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I got my 1st set of iplants in 1999 and I have...

I got my 1st set of iplants in 1999 and I have needed to have a revision since i had a car wreck in august 2011. The seatbelt caused the capsule around my left breast to rupture. I had 425cc saline filled to 475cc and changed to 800cc hp silicone. The revision wasnt as bad as the original surgery but i am having some pain.

this is a another before pic

I didnt want to post this pic because it looks awful. It is a bad angle but tjen i thought it would really help to see the difference.

5 days post op

5 days out

top view

6 days post op

my stats

I just realizrd i never posted my stats. I am 5' 3"" and i weigh around 118.

1st outing

New boobies at movies!!!!!

10 day post op

Loving them!!!!!


Today is the first day I've done hair and makeup and the whole dang thing. Had to go to senior daughters summer cheer luncheon. Feel better but by the end of the day I felt like I had run a marathon.

13 days post op

Feeling pretty good. But with that comes the " i feel goid so i can be superwoman" then you wake up the next day and remember you had surgery and are in pain!!!!!

sexy genie bra

follow up

18 days post op. Most of the swelling is gone now and as you previous ba girls know its sometimes sad. I still like the size just wish they had stayed a bit fuller.

3 weeks post op


Even tho im a 2nd time BA girl. You just dont ever get used to the swelling going away.


Went to dr this morning. I got small hole on incision line on the outside of my right breast Friday. They told me antibiotic cream and guaze 2x daily. That's fine. Then on Saturday night my left breast started swelling and hurting. By Sunday mid afternoon i was in serious pain and running a 102.5 temp. Called dr and he called in levaquin and pain pills. Went and saw him this morning. He looked at the right breast at the hole. Betadined it, stuck the qtip in hole and sqeezed out any goo. Then finally numbed me and put 2 stitches in it. Its good and no sign of infection. Then He sqeezed the hell out of my boob that was already hurting so bad.Prescribed bactrim and if no improvement by morning he has to explant it.


Forgot to say he added bactrim today too.

think we saved the boobie!!!!!!

I had to go to the dr every day this past week. By tuesday i was responding a little to the antibiotics and i wanted to at least give the levaquin 3 days to work or not. I went to dr Wednesday still red but less still swollen but less but very painful. My temp.was hanging in at about 101. Went Thursday redness and swelling have lessened fever around 100. Went friday all signs of redness are gone, alot of the swelling is gone and fever is 99!!!! He prescribed 1 more week of levaquin and hopefull all will be good. He did tell me yesterday that on Monday he really didn't think we were going to be able to save the implant. He told me that if i hadnt called him on sunday and started my antibiotics on sunday night it would have been so bad by monday morning that it would have had to come out for sure. Guess its good to be paranoid every once in a while.

10 weeks post op

My infection finally cleared up but all is not well. My left boob was the one with the infection and now its alot firmer and sits higher than my right. I am massaging but i dont know if it will help. My dr told me that anytime there is an infection that there will be some capsular contraction, we just dont know to what degree;( thinkin i should have had it taken out and waited 6 months and had a new one put in.

3 month po

After all my problems i am great. Went to ps and finally get to wear a real bra. Went and got measured and i am now a 34f or 34g!!!!

bra sizes

I updated a little while ago after i had gone to victorias secret. She said I was a 34ddd/f maybe a g but probly not. I just got back from Nordstroms and was PROFESSIONALLY fitted. Apparently I am a 32g in french which is a 32i in us. WOW. The lady said that there are alot of women, her friends included, that say VS says I'm a ddd when they are clearly not. Her thought was that VS says ddd to alot of bigger boobed girls cuz that's as big as they go and they wanna make sales. Oh well. Now I have a bra and 2 sports bras to take back to VS. I wore 2 so I'm stuck with them!!!!!!!

15 weeks

15 weeks post op.

new bra

1st new braw. 32G in french size. Yay!!!!!

4 months post op

It's been 4 months since my surgery. I am very happy with the results.

5 months

5 months post op

9 months post op

I am 9 months post op and noy does time fly. Here is a quick pic of t h e girls. I bought several bathing suits and will try to take some pics tomorrow.


Me and my daughter in gulf shores alabama for a girls trip!!!!

2 years post op

I Figured it was time for an update. I still ABSOLUTELY love my new "GIRLZ"!!!!! I do have a little bit of muscle pull on my right one, but its not bad enough for me to want to have another surgery.
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