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Loved that I upgraded I was so nervous going 200cc...

Loved that I upgraded I was so nervous going 200cc bigger and switching profiles. Strangely they def weren't as big as I thought they were going to be. So I recommend about me doubting size of being too big just done ecspecially if going behind the muscle. I am still wanting to go a little larger and looking into switching to 800 UHP.

Consultation went perfect!

The best thing about Dr. True is he doesn't judge if you come back and want more ha! He is the breast god so I wouldn't go anywhere else but him! He's honest as well right away it's either a no won't work don't waste your time or a yes we can make this happen. After doing my measurements concisely he determined I'm a perfect candidate for the 800cc UHP. He warned me two years ago with my 650cc HP that sagging will take place so it is important to always wear a bra even when you sleep. Well I took this very serious and even double up on sports bras at night. From doing this my breast have stayed perky and have no sign of sagging. He thinks they will fit nicely but again important to wear support all the time which I'm
Ok with I'm not one to go bra less anyways! So excited. Looking at the calendar for when I can do this. Want to do it super soon! More updates later yay!

Choosing a day

I figured sooner is better than later... I am narrowing in on my date so excited! ?????????????????????????????????

Dr True is a boobie God

Exactly the change I was looking for a fuller look a more round look and a higher profile Dr. true nailed it!!!


Having a little more soreness on my right side but that seems to make sense due to it being my dominant side totally worth it though just icing it every couple hours


Great support bra to sleep in these new implants definitely way a lot more than my other ones when I am without a bra it can be really painful right now since they are new but as soon as I put a good support bra with no underwear on it feels so much better this I bought at target for $12.99

650cc HP vs 800cc UHP

This pic is great For Comparison granted I am a little swollen still in the bottom picture but the different profile shows that it definitely adds a little bit more around us and fullness which is what I was looking for I wasn't technically looking to go up a lot in bra sizes I was more wanting fullness so only adding 150 ccs but changing to ultra
high profile definitely gave me the look I was wanting

POD 3 vs POD 8

Not too many changes of happened they definitely have dropped and the swelling has gone down I'm still icing almost daily and the loving the shape and the size

Post op day nine and feeling good

Even though they are still super sore and I have to ice them continuously throughout the day I have been feeling great they definitely feel a lot heavier than my last pair so I've been wearing great tight supportive sports bras as of right now I feel like they get better every day and I'm super satisfied with what Dr. true gave me he is truly amazing

800ccs Utra high profile Silicone is a WINNER

So I was very skeptical about going to such a large implant since people don't believe in them but my doctor felt like it was something he could accomplish and it was safe and he completely nailed it and I am 100% satisfied today I am postop day nine and they're feeling better each day I highly recommend Dr. true truemed located in Colleyville Texas

Morning boob 10 days later can still be very painful

Sleeping during the night can still be very painful I do try to sleep on my back but somewhere in the middle the night I end up laying on my side in the morning it's definitely painful to kind of stand up straight I am and get moving but once I do get moving the pink and it settles away I do feel a little swollen in the morning but nothing like they did a week ago still definitely worth it I really wanted to go to the infrared sauna today since I can't work out and that's killing me but after doing some research I don't think it's a good idea sitting in a sauna only 10 days postop worried that it could cause some issues with my incisions and I haven't gotten permission from my surgeon so for now I'm just going to have to wait which sucks because it burned 600 cal and I would love to do that right now

Next plan is to start to get rid of sun damage I have that from living in Florida for 12 years

Dr. true has some great skin products in the line that he carries it he has recommended not only for my face but also for my chest unfortunately I spent many years and tanning beds and out on the beach in the sun tanning like crazy I always loved being super bronzed and tanned very well however over the last 14 months I've been completely UV free and I have not been in the sun since turning 32 I've decided to take immediate action I'm trying to reverse all damage I've done in my younger years. As of right now Dr. True has me on the highest level of retinal my skin is very responsive and doesn't get irritated very easily I'm also on a very neat collagen regimen and then a skin lightening regimen that I'm using on my face for hyperpigmentation along with using on my chest for about six weeks before we decide if I need to do any sort of photo facials to get rid of any sunspots on my chest, with my boobs now looking absolutely amazing I want my skin to match so that is my new project from myself. Working on improving my skin not only on my face for more youthful look but also on my chest area

I'm thinking about adding a new review page for TrueMed

I'm thinking about adding a new review page for TrueMed since I just started their skin care line along with other anti-aging products that have been recommended for my face and my chest they seem to be the most troublesome areas due to my younger years of spending way too much time in the sun. Sadly to say breast augmentation's from here on are completely done for I have maxed out with the 800 ccs and silicone is my only option and Saline implants are not an option for me due to being very petite a not having a lot of breast tissue so with that being said I am now going to focus on my skin care until the United States decides to come out with a bigger silicone implant I say it now however the ones I have I am completely satisfied and I don't think my body could handle anything too much heavier Ha

