Breast Implant REDUCTION, LIFT

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My stats: 5'5 (165cm), 110-115 (50kg), size 0...

My stats: 5'5 (165cm), 110-115 (50kg), size 0.
BWD (breast width and diameter): 13
Ribs: 28.5
34DD, 32E

I have always had large breasts and a very tiny body. My sister used to call me a caricature. It was cute then because they were natural and perky. However, they began deflating a bit when I was in grad school, and I immediately looked into getting them "re-filled" b/c, by that point, they were my identity, and deflated was not an option. My nipples were still high, and I just needed a bit of volume. Thus, my surgeon gave me saline 325 filled to 375 (unders), and they went back to looking as they always had. I went on with my life.

Two years later, my right breast implant deflated. I had moved to a different state and had started a very busy job, so I looked in my current town for a good doctor. I chose the "best" (Celebrity/Top Doc, etc.). I was so busy that I just deferred to what he wanted to do, and I did not research any of it. He mentioned going a "bit fuller," and he said that he would go around my nipple to just tuck a bit of skin, and I agreed...

The surgery ended up taking a lot longer than expected, and my doctor acted nervous at the post-op appointment. He explained that there was excessive scar tissue in the non-deflated left breast and he warned me that my skin was VERY THIN. He said I would likely have to get a revision in the future.

Inexplicably, I just nodded and went on with things, without even truly forming an opinion about my new "additions." I hated my job and was in the process of moving, and I just did not want to think about my breasts, so I compartmentalized the entire situation and moved on with my life. I told myself that they were only slightly bigger than my natural size, and I went into denial mode...for five years.

Recently, I got to a point where I could stop and take a breather, and my breasts started to bother me...little by little...I was de-compartmentalizing...

I got engaged, and when I was shopping for my dress, my breasts were an issue. I had to order extra material AND a size 10 dress--just for my breasts! I was a size 0, but my breasts were a size tailoring bill cost almost as much as the dress itself! It snowballed from there....

Why did my husband's friend's wife give me a dirty look in yoga class and decide she did not want to be around me because I "had fake breasts"...?

Why do I always look so top heavy in photos?

Why do I always feel the need to wear a scarf?

Why do I hate to be without a bra, even in the shower?

Slowly, I began to *let* myself SEE my breasts, and they were awful. My "great" surgeon had screwed up.

I have a dent under my left breast, and my left areola is stretched out, misshapen and huge. My left breast's implant feels pointy and palpable in areas when I massage it. When I lie on my back, my natural breast tissue falls to my sides, while the silicone pokes through the dent.

I wear a bra 24 hours a day. Literally. In the shower. During EVERY ACTIVITY.

I own about 100 scarves, and I never wear dresses b/c what fits me on top would never fit me on bottom, ETC.

Wait. I don't have to live like this. I discussed it with my husband, and to my surprise he revealed that he has always hated my HUGE breasts and has never understood why I went so large. Mr. "I Will Divorce You If You Get Surgery On Your Face" was totally on board with paying $11,000 for a breast augmentation revision!

So I went to my consultation, and Dr. Wolfe helped me realize how long I had been in denial. He could not understand how I have dents (how could he go into the glandular tissue like that?!), but he explained that I have a BWD of 13 and that the reason I have bumps in my implant is because it is shoved into a too small pocket. He encouraged me to order my surgery notes.

This is what I learned:

My former doctor put in 100 cc's more than my first BA! That is almost a full cup size. I have 480cc, wide, flat implants. On my size 0 frame! The diameter is 14.8! I am a 13! Doctors usually recommend staying within .5 cm of your BWD, and not going over. He went over by 1.8 cm!!!!

The doctor also thought my smaller breast (left) was my larger breast, so he overly tightened the pocket (my right breast was deflated, so he forgot that my right breast was the larger one!). The pressure of the implant makes my skin too thin and stretches the areola out, which it did immediately after he sewed me up (I recall seeing black stitches that indicated a gigantic and misshapen areola!). Apparently areola skin is much thinner than breast skin, so areolas stretch under pressure, especially when the implant is far too large for the capsule. The dents are caused by the scar he made to insert the silicone implant puckering a bit and pulling at the thin tissue, and I believe he may have also lipo'd a circular area without my consent, in a misguided attempt to lift my breast with no scar.

Dr. Wolfe will perform a keyhole lift (lollipop-?), and I told him to do what it takes to make my breasts high and tight (anchor incision, if necessary??). I want little to no tissue hanging over my breast fold. I want to err on the side of too small. I want to be able to go bra-less and not feel guilty or like I have to lift my breasts up with my arm. HOW LIBERATING!!!!

I want breasts like Joanna Krupa, Blake Lively, Jennifer know the type--small and firm and no bra necessary!!

