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Well, I have had lipo done on my hips, thighs,...

Well, I have had lipo done on my hips, thighs, waist and abdomen, and I was perfectly happy with my body...until that trip to Cabo San Lucas last July. I had always had small breasts, so it never bothered me to make them bigger. However, with my contoured waist and thinner thighs, my 34B breasts forced me to really notice how disproportionate my body was (though my hubby thought I looked great). I saw these women with gorgeous bodies and breasts to match, and there I was, feeling not-so-good about how I looked in my bikini. Well, after doing some serious thinking and researching, I finally decided to get some breasts.

I have a friend whose augmentation was done so beautifully, so I asked for the name of her doctor. Coincidentally, one of my co-workers had hers done, last year, and when I asked her for her Dr.'s name, it was the same doctor as my friend (by the way, my co-worker's breasts also look great). So, needless to say, he was who I would choose.

Had my consultation and initially, the assistant gave me 305cc, which I thought was perfect. Then, she gave me a 339cc, which I thought was a bit big, but my husband thought was perfect. But, when I tried on my VS push-up bra with my natural breasts, the 305cc was only slightly larger, so it made more sense to go with the 339cc (needless to say, hubby was happy). So, 339cc it is (in both breasts). From the trial, it looks like I'll end up wearing a 34D or 36C, but, as most of you know, I won't know for sure until months after the procedure.

So, my pre-op was yesterday, and all systems are a GO. One week from today, I will no longer be in the itty bitty t*** committee. :-)
Will talk to you all soon (I will also post "before" pics soon)

Had my procedure on 12/11, and it went well. My...

Had my procedure on 12/11, and it went well. My initial appt was at 11am, but they called me around 9:30 asking if I could come at 11:30 instead. I told them it was no problem; but then at around 10:50, they asked if I could leave right then and be on my way. I told them I was just getting ready to shower with the Hibiclens (the anti-microbial wash), so it wouldn't be until 11:30 by the time I got there. As soon as I walked in the door, they called me back to get me prepped. The doctor came in with my husband and me and asked which size implants did I decide to go with. I told him 339cc and he said, "That's right. That's what I have here." I guess he wanted to make sure I remembered and wanted to make sure I was positive about what I wanted. Then, he did his "artwork" on my chest. Next, the anesthesiologist came in to describe what he would do, then he led me to the OR. I kissed my husband, and off I went. When I walked into the room, there was this gurney that looked like I've seen on t.v. where they put inmates to death (a bed, with the arms spread out), and that frightened me just a little. But after he inserted the I.V., he added a little medicine to help me relax, so I totally forgot about what I was lying on. Last I remember, he told me I was getting ready to take a nap, then I woke up in the recovery room with my husband at my side. My chest was tightly wrapped with an ace bandage, so I could barely tell what had been done. I was very groggy and sore, so I came home and slept most of the day. I ate a little, just so I would be able to take the meds, but otherwise, I just wanted to sleep. The next day, I had my first post-op, where they took the ace bandage off and put my bra on. I was a bit sore and my chest was tight, but I still wanted to sleep (the pain med and muscle relaxer kept me very sleepy). The nurse also showed me how to massage my breasts to make the implants drop, because they are a bit high and look a bit weird (though she said they would drop on their own after a few weeks). Yesterday, I did my massage and iced my breast (I didn't take any pain meds, but I did take the muscle relaxer). Today, was just about the same as yesterday (no pain meds; just muscle relaxers and ice). My chest is still tight, and my breasts still look weird. Unfortunately, I was so busy prepping (cooking, grocery shopping, etc) the day before my surgery that I forgot to take "before" pics. I will have my hubby to take my pics, either tonight or tomorrow, and post them for you all to see. Overall, I must say, the experience was not bad. As with lipo, the procedure wasn't bad and the end result is satisfactory. However, the recovery process is the hardest part for me, The tightness and itching are quite annoying, but not unbearable. Anyway, look for my pics within the next couple of days, and I will post the next update at the 2-week mark.

Update to add my pics. Sorry I don't have the...

Update to add my pics. Sorry I don't have the "before" pics for a comparison, but when I go for my 2-week post-op visit, I'll ask the doctor's office if they can send them to me. These pics were taken today (day 5), and the implants are still a bit high. I was a 34 barely-B before the augmentation.

Today is day 17 and I just returned from my 2-week...

