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To be frank, I had an ugly nose and because of...

To be frank, I had an ugly nose and because of that, insecurities plagued me. My self-esteem was at an all-time low. I decided to take action since going through life extremely self-conscious about a body part you are unhappy with, shattered and dejected, is no way to go through life. I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. I began to devote countless hours(more than i spent on my schoolwork I admit), studying religiously the topic of rhinoplasty and everything on it I could get from the google, including pros and cons, search for the right surgeon, stories of patients who have undergone rhinoplasty, and reviews of numerous surgeons.

My surgeon suggested to (obviously) remove the hump, reduce the nostril, and raise the tip. The width of the nose he said was not a problem and would not be touched. Thus, he proceeded to show me via computer software edited photographs to show what result to expect. I was happy!

*Fast forward about 2 months and it was operating day.
Pain was low after the surgery, just a something-in-your-throat feeling(very annoying), and a heavy, tightly-packed, stuffy nose. Breathing is limited only to your mouth.

**Things to watch out for:
*sleeping is going to be hard because of the breathing limitation and inability to sleep on your side..
*Mouth is going to be drier than it has ever been in your life, and your lips will be chapped.
*It will be hard to move your mouth, so soft foods are a must.
*Your face will be swollen and stiff.

RESULTS 3 months:
Ideally and usually as swelling subsides your nose looks better, but with me it slowly revealed a tiny residual bump (bone) along with high cartilage that is attached to that bone that makes my nose appear Romanesque and not slightly scooped like I asked . The tip has drooped a lot more since when I first took off the cast that I might feel will have to be addressed again. But my surgeon did say that my tip appears that way because of the high bridge. At the 6 month mark, he will be able to shave off the residual bone/cartilage (3 more months). What I have know is LIGHT YEARS better than what nature had given me but its kind of depressing and demoralizing to know I didn't get the results I wanted(at least in the first try) and that I will have to go through this time-consuming, stressful process again.
In the meantime, I marked "not sure" under the "Was it worth it?" because I will see if the revision will finally give me the results I want. *Fingers Crossed*

PLEASE let me know what you guys think. Thanks for reading!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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