I also want to switch from Memory Gel silicone to the more cohesive "gummy bear" kind, and Dr. Wolfe uses Natrelle 410 implants. This presents only one issue, and that is that I can only go so small, based on my BWD.

The Natrelle 410's are anatomical shaped and have three aspects: height, width and projection. This means that I can choose from a Moderate Height, Moderate Projection at 320 grams (not cc's because they are more solid); Full Height, Moderate Projection at 250 grams, and Moderate Height, Full Projection at 335 grams.

This makes me nervous, because how can I go dramatically smaller, lighter, and tighter with only a change of--at the most--55 cc's from my first BA and 160 cc's from my current size? Will the lift do that much reduction? Will the anatomical shape and texture make a difference?

This worries me, and I am obsessing over it.

I discovered that there are a few other options...maybe. It seems there is also a Moderate Height, Low Projection implant at 285...however, I have emailed the doctor several times to ask about it, but I have not heard from him. He also never mentioned it. Thus, I worry that there is some reason why doctors do not like this version of the implant. Sigh.

Anyway, if I have not lost you yet, I would LOVE to hear from all of you!!! If anyone has any experience going through a reduction/aug/lift, like me, I would be interested to hear what you think about your experience and what you would do differently.

I also would LOVE any input on size and on the Natrelle 410 style implant, and if anyone has experience with BWD and/or breast sizes, please do tell!

Has your lift dropped? How many cc's did you have? Anyone with a high and tight lift that lasted? What were your cc's...?

My biggest fear is that I will end up with a smaller version of what I have now, and I don't want that! I want my breasts to sit much higher above my inframammary fold and not drop, but I have no idea how to achieve that and what size implant that requires.

November 9th is coming up, and I am in a bit of a panic! l=0

So sorry for the delays. My Grandpa died somewhat...

So sorry for the delays. My Grandpa died somewhat unexpectedly, and I had to fly out to the funeral and support my family. It was exactly 2 weeks after I got my surgery, so I felt okay about flying. I just packed like a reasonable person, for once! :-) The close hugs were a bit painful, but all went well (breast-wise), I think.

I LOVE my new chest. I will update a lot (with photos) today and write back to those of you who wrote me privately. Sorry for the lag time!

I also was not overly eager to post too quickly because I have learned that I generally like my breasts less as time goes on (the "perky" swelling diminishes and they DROP), and I am HOPING HOPING HOPING that does not end up being the case here!!!

So far, Dr. Wolfe gets the highest marks humanly possible. I will discuss more about him, too.

Hoping that my breasts stay ideal!!!

Okay, gotta go to gym and will update soon!

I messed up the photo headings at first but I just...

I messed up the photo headings at first but I just edited them so they are now accurate. Also, the scars look not as good with tape b/c they have some blood on them. I peeked at the scars and they looked perfect. We will see once I take all of the tape off.

Also, looking at the photos and in person, I think that my right side, laterally/by my armpit, has just a bit more skin/fullness than my left. It is hardly something to complain much about. Otherwise they are eerily perfect, so far. Definitely not a big deal AT ALL, but I hope there is some swelling there that will go down. The right one was my HUGE breast and Dr. Wolfe took some tissue from that side. My guess is that some of that will go down, because that is where a drain was and that side had more swelling/drain fluid b/c he removed more tissue from that side. However, it was always my biggest side, so it probably will remain a bit less perfect, laterally, than my left. I can definitely live with it, so long as they do not drop more!!! :)

I am a moron. I updated my review under the...

I am a moron. I updated my review under the comment section, apparently?!! Please see my comment below for the update. I will copy & paste here when I get off my iPad & onto my computer! :)