Today is day 17 and I just returned from my 2-week post-op visit. The nurse gave me the silicon strip to apply to the incision, told me how to massage them, and told me to take vitamin E to soften the skin and make my breasts feel more natural. I still swell and feel like I'm getting ready to burst open. My nipples sometimes become ultra-sensitive, to the point where I can't stand ANYTHING touching them, and my breasts often have this "burning" sensation. I normally feel those symptoms when I'm moving around too much. Gently massaging them or placing the bags of frozen veggies on them tend to soothe them for a while. However, as long as I'm lying down relaxing, they feel fine. I'm also not nearly as sore as I was during the first week. I still can't totally lay on my side yet (I can partially turn on my side), and I know it's way too soon to lie on my stomach, so I won't even try it. I did ask for my "before" pics from the dr.'s office and I will post them. But, beware, the pics are a little grainy because the office would only print them on paper and I had to scan them in. I also had my husband to take some pics today, so you all can see the progression up to now (day 17). My next update will be in 2 weeks. Have a Happy New Year!

Oh, at my post-op visit today, they also removed...

Oh, at my post-op visit today, they also removed the steri-strips and the stitches. From the photos, you can see the implants have dropped a little, but still have much more dropping and "fluffing" to do. I'm wishing I went a bit bigger, but hubby said he loves the size they are. I'm anxious to see the final result, so for now, my rating is "Not Sure." I'm not in love with them yet, so we'll see. One thing I must say is, these cosmetic procedures definitely teach you patience. LOL

OMG, had my first post-op bath yesterday. I...

OMG, had my first post-op bath yesterday. I thought I had died and gone to heaven while relaxing in the tub! I am a lady who loves her bubble baths, so this was major for me. Ahhhhh.....yesssss!!!!!

Oh wow, this "morning boob" is such a nuisance! ...

Oh wow, this "morning boob" is such a nuisance! Can anyone tell me (approx.) when does it end?

Hi all, Friday (Jan 11th) made one month since my...

Hi all, Friday (Jan 11th) made one month since my BA. Not much has changed along the line of how I feel (still having morning boob, having the muscle stiffness throughout the day, and that burning sensation). I'm also still taking Vitamin E and doing my massages. They really don't look like much has changed since the last pics I posted, though my husband said he notices a difference. I went to VS and they measured me at 34DD, but since I still can only wear wireless, I couldn't buy one, because all they had in the store was 34D in wireless and it did not fit comfortably. So, I left and went to a department store who measured the same size, but they only had the "not-so-pretty" wireless bras in the store. However, they were able to find a much nicer Natori wireless bra on their site, so I'm waiting for that one to be delivered. I really needed a lower cut bra to be able to wear with many of my lower-cut tops and sweaters. Still wearing my silicone strips on my scars, but considering using Scarguard at night (and wearing the strips during the day). My 6-week post-op visit is Jan 21st--I will post my next update after my visit to let you all know what my surgeon says. Still waiting on the "drop and fluff". Until then....good luck to all who are still on their healing journey, and welcome to those who just started. Ta-ta (pun intended-LOL) for now! (Be sure to see my updated pics)

Hi all, yesterday was my 6-week post-op and I was...

Hi all, yesterday was my 6-week post-op and I was given the green light to resume life as usual. I won't post any new pics now, since I just posted my one-month pics several days ago (I'll post more at 2 months). I can now wear underwire bras, resume workouts, and stop massaging, but have to continue taking vitamin E for another four months. She said I'll probably continue to massage since I've gotten used to doing it (and she's right, because I was massaging today--it really soothes them). I also have to continue wearing the silicone strips to help my scar continue to heal. I asked her about that burning sensation, and how long will that last. She said I will likely feel that for up to 6 months, as the nerves continue to awaken from the lidocaine. I suddenly remembered I had that same sensation in my waist and thighs after lipo, and I used to massage them to soothe them, as well. And, she's right...that sensation did not go away until about 4 months after my lipo. Because I'm still mildly sore, I will only do light exercises (probably nothing that will work the chest muscles yet). So, still...I like them, but I'm not in love with them (still wish I had gone a tad bigger). But, hey...I'm no longer a 34B, and that's really nice.

Hi, my fellow Boobie Buddies! Well, I have made it...

