34 Years Old, Mother of 2, Looking to Bring Back Volume Lost (And More!) Due to Breastfeeding - Colorado Springs, CO

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I never really had any major issues with my breast...

I never really had any major issues with my breast size or appearance, but I always wondered what it would be like to have bigger breasts. I just figured I'd leave well enough alone. However, after breastfeeding my two children for 36 months combined, I lost enough volume to feel flat chested and slightly saggy. I don't have the most curvy/feminine figure so it kind of messed with my femininity and self-confidence. After deciding that we most likely won't have any more children, it finally became feasible to move forward with BA. I started researching last year when I moved to Colorado but I was still nursing at the time. After my son self-weaned, I cranked up my research and set a goal to have the surgery within the next year. The time has finally come! So far I have met with 2 doctors and both came very highly recommended. I put down a deposit and scheduled the procedure for later this month with one of the Drs (Dr Aaron Smith) because he was just amazing in every way. He was very thorough, professional and reassuring about achieving my goals. His credentials speak for themselves and he has a wonderfully supportive staff. Below are a few photos of my dream boobs/boob goals (Mia Khalifa). I was a 34C at my perkiest and have been as big as a 34DDD when I was engorged... I know cup size doesn't matter but I'm hoping to end up around that same size. I'm 5'6 and 150lbs. Both of the docs I've seen agreed that my frame can carry 600-650ccs without looking like bolt-ons. I want them big but my priority is for them to end up as squishy and fluffy as possible. Right now that looks like it's gonna be 600. I'll let you all know for sure after my pre-op appt next week.

So here's my current situation - deflated & asymmetrical

I'm going to try my best to document this journey. Both for myself but especially for others that may benefit from it. Paying it forward, because this site has been very helpful to me. Here are a couple of "before" pics. My pre-op is in 3 days and I'm getting very antsy & nervous! I can only imagine what that last week before surgery is gonna be like.

Just a little over 48 hours!

Thursday morning feels like a million years away right now! So many thoughts and emotions going through my mind. Mostly praying for a smooth and seamless procedure and a quick recovery. I know the surgery itself is less than an hour but the general anesthesia scares the heck out of me. For some reason, I always wake up screaming and terrified. Dr. Smith assured me that the anesthesiologist will take that all into consideration. I'm sure everyone has these crazy last minute doubts but it's still nice to hear that I'm not alone. I think being a mother makes it all that much more difficult... Mom guilt! As in, what if something happens? Did I risk everything for something selfish? I'm reassured in knowing that my surgeon is very well-qualified, I'm a healthy individual and it's a pretty common procedure. Ugh! These nerves suck! I just want it to be Thursday already. I guess the only thing that'll make me feel better is... MORE WISH BOOBIES! :-) *Feel free to send over any extra good vibes you might have laying around. Even though we're all strangers, I take great comfort in your words and encouragement. ??

Go time!

Wish me luck! See you all in a couple hours!

On the other side! Woohoo!

Everything went amazing. I feel so good, on cloud 9. Probably the drugs lol. I can't stress enough how wonderful my doctor and the entire medical team was. They calmed all of my fears & were beyond compassionate. I genuinely felt like they cared about me.

Arrived at 6:45. Met with the intake nurse & got all prepped for surgery. Next met the anesthesiologist and she also calmed all of my fears about going under. Then had preop with the doc where he marked me up and reiterated how easy this procedure was going to be & how he thought my results were going to be a perfect fit. Surgery started promptly at 7:30 and I was home by 10:20. Unreal. I felt like everyone truly cared about me. So genuine & concerned about my nervousness. Spent some time getting to know me & talked a lot about my babies. I've never felt more comfortable in a medical setting. I'm forever grateful. Now time to focus on rest and recovery.

72 Hours Post Surgery

Feeling so much better today. I did switch to Extra Strength Tylenol so that's probably why I'm not feeling nauseous and groggy anymore. Im also obsessed with arnica rub and recommend it to everyone. Frozen peas are still my friend when dealing with morning boob stiffness. I actually woke up today wanting to get out of bed and walk around. I helped hubby get the babies ready for the day and then I showered AND blow dried my hair. I was kinda slow and very careful but it felt great to move around more. Chest is feeling really high and tight still but it's totally tolerable. I took some progress pics today. Hasn't dropped much but it's noticeable to me & most importantly, I can feel the difference. Hope you're all having a great Sunday!

1 Week Boobiversary!

One week post op and I'm feeling great! A little bit sore still but it's completely manageable. I had my post-op appt on Monday and Dr Smith said everything looks great. He was very happy with how the 600s looked in the operating room and is certain I'm going to love them once they settle. I'm praying for a little bit of drop & fluff because these girls are still riding high and tight. Doc said I could start massaging them a bit but we would go over that more at my next appointment. He said I could wear any bra now as long as it doesn't have underwire. Also, he encouraged me to be very active and use full range of motion but just not lift heavy yet. I'm now taking Ibuprofen instead of Tylenol (ok'd by doc) for the little bit of soreness and inflammation. He also prescribed Valium for the muscle tightness at night (wasn't sleeping much at all). Aside from that, nothing much has changed. I finally got the Under Armour bra my doc recommended and it might be a tad small but it's by far the most comfortable post op. It's the Under Armour Protégée front zip. I love the way it holds me perfectly and the soft band doesn't bother my incision area at all. Hope everyone is doing great!

Two Week Boobiversary!

Things are moving along great. No more pain & morning boob has significantly improved. I have returned to the gym this week but I'm keeping everything very low impact & not using any chest muscles. Lots of legs & butt & some isolated ab exercises. I'm still riding high & tight but I can see slight changes, they're starting to look slightly less square. Just trying to stay patient. Hope all is well with everyone!

6 Months Post-Op

I've been so busy but I figured I should post an update considering the last boobs you all saw were square lol. Things have settled very nicely. Frankenboob was completely gone by about 8 weeks for me. I've dropped and fluffed and now just hope things stay this way FOREVER ????. I'm wearing a 36DDD and I've gained about 15 lbs due to excessive body confidence and lack of gym attendance haha. Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying their boobs!
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