Sports bra

Can you go a little smaller and the sports bras just for the compression and tightness and keeping the new tatas in place ha

Excuse the tummy still bloated and holding a lot of water

Third day using my new regimen

I have been using my lightning serum on my chest and my face along with the retinal and collagen I am already seeing a difference in this skin damage and Sunday image I had on my chest and I'm just three days and so I couldn't be more happy

No ice today

I am so excited that today was the first day that I didn't feel like I needed to ice which was really nice certain movements are still a little sore so I'm very careful and for the most part they are starting to feel more more like they are part of my body and not something that's been shoved in my chest love it

Great comparison

This is a great comparison picture for those that are scared to go to a large implant It also helps for those that are only increasing by maybe 150cc as you will see the change is not super crazy my goal was not to go to much bigger but to have a lot more volume and upper pole and I definitely got a lot more roundness with the 800 cc ultra high profile I highly recommend the UHP for smaller framed girls wanting larger breast. I fluctuate between 118 and 122 lbs and I'm about 5'5 so my frame is small and they can look big but I can definitely play them down for work and hide them when it's needed. they are heavy as a physician will tell you but as long as you wear a good support bra everything should be good. A very sexy Victoria's Secret push-up bra are used to be my favorite however I don't think that will no longer be needed I get just as much push-up and cleavage with two sports bras right now what I've been wearing for the last 12 days since my surgery is two sports bras and it works great and honestly I'll probably continue this even when I've been cleared to wear underwire. For me sports bras are just more comfortable I am a workout fanatic so it's killing me that I'm out of the gym right now but I feel like I live in sports bras because when I'm not at work I am in the gym. I usually love to run that with these new in plans I'm definitely going to have to change my cardio up a bit about two weeks before my surgery I picked up the stairstepper which I really enjoy so I'll probably be doing more of that than all the running and top of that lifting weights beats cardio any day. Still a little sore the more activity I do throughout the day all last week my pain level was probably a seven to and eight and over the weekend it has dropped to about a five and today I would say I am around a four so I'm hoping with a little bit more rest today I can go back to work feeling pretty normal tomorrow ????. Still feeling a little bloated from the pain medication and holding a little bit more water than I usually do hoping that that will cease over the next week because it's driving me crazy

11 day update

Everything is still all good and 11 days postop most my swelling has gone down in my incisions are no longer sore I took a few pictures without a bra just to see what it would look like I never go without a bra but it's nice to know that they still are on the Perky side however these things will always be in a bra

Skin product update

Already seeing noticeable results in my skin care products I will post pictures of what I am using in my next post it's been amazing I highly recommend it. The second pic was 5 days ago before starting my new skin regimen ????????????

This morning 9/19

Just a pic showing how great they look already and they are still so new ????

Trust the process

When your surgeon says trust the process just listen because they are right. Breast augmentation right once they're completed are not always pretty you might look in the mirror and think this was not what I was wanting but it's crazy how much is changed in the last almost 2 weeks it's so weird to think how your body actually adjust to something and now an implant can look low and then 13 days later look higher and more round so don't ever get discouraged right after surgery and my advice to everyone because I've done this three times and know by now..... is to just be patient patience is key ????????


This is a great comparison of before and after. I knew I already had a pretty large implant with the 650 high profile however my goal was to have a fuller more round look and I definitely got that with the 800 ultra high profile hundred percent satisfied ;)

So crazy how implants get better with time :)

It's crazy when you first get them done and you think they look amazing then just because its something new and they look different but then as each day goes by and they heal and settle and your body adjusts they just get better and better and they get more round and more perky and I love it ?????? this is day 1 vs. day 17

3 weeks post op today

Definitely feeling like they are more part of my body which is nice I have healed rather quickly never really went through the awkward stage like I did the first time. They are perfect size sometimes I think I could do a little bigger but then I come back to reality thinking if they were any bigger and they would probably impact my life way too much and definitely active back in the gym working out lightweight so that's been nice if I had to hold off on the running for now I won't event till I'm cleared by my doctor

800cc UHP 3 weeks PO

Up close shot 800cc UHP

3 week and 1 day post op

All good had a post op today!!! No more surgical tape yay incisions as healing nicely !!

Feeling a little sore today

I think from removing the tape and doing my massages it's made the bottom area a little sore all I could do was pop a Tylenol ha

Can't remember the last time I wore a cute bra

It has been forever since I've had a pretty bra on even leading up to my surgery I was wearing a lot of sports bras by choice but now that I have to wait to wear underwire, it's killing me ha! Two sports bras all day ever day!

800cc UHP up close :)

Just a pic that proves angles of the camera can really make them appear larger or maybe they really are just huge haha I don't know!

Cleavage laying down too

Still so sore not sure why. I've had a long work week and overly exhausted maybe that why just a constant achey feeling in my chest. Wearing two super tight sports bras today to help with movement etc.

