early fifties....getting arm and breast lift

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5'3 165 pounds- Lost over 130 pounds years ago...

5'3 165 pounds- Lost over 130 pounds years ago (diet & exercise) and kept it off. Finally scheduled a consultation with a highly recommended PS in Corpus Christi, Dr. Vijay Bindingnavele. I don't expect a super model body, just want to lift all this saggy skin. I can't seem to budge from this point in weight loss because it all turns to more skin. My arms (through genetics and weight loss) are just saggy bat wings, can't find a decent blouse to fit correctly. My tummy is hanging, my legs are droopy with lots of skin hanging at the knees and upper inner calves. It's crazy but after years of wanting this, I'm finally going through with it!!!

Arm pics, can't bring myself to post breast pics...sorry.

Getting ready for my surgery next week....

Breast and Arm Lift tomorrow

Ready for skinny arms, but nervous; time to get this done. I'm praying all goes well. I have tried to prepare myself mentally for the pain ahead. I just want to focus on following doctors orders to ensure a successful post op recovery.

Day 1 Post op

Morning after and feeling fantastic!!!

1st Day post op

Closer pic of incision, less bruising that I expected.

2nd Day Post Op

Slept well, still on pan meds every four hours. No need to feel uncomfortable. Rented a hospital because we have a bishon that sleeps with me every night and knew that if I didn't get a bed, she might injure me jumping on me during the night. This turned out to be worth it. I can only sleep on back and moving this bed by remote is so beneficial. Hubby gave me a careful bath today so as not to get my dressings wet and washed my hair. Wow! Felt so good! Walking a lot around the house and clearing my drains every 6 hours during the day. If these are the hardest days, I got this! Monday I go in to doctors office for removal of arm wraps and then I can shower! Yay! Tuesday, I go back to see the doctor. Will post pictures once the arm wraps come off.

Day 2 Post Op Picture

Sorry I post so much but I know how much it helped me reading other people's journey in recovery. I am hoping this helps someone too. I'm walking a lot, felt more pain today so I took the full amount of pain meds (I had only been taking half the dosage) and it really made the difference. Drinking lots of water, but eating light. The wraps around my arms are cumbersome and itchy in certain spots but I know they are necessary so I'm just sucking it up and dealing with it. Staying positive! :)

Day 3 Post Op

Feel better today and there is more flexibility and strength in my arms. I can go to the bathroom without having my husband wipe, that's a big deal, for him especially I'm sure. LOL! The drain bulbs keep collecting fluid which is good, the color has changed from red to light pink so that's good, means I stopped bleeding in my arms. I'm still taking the Norcor prescribed by the doctor every 4-6 hours. I was worried about constipation but have been eating blueberries and honey melon every day and that has kept me from getting constipated. No need to take on pain if I can mask it. Excited to see what my breasts will look like under these bandages, afraid to mess with them until I see the doctor. I'll wait till he takes bandages off. Spoke to a friend who had hers last month and she said the CS irritated her armpit creating a little infection so she wears a tshirt under the sleeves. I have been looking online to see if I can find one with a sports bra already attached so I won't have two separate articles of clothing. Ideas, anyone? Still walking as much as possible, I really believe that is having a huge impact on my recovery. Any questions anyone?

Day 4: arm wraps are gone but hello compression sleeves!

Day 4 down to 12.5 inches around arm from 17 inches. Feeling good, still pretty swollen, but getting better every day. The sleeves will take getting used to...will keep you posted.

End of Day 7 Post Op

Drains were removed on Tuesday, that was awesome! My first full shower was the best feeling ever! Compression garment I was given is a size too small according to measurements on the package. It's so uncomfortable but they ordered a new one and it hasn't come in. It's frustrating so I ordered my own from a recommendation from LiveHeroically, thank you. Ordered a sleeve/bra combo hoping it will avoid the irritation on the armpit if it's all one piece. It gets here Saturday, will see if it works out. In the meantime, it's tight, my incisions are becoming more sensitive and I'm not sure if it's normal or a result of the construction of these sleeves. Either way, I'll keep you posted. Another thing that cropped up wias a bout with constipation, doctor said eat prunes and that really did the trick. Trying to stay positive but this garment sizing catastrophe is really getting me down. It's so uncomfortable. Haven't had a pain pill in four days, though.

Let the tingling begin!

Day 11- First day back at work, excited to get back into a normal routine. My arms have started tingling and itching in random areas and at random times. Tingling tends to increase when I'm cold. There is no pain, it must be the nerves talking to each other as they settle into their renovated space. Hope everyone else on this journey is progressing well. Pushing forward....

Will have my consult this week, anxious for his recommendations.

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