Anyway, I wanted to list the stuff I got i preparation for my procedure because I forgot to before I had it done and I figure it might be helpful for someone who isn't sure what they might need during recovery.

Qtips. (get the 500 pack, you'll need it).
Neosporin + Pain Relief / some brand of antibacterial ointment.
Hydrogen peroxide
Frozen peas
U shaped neck pillow (keeps your head from rolling to far to the side while you sleep so you don't have a chance of laying on your face)
Lots of flavored waters
Fruit and easy to eat foods such as soup, jello, pudding.
A supportive friend to come hang out during your recovery if you don't already live with someone like that (I'm not a clingy person and I was glued to my mom's side the whole week since I was one of those people who got depressed after the surgery).

Tomorrow, Monday, will be 3 weeks post op. Looking...

Tomorrow, Monday, will be 3 weeks post op. Looking at pictures I can tell some swelling has dissipated, but it still has a long ways to go. Can't wait for a few months from now! For some reason it feels like its been longer than 3 weeks since my surgery even though my nose doesn't feel quite normal yet. Maybe that's because I've been living a pretty normal life the past 2 weeks. I will try not to post new pictures so often, its just that I'm really excited about its progress, lol. I'll post new pictures at 6 weeks and then at 8 weeks, and then after that I'll try not to post until im 3 months and 4 months out. I didn't noticed how much of an amazing difference there was from the profile view until I saw these pictures from the side right up against each other! Wow I'm so glad I did this, I had a HONKER before.

Also I wanted to add that if you dye your hair or...

Also I wanted to add that if you dye your hair or go to the salon to get it cut/dyed/washed/whatever, you should do that right before your rhinoplasty, because my info packet says don't go to the salon to get your hair done for atleast 6 weeks after your surgery. I think this is because they don't want someone hovering around your face with their hands near you and they don't want your nose to get accidentally hit. And possibly if you dye your hair the chemicals and such are pretty strong smelling at first and I guess it might irritate your nose. I get my hair cut and colored at a salon so I did my hair a couple weeks before my surgery because it was definitely due and I didn't want to wait ANOTHER six weeks with my dirty blonde roots showing on top of black hair---NOT cute.

Last night my fiancé bumped my nose with his...

Last night my fiancé bumped my nose with his shoulder! He hit the tip of it, not hard, but I am soooo worried nonetheless. I was freaking out all night because it looked a little more swelled at the tip than usual, and I was worried I'd done something to mess it up. Now that I think about it and have read some stuff online, I don't really think it's going to cause any problems. I didn't hit the bridge, where I had the osteotomies, so I don't have to worry about rebreaking or fracturing it, or misaligning it, which is the main worry when it comes to hitting it. I didn't have implants or grafting done either, just removing some cartilage from the tip so I think bumping it isn't going to hurt it and change my results, just make it swell a little bit more for a day or so. I didn't bleed, and I didn't have trouble breathing afterward, and the pain only lasted maybe 5 seconds so I think that's a sign I didn't do any damage, hopefully. It doesn't look any different either, so that's good. But I see my surgeon on the twentieth anyway for my six week post op and to laser my scar so I'll ask him about it then. Ugh.

Added a couple pictures at the end to show how the...

Added a couple pictures at the end to show how the tip drops, because I feel like that seems to be a big concern on this site

Still healing. Still have the good ole swollen tip...

Still healing. Still have the good ole swollen tip. Had a CO2 laser treatment on my scar. Skin looks crappy for the first week then it's supposed to look better. We will have to find out. It didn't hurt, it was just slightly hot and sounded like little bottle rockets going off, while some lady sprayed a bunch of cool air at my face. My scar is thick and raised on the inside of my nose still, and you can see it from the sides. Hopefully by the year mark the scar will improve a lot, that's usually how I heal. My nose has slight asymmetrical aspects to it but I'm sure its swelling, because it's all at the tip. The only other thing is I still have that ever so slight bump at the top of my bridge that I did before surgery, but it's not really a big deal because you can't see it from the side and it looks natural, since I never really had a hump to begin with. I think it'll probably still go down a tiny bit because my PS said he couldn't really see a bump but there might just be a little swelling there from where the bones had to reconnect. Overall I'm just waiting for the year mark so I can stop avoiding hitting my nose.
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