Sports bra life

What 800ccs looks like in 3 sports bras :/ feeling like I need them compressed tonight with my soreness

Finally can use the sauna again

My left side is still a little sore but I think it has a lot to do with the muscle finally loosening up maybe some of the workouts so I'm gonna have to go back to icing little later today because I panic and I' m paranoid and hypochondriac ha


Target carries the cutest camis to sleep in at night for me I have to wear two because one isn't enough but I'm ok with that.

Sometimes I think they feel small and then I'm like STOP IT

Love how they look without a bra still perky and there! I never go without a bra but when I shower HA! but it's nice to see what they look like then it is like quick throw on a bra before gravity sets in LMAO

Sports bra life

All about sports bra these days until
Cleared for underwire :)

Sports bra and "T"

3 sports yes because it is needed and I refuse to allow these things ever to sag ;)

4 weeks already!!!!

Healing just great!!!

5 weeks already !!!!!

5 weeks down time has flown by!!! Love the way they are looking so far

So yest was National Boobie Day

(.)(.) just in honor of National Boob Day

Sports bra life

I mean pretty bras are great and of course I love them but right now I don't really need an underwire push-up bra ha! Perfectly good with this for the time being :)

Ran for the first time today

So today was the first day I was cleared to run again and I was able to knock two miles out pretty comfortably #feelingood (..)(.)

6 weeks post op tomorrow

Time flies when you love your boobies more and more every day! 3 times later and we have a winner !!!! (.)(.)

Wore my first real bra today

Decided I would give an underwire a try today since my incisions are healed up pretty nicely. This was an old bra I wore with my 650 HPs. 34 DDD dream angel Demi bra and it's been pretty comfortable to wear! I still feel like I need a tad more support

Tank tops and sports bras

My look when I'm not at work! 2 sports bras tho LMAO

7 weeks today

Seven weeks today for my ladies (.)(.)

7 weeks today

Update all is good! No more weird soreness back to working out ;)


Sports bra grinding

The ladies

#boobsfordays (.)(.)

Hit up VS today!!!

First time bra shopping yay kind of a pain but got a few pretty things ha


Trying to find bras that fit was um well complicated ha. My waist is small so I measure at a 29 bust but..... I no longer fit in a VS DDD she said I measured at probably an E. So I went with the underwire free bras that I could squeeze into for now and are comfy (.)(.)

Almost 8 weeks

Post up in a few days all things are good

8 week post op (.)(.)

Has it been 8 weeks already dang doesn't seem like it. Checkup went great, I was reminded to make sure I always wear a bra which I always do the only time I go without is when I shower ha. Still haven't found the bra I "love" and for the most part I just do sports bras it's easier ha!

3 week and 8 week post op comparison

Haven't changed too much yay!

My size

5'6 between 118-120lbs, I workout 5-6 days a week, 800cc UHP implants. Everyone would say that size will look hideous on you so glad I didn't listen. I think it's perfect for my build and if I could have gone bigger I would have but silicone only goes to 800cc in the US.

Just a few update pics from tonight

Do I wish they were bigger???? Always LMAO (.)(.)

New VS Old

Similar type of photo I still feel like I could have done bigger but silicone doesn't come bigger grrrr....

9 weeks post op today

New bra

Unlined wireless demi bra super comfy not much support

Comparison pics

New comparison profile pics for my boobie sisters :)

Posted these per request as you can see there is quite a difference. My bra size changed some I already measured a 32 ddd in VS bras now I'm about a 32 E. Message me if you have any questions I've done this 3 times ha!

Omg my first ones were terrible ha

This shows a huge difference! From lifting heavy weights and chest exercises it totally flattened my 450s out. Not a fan of these I perfer the round augmented look :)

Update pics


Love the fullness

Exactly what I wanted (.)(.)

3.5 months PO

A little over 3 months post op

Fave bra

This bra is amazing it has no underwire you can make it razorback and very light padding but super great support! Give me one in every color please VS

Waist training and boobies


4 months post op :)

Post op tomorrow

4 month postop tomorrow am I always get embarrassed haha! Love these no underwire bras so comfy !!!

Bra fail

When all your bras are in the wash and you have to resort to an old VS very sexy bra //

A fave bra

This was doesn't have underwire and I am trying to wear underwire more because my doc said it has better support however this one is super comfy and very supportive

5 months PO

All is good still trying to find that one good bra lmao

5 months PO

Comparison pic

2 months vs. 8 months

Still wish they were bigger haha kept a good shape due to constantly wearing a good supportive bra 24 hrs a day!

800 cc uhp silicone implants

9 months postop


Big or not big??!! Haha

Dr. True couldn't be more perfect. I was new to the Dallas area and really wanted a good surgeon. He helped me decide what my options were his staff got back always with all my questions and day of surgery was so easy I didn't even feel like a had a procedure done.

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