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My experience with Dr. Deuber has been great but a...

My experience with Dr. Deuber has been great but a little costly. I started July of 2015 with 280/300 cc HP silicon. After about 9 months and lots of thinking I decided I wanted bigger. The 300's just seemed truly too small for my frame. I am very happy now and will continue to update! Photos to come!!

Some pics finally!!

I am 2 days post op today. Dr. Deuber says I only need to do arm stretches for the firs day or two, then nothing, no massage, just return to normal activity. I still massage a little bit anyways though. My incisions are sore but I am taking my ibuprofen every 6 hours. I am so happy with my full, non deflated look like before. I know they will drop and fluff and I can't wait! 495cc HP smooth round silicone gel implants. I'm afraid my asymmetry is here to stay, because the dr said that he doesn't do two different size implants anymore (?), so I got 495 bilaterally, even though I would've liked 525 on my right side. But, that is my body's natural asymmetry and that's me. Super late and I'm tired!

Post Op Day 5!!

Feeling good today, soreness is minimal and incisions are getting itchy! I've been running errands with my 3 year old and even lifting her at times. Doing light massage randomly throughout the day. I'm feeling very womanly and am very happy :-)

Post op Day 6!

Feeling good today, left incision is having a sharp soreness pain. Otherwise feeling great! I can comfortably lay on my side. Loving the way they look in a sports bra :-) here's more pics.

This is why I chose dr. Deuber in Dallas!!

I am one week post op today. Who else can make boobs look THIS good a week out?! And I feel great :-)


So I've been having increased soreness to my Right breast for the past 2-3 days. It's always been slightly more sore but not bad. I've continued to do my arm raises as he prescribed, even though you just do them for the first couple days. It looks completely normal to me..but now I'm worried. I've emailed my PS nurse and am waiting for a reply. Been doing some massage here and there but it just hurts! When I squish my breast down it hurts all around the pocket, and it's tender all around with palpation.

Forgot to mention...

I've been off/on achy and congestion since surgery and being intubated. I took 5 days worth of keflex following surgery prescribed by the PS, didn't feel like it did much. Then few days ago became SUPER achy like felt like I had the flu. Went to the clinic yesterday and was diagnosed with sinus infection. So I'm taking augmentin now, and I'm hoping that it's really the sinuses and not something else. Fever got up to 102 last night and I'm taking Tylenol/Motrin throughout the day. Ready to feel better!!

I'm so upset....

I got home from work and took my bra off, noticed that there is fever and redness along with the pain to my right breast. It explains the high fever and body aches, which I was hoping was just sinuses but no...I'm very upset. My ps will be back in office Thursday so looks like I'll be driving down to Dallas. I'm hoping the fix for this is non-surgical.

Mixed feelings...

I was in contact with dr. Deubers nurse today, and she spoke to him. They told me initially to continue my augmentin if I was feeling okay, but being a nurse, I said I wanted to come in to be checked out. If something is infected enough in my breast pocket to cause redness, body aches from hell, and a high fever, then I think it's significant. I've began having some sharp pains in the breast as well as constant soreness. But I'm having mixed feelings...because overall I feel better? Like I'm sure the augmentin that I'm taking now is helping some, and maybe even masking some signs of infection. Waiting is so hard! The dr did mention that I could take off my steri strips so I did that today. My right incision looks so pretty...hopefully it can stay! My left is more bumpy, like my incisions from my first surgery. I must say, the multivitamin combo seems to help with the scars! Hoping that another surgery is not in the books and that everything will be easy and fixable...Here's today's pics.

Not great news today...

I met with Dr. Deuber and he is concerned that I have a breast implant infection. Which is very rare with BA, he says they see it more with breast reconstruction. I'm continuing my augmentin since my body is responding to it, but he told me that it will not cure an implant infection, which I already knew. So now we wait, I finish my Augmentin in 6 days, after which we are both expecting me to become ill again. At which point I will go to surgery to have the implant removed. I opted to just have the one out, because I am terrified of having another complication later with that one, and I just love the way it looks now. So for 3 months I will be lopsided, with no implant on the right. During this time I will undergo antibiotic therapy and healing. I've had lots of emotions today..but I'm ready to get this process started. Still in a bit of shock that this happened to me! But I'm coping...things could be worse. I've named my boobs Joy and Sadness. And I'm hoping they let me keep my implant so I can use it to stuff my bra?!?!

Mixed feelings...

I am feeling so good today and the right breast is only tender with touch/massage. I hope and pray the implant isn't infected but we will know soon enough..I just love the way they look. This is exactly the look I wanted in lacy bras. Waiting is so hard!!!

Finished second round of antibiotics today...

And I feel really good still!! I love these so much and I want to keep them...and medically I know it would be a MIRACLE for this infection or whatever it was to just disappear.

Out of the woods!

Well fingers crossed! I still feel great and I finished my antibx one week ago now. Dr. Deubers nurse called me twice over the weekend to check on me, and I have felt perfectly fine! It was just a weird medical fluke, maybe a hypersensitivity or some sort of immune response. Hopefully I continue to be well and no further complications! His nurse said I should've definitely been ill by now if I had an implant infection. And I am in love with them now. Ladies, be realistic about the size you want. I was told to go bigger my first time and I didn't listen, now here I am a year later almost, more money spent, and finally happy.

Loving them 100%

I met with my PS the other day for my 6 week follow up. Everything is perfect and I FINALLY look the way I want in a sports bra and strapless (well every bra really) bra. Go big ladies! I am 5'5" with 495 cc silicone under the muscle..and I don't look too heavy, which is what I was afraid of. Waist 28"

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