Okay, I posted some updated after photos, finally!!! The first photo has a weird shadow on it that makes my breast not look as pretty, but try to look around it. The scars (under the tape) appear to be SUPER THIN and perfectly round/straight, so I am excited about that, b/c it was important to me that they be symmetrical scars that were "perfect" shapes. They are very natural and perky, and I think I am probably a C cup. I am scared to go bra shopping b/c I want to keep this darn bra on for six weeks straight so that they do not drop!!! Dr. Wolfe said that my stupid, huge implants were actually FOLDING on themselves, which is one reason I had that stupid dent. The folds were weakening the implant shell and they would have begun leaking or they would have burst soon!!!! As I may have mentioned (lol) I am very, very concerned about sagging. My goal was NO SKIN ON SKIN lower lobe sag!!! Thus, I told Dr Wolfe to go ahead and make as many scars as necessary, so he did an "aggressive lift" and took a bit of tissue (30 cc's, or so) from the right, and I have a bit of scarring on the bottom of the breast (difficult to see). I think that means he did a sort of lollipop/anchor procedure. I should have asked him the technical one he did, but I kept forgetting. I wanted to be SMALL and PERKY and Jennifer Aniston/Blake Lively looking, with the ability to wear a see through top (around my house) and not think twice. No holding up my boobs as I run, etc. So far, so good. I just hope these suckers stay up!!!!! Dr Wolfe insisted that I did not need Strattice, despite all of the docs on here suggesting that I might. He knows how to place it and does use it, but he just felt like my skin was good enough to not need it. I would have happily paid the extra 2-4k just to not have to go through another surgery and to prevent sagging, but I had to trust what he said. It also increases risk bc it is an added foreign body and it also would have caused the procedure to go another 1.5 hours. Thus, we skipped it. Fingers crossed I won't regret skipping it and my breasts will defy gravity. In the photos, my breasts actually look a bit bigger than they do in person, IMO. I think they look really cute and small. I have been getting a lot of, "Are you still in school, Dear?" comments, so I feel like they are anti-aging bc I am 37, so people thinking that I am still in school means I look 15 years younger than I am! I also got a, "Wow, you are looking really lean lately" comment. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I don't want to go on a complete rave about Dr. Wolfe until these things have had time to start looking ugly (hehe),but so far I will say that he is kind of a bad ass. He has some sort of photographic memory and is just incredibly smart. He is funny and has a great eye, and he looked at my "ideal breast" photo and said it was his ideal breast, so if you are looking for a pretty C cup (see photos of examples I posted), Dr. Wolfe is your man I would highly, highly recommend him, so far. My breasts don't look square (anchor can do that), and they look pretty much perfectly symmetrical. I still have some swelling, but he says they should stay UP and my husband is super happy with them! I ended up going with the 280 MM (Natrelle 410's). 12 Width, 11.1 Height, 4.4 Projection, 280 grams/cc's. I could have gone larger but I could not have gone much smaller with my BWD of 13. Perhaps I could have gone for a low projection, rather than a moderate projection, but I am very happy with the projection now. I will only regret the projection if they sag! Dr. Wolfe felt like a more moderate projection was better, and if you research these implants, you rarely see the docs use a low projection implant, so I think it was the best implant for me. Anyway, I will keep the pics updated as I continue to heal. As far as recovery, I would say that it was relatively easy. I had drains for a week, and they were fine. They hurt a bit when being taken out, but nothing too bad. I would say to take Colace prior to letting your pain killers mess with your stomach b/c that was not a pleasant aspect of healing. I barely took pain killers but the ones that I took (note to self--I prefer Vicodin to Oxycodone!) really messed with me. I should have gone with tried and true Vicodin. Pain was minimal, and I am back to exercising lower body after 2-3 weeks. I am trying to be really careful with my upper body, but that is difficult to keep up. Anyway, all in all I would say it has been a great experience, so far. I plan to keep the tape on for as long as it stays and I will be wearing my bra for as long as I can stand it, in the hopes that my scar tissue acts as an internal bra...

5 weeks- I will post new photos as soon as I have...

5 weeks- I will post new photos as soon as I have a bit more time to upload. I finally took the tape off to see the scars and WOW WOW WOW. I, literally, could not see the vertical scar on my right breast. I was trying to put tape back on and I could barely find the outline to put it on the scar! AND this is the breast that Dr. Wolfe did the most removal work on, too!!!! The scars are seriously PERFECT. He made them razor thin and I have perfectly round circled, small areolas, too.

Now, all of this good fortune re: my ideal scar healing (thus far-things can change!) is a combination of things-- 1) I tend to scar well b/c I am so fair (however, my last BA had disgusting --albeit light colored and smooth-- scars b/c that doctor did such a TERRIBLE job. I recall thinking I had Franken-breasts after that BA b/c I could see the stitching and it was SO uneven, lopsided, and awful and reminded me of Frankenstein's ridiculous stitches all over. The difference between Dr. Wolfe's artistry and this other doctor "to the stars" is just...I have no words.) 2) I have been taking great care of my breasts post op, so I have worn my bra 24/7 and worn tape 24/7--this helps support the scars and makes sure that they do not stretch out to become larger, 3) I chose a small implant...the smallest I could go with my BWD, actually. A smaller implant=less pressure on the scars, and last but certainly not least-- 4) DR WOLFE DR WOLFE DR WOLFE!!!! Damn, that man is talented.

I will continue to update. Hopefully my breasts will continue healing well!!

I need to update this, and I promise that I will...

I need to update this, and I promise that I will soon--with photos! :-) Suffice to say that I am still happy, although I did figure out that I could have gone down by 60 cc's and fit within my BWD (if I had gone low profile), so that brings out the angst in me! Should I have gone lower profile? I will ask Dr. Wolfe when I see him next week, but I know he had said at one point that he preferred not to do the low profiles, so I have to trust that he said that for a good reason.

