Rhinoplasty Revision, Finally Fixed Right After Serious Car Accident

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I was in a very serious auto accident in 1986 in...

I was in a very serious auto accident in 1986 in which every bone in my face was broken. Had some extensive reconstruction in the following years. The part I had continuing problems with were my nose and my sinuses. The bones that were crushed would grow back and my airways could block up with bone and scar tissue. For a long time, they were having to go in and clear out my airways once a year because I was unable to breathe and it caused terrible headaches. Because of the continual trauma, the shape and appearance were never quite right or symmetrical.

I recently relocated from Michigan to Texas and had to find new doctors when I started experiencing problems with breathing and the cartilage graft in my nose going crooked. I went to an ENT, who referred me to another ENT who referred me to Dr. C. I was starting to wonder if I would find anyone who could help me. I have been to many doctors and many hospitals over the last 24 yrs with this. But, I was really impressed right from my initial consultation. He went over my history, my issues and my expectations. He did some 3D imaging of my face and made suggestions what he could do to fix the problem. He recommended replacing the cartilage graft (taken from the rib) and reshaping the nose to make my airways more open. His staff went over the billing procedures (which are a little more complex with me since it bills to both my insurance and an auto claim from the accident).

I had my procedure done and stayed overnight. The staff and facility were great.

It has been only a month since my procedure, but I can already see a huge improvement in both my breathing and the appearance. And, this has long been an area I was not happy with. If anyone is in a similar situation, I highly recommend this doctor and the facilities. I am pretty confident this will be the last procedure I have to have in this area. I can't say enough about how positive this experience has been for me.

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

He was not only genuinely concerned, but confident that he could help me where other doctors have not been successful. His facility was state of the art and his staff was extremely helpful and great to work with. His follow up has been great and results have exceeded my expectations.

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