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For the last 10 years I've been having problems...

For the last 10 years I've been having problems with acne, mostly on face and back (and I would really like to have a massage one day). Treated it repeatedly by antibiotics for 4 years (acne alway came back). FInally, after these unsuccessful tries I was able to get a prescription for Accutane. It has been only one month, but I would like to share anyway.

Side effects - non-stop dry lips, a bit dry skin on face and hands, eyes are weeping (drinking more water helps a lot!!), headaches (but this does not have to be caused by Accutane necessarily).

Effects - none so far, maybe less new acne, but the old is uneffected - probably due to the fact it is only 1 month

My advise to all who want to start taking it: Do not drink alcohol, drink more water, reduce fat food, do a little sport, and most importantly - SHARE! I am a happy person and I don't have mood side effects yet, but I would not like to risk any severe depression and stand alone having it. Friends and believe for better days (ie without acne) is the most helpful tactics in this treatment.

Final words: I don't care if it damages my organs and reduces my lenght of life... I would rather love to live the less than "just live through" till becoming old.

One year later - results

Hello everyone!

First, I apologize I did not make proper updates.

Now for the treatment:

Side effects - Really dry skin from the very beginning, small frustration from the start (because the treatment was not working right away), dehydratation (one gets used to drink A LOT more water and I mean at least 6 litres a day for me).

Effects - First two months are a bit sad, I had side effects and no real effects at all (maybe less new acne as I wrote after 1 month of the treatment). BUT, after I survived this start, it got better. Suddenly, there were fewer and fewer small acnes. After about 4 months, I had only several big ones - at the places that were most problematic - and those looked almost unaffected. However, it was still a great improvement, my back by that time (and it was a disaster before) and most of my face was looking great. From this point I continued the treatment for another 7 months (that's right the treatment took 11 months in the end) and slowly but surely even the problematic places on my face went better and better. After about 9 months in total my face was clean, but the doctor continued my treatment for another 2 months because (she told me) she wanted to have it absolutely under control.

My behaviour during the treatment:
Don't drink alcohol - I did not, for the first 4 months not even a drop of it (esp. hard on New Year's celebration, but my friends were supportive which really helped). After that I had one-three beers on occasions. When I got really drunk though, the next day it wasn't a regular hangover. It was brutal, I suppose that severe dehydratation was the reason (it is a normal effect of a hangover, but with the Accutane it was multiplated so much).

Reduce fat - not my problem as I eat healthy

Do a little sport - That was a bit problematic, I go to gym now and then and run several half-marathons and a marathon a year. Same as for the drinking - you usually get dehydrated a bit during these sport activities, with Accutane you get more. The marathon was a little too much though. I had a big headache and my skin was so dry for another week.

Share - Oh I shared. As much as possible to any people I encountered with the same problem I had a year ago. When they see me (or saw me after the 9 months of the treatment) they do not believe I once had any acne at all. It's a miracle so far.

Final words - Do it! Don't waste any more of your time hiding or putting a covering loation. Try it and see for yourself. Believe for the result, look forward to the result. At the end, you will get better as well as me. I am sorry I don't have any photo on this computer right now but I will try to find some BEFORE/NOW and share it here.

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In Czech Republic, doctors hesitate to prescript this medicine, because it is quite expensive for the institutions (fully covered = free for us who needs it). One has to be treated by antibiotics repeatedly before allowing Accutane.

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