Anyway, I still have a chest and my breasts are not tiny, and that is for sure. They are symmetrical and pretty, and the areolas are a tad bigger than I had asked for, but they fit and if he had gone smaller in the areolas it may have looked odd, even though I wanted super tiny areolas! Now I need to add photos b/c that would help all of you visualize....anyway, it seems like I am about a small 32D. I keep thinking of them as Barbie breasts just b/c they are that kind of proportion--like not too big and not too small. They are definitely smaller than a typical boob job, and I am told that they do not look like a BA. I just really wanted to go as SMALL as possible so that bra-less would be more of an option, and so that I could be like a Jen Aniston/Cameron Diaz/Brandi Glanville--always without a bra (woohoo!), but one of my favorite "wide breasted" boobie gals (you know who you are! ;)) reminds me that I would probably go with a bra constantly, regardless. Hehe. That is just my personality! I am trying to get over that need to control everything so much, but it is difficult to let go and let sag (possibly)! I DO feel like I could go without a bra now, but I have to remind myself that, "it is okay, if they sag later, I can always just get another lift, etc" I bought a shirt where you really cannot wear a bra, and I will probably just use tape to keep the pressure of gravity off of them so that I don't feel guilty...sigh.

They are still perky, although they have dropped a bit and when I bend over I can fit a pencil under one of them--which I did not want. However, it is only when kind of slouching over and, relatively speaking, jeesh I am a perfectionist!

Okay, I am going to go now b/c I am writing this as a tired and delirious person and need to get to bed. I promise to update with photos asap!

I added a photo of me in a 32 C bra, which seems...

I added a photo of me in a 32 C bra, which seems to fit. I also bought a 32 D sports bra that fits and I seem to measure between a 32 C and D. I think I look like a large C-?

So I added photos! Here is the thing-my breasts...

So I added photos! Here is the thing-my breasts look great. I do take some credit just b/c I specifically asked for what I got, with some exceptions. My doctor wanted: 320 to 350 and smooth, round silicone, which I would NOT have been happy with. Instead, I got textured teardrop 280's, and the qualities about these are what I am happy about--textured so less sag and smaller and solid.

What I ultimately wish I would have gotten is the 220's and the areolas that I asked for, but who knows how much of a difference that would have made.

My areolas are a good size, but I had requested itty bitty ones (I cannot recall, but I think I had requested 3 cm but I have 4 cm). My breasts are still perky, which is great, although they have dropped a tiny bit. If I had received the smooth silicone, they would have dropped more and I think that I would have not liked the 350 or 320's--too big!

If they stay like this, I will be pleased. They are not very heavy, so I suspect that they may stay like this (fingers crossed!), and I can go braless with no discomfort (psychological discomfort but not physical :)).

I wish I would have known about the 220 ML version (low profile), b/c I got 280 MM and they are the same measurements but the ML has a few cm less profile and 60 cc's less in weight.

That is the sort of thing that irritates me about doctors! I realize that they are busy, but I did not get an answer to my email questions about what dimensions I could go down to until the day that I had to pick out sizes and so I had no time to research and figure out that I could have gone down 60 cc's! :(

Oh well, these look great, and I am told that they look totally natural in clothes. Who knows what the smaller areolas and the lower projection would have done, so I cannot get too upset. The end result is that I do think that they are very pretty. They are symmetrical and the scars are nice and thin and neat, so I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Wolfe quite highly. :)

However, with ALL docs you MUST do your own research and drill it through them what you want. I did that, and I still did not get the smallest just b/c docs don't have time to do our research for us, and surgery is pretty routine for them. We think that they care as much as we do-no. It is a job to them, and they care about their work product but not those little OCD details that are so important to us! Like I said, my only complaint about Dr Wolfe is that he should have emailed me back when I asked him my questions, instead of waiting until the appt to see me, which then caused me not to know there was a smaller option available (he actually probably should have brought that up, too, but like I said they don't do the research--we do). And he should have listened re: my requests for smallest areolas.

However, I love my breasts! I think that the lift and smaller size is JUST what I needed, and I have never had so many people thinking that I am a teenager before. It is totally bizarre. I never showed off my chest before, but it must just be a weird subliminal thing that makes me look a lot younger to others. =)

Nothing new but I just wanted to clarify that I...

Nothing new but I just wanted to clarify that I the 280's were *probably* the best choice, so I cannot really criticize anything about Dr Wolfe--other than him not emailing me back prior to our appointment. Ultimately, when I look at my old photos, I hate how flat that implant looked! So the slightly higher projection was probably the right call on Dr Wolfe's part. And my areolas do match my breasts. Thus, in short, I LOVE DR WOLFE and really do think that he is the best in Colorado, and one of the very best in the US. :-)
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