Hi, my fellow Boobie Buddies! Well, I have made it to the 2-month mark, and still having a little bit of "boob greed" (as I have heard it referred to). I am still wishing I had gone a tad bigger, but I did get to try on some swim suits this past weekend, and I was mildly satisfied (my husband LOVED the way I look). I'm still dropping and fluffing, and still wearing my silicone strips to help the scars to flatten. There is still some very minor soreness, and my nipples are still quite sensitive and partially numb. I can now lay on my stomach, but only for a little while, without discomfort. Although my P.S. said I no longer have to massage, I still do it about once a day, as it soothes the slight burning feeling, which, I was told, is the nerves waking up from the lidocaine. Fortunately, that feeling doesn't occur as often as it did a few weeks ago. On a much happier note, my new boobies have given me more of a desire to be intimate with my husband (not that it was a problem before, but I find myself wanting it more nowadays). Anyone else feel this way? He is still a little afraid to play with them the way he would like, so he's pretty gentle with them. All-in-all, he loves them! I didn't have a lot of time right now, but I wanted to write an update before time got away. Also, check out my swimsuit pics. I tried on a few and took photos, just to see how they would look. Bye for now! (I'll post some bare-breasted pics later this week)

A few days shy of 7 mths--Not what I expected

Hi all, it's been a while since I have provided an update, so finally, here I am. On July 11th, it will be 7 months since my augmentation, and I am not at all satisfied. Although my breasts are bigger than they were, they are not as big as I wanted them to be. I feel I achieved almost the same result that I was able to achieve with a really padded, push-up bra. I tried on a bustier top, and I looked the same as I did before, when I wore one with a push-up bra. I do have a couple of maxi dresses that I can wear without a bra, and look fuller than I used to, without needing to wear one for fullness. I wanted to be the size I was when I tried on the silicone, but had no idea I would be smaller after they were placed under the muscle. I didn't want to walk in the room and my breasts got the attention before I did, but I also didn't want to hear people say to me, "I can't tell you had anything done." (I have heard that one quite a bit) I have a close friend who also wants an augmentation, and she just saw mine for the first time. She said to me, "When I look at yours, I see I will need to go bigger than I think I want to be." I was crushed, because she was insinuating, my breasts were not much bigger than they were before.

Well, with all of that being said, I just had an appointment a few days ago to get another augmentation, but, of course, bigger. The doctor told me, at the time, I couldn't go much bigger because of the tightness of my skin. So, now that my skin has loosened (as you can see in the photos I just added), he said he can give me the look I want with 475 or 500cc high profile (FYI, I currently have 339cc mod profile). I will likely go with the larger size, just to be sure I get what I want, since I will have spent nearly $13,000 on breasts. He said I will have a nice look, but still won't look like a "video star." I will likely wait until the end of the summer to get them re-done. I will keep you all posted after I schedule my surgery.

Still Feel Soreness at 7 months

Hi, does anyone still experience some soreness at this point (7 months) after surgery? In particular, my left breast still feels tender. What's funny is, it doesn't feel that way everyday; maybe 2 days out of the week. Is this normal, or should I consult my P.S.?

FINALLY got them bigger!

After almost 2 years when I got my first BA, I'm finally getting them redone, and LARGER! I was always unhappy whenever I looked at myself, or whenever I had to wear a push-up bra, to look like I truly wanted to look. I just had my surgery on July 3rd, and this time, I got 600cc Mentor HP. Just a refresher: my last implants were Natrelle 339cc mod plus. I went to the same PS (I couldn't imagine going anyplace else. The entire staff is wonderful). I had been saying I wanted them redone, but I really didn't want to go through the surgery again. But, on June 30th, early that morning, I called and scheduled a consultation for that afternoon, and was able to have the surgery done 3 days later. I'm one of those people who can't be given too much time to think about certain things, because I'll end up changing my mind. If my mind is made up, I have to do whatever it is, as soon as possible. LOL!

Day of surgery went, pretty much, the same as the first time. Nothing different there, except, they cleaned my old implants and let me take them. Ha! The soreness didn't last past 2 or 3 days, since the pocket was already created for the first set (he had to make it slightly bigger to accommodate the larger implants). The main nuisance now is the incision is itching like crazy! My stitches will be removed on July 17th, and I can't wait! Otherwise, a this point, I'm just waiting for them to "drop and fluff." Hubby said I had better LOVE these this time...NO MORE! I am happy with my new size, and I wouldn't do it again until my 10-yr change period comes around, so no worries, Hubby! :-)

Hubby isn't here to take my pics right now, so I took one, so you all can, somewhat see the difference. I will have him take more at a later time, in better light, to give a much better view. By the way, my stats are 5'8 and 168lbs, so 600cc do not look the same on me as they look on many women. So, for all of you ladies who are thinking of getting them, make sure your doctor measures you accurately, and you are not simply choosing a size that someone else has, assuming you will have the same look. The same size implants could be a DDD on one woman, but a C on you.

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