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I have done some research and have completed a few...

I have done some research and have completed a few consultations to find the right doctor for my rinoplasty. After some meditation I have made an educated guess and concluded that Dr Fuentes is an appropriate doctor for my surgery.

I have made my way to Tijuana in order to check out the clinic and the staff. The place is gorgeous. Better than a lot of clinics in the USA. The staff is friendly. I am not so fond of Mirna however (Dr. Fuentes patient coordinator) she almost makes me feel like I bother by calling or emailing her. She isn't prompt at responding. Dr Fuentes however has been prompt at responding all my emails even when he has been on Vacation. I scheduled my Rinoplasty August 22. At 7:30 am. I will keep you guys posted.

Day of surgery

It was an easy check in process. I met the doctor and the anesthesiologist. They were both pleasant and answered all my questions. Before you know it I was awake and had my new nose! I have the cast on but yet you can see the new shape! I was up and walking 30 minutes after the surgery ended. No bruising, no swelling, no pain and I could breathe thru my nose. I was picked up by my family. Went home for a nap and later we all went out to dinner... the same day of surgery!!

1st Day Post Op

Sleeping last night was uncomfortable because you have to sleep elevated and on your back (I'm a side sleeper) I woke up around 3 times. In the morning I saw VERY little bruising on my right eye. And some swelling on my whole face. No pain, and needed no medication. The swelling just makes you feel pressure but nothing mayor. I went out and toured San Diego before heading home.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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