Getting my Nose Fixed Next Month After Trama - Chicago, IL

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Hello, Due to an accident I have been looking...


Due to an accident I have been looking to get my nose fixed as I don’t feel comfortable with how it turned out after all was healed. I have a nice size bump on my nose now and my profile looks terrible. Most everyone I know says I should not do it but I just cannot deal with looking at my pictures. It’s almost like I have aged over night due to this bump. As a kid I always had a small bump as I broke my nose when I was 10 years old but it never looked bad so most likely I would not be sitting here reading your stories or wanting a surgery if it was not for my accident this past March. I had a huge ulceration on the bridge of my nose, which at first I thought was my biggest problem but after having Dr. Sidle fix it (after ER Dr. badly screwed up) you can barely see where the scar is. If you were to see what it looked like after ER Dr. touched it and than Dr. Sidle fixed it, you would never believe how well it turned out. So now that my scar is almost gone I am not so worried about it but I am really bothered by my nose.

I went to see Dr. Sidle about fixing my nose twice, but I had many follow up appointments with him before for ulceration so I was pretty familiar with him by than. Since he is the one that fixed my scar I felt comfortable going to him to fix my nose. I have gone to see other doctors about fixing my nose and although others seemed nice I kept coming back to Dr. Sidle. I like the pictures that I have seen on his website and when we talked I like how modest he was about the surgery. He was not trying to sell me on anything and at first even tried to talk me out of the surgery. However because I am so abscessed about my nose I just want to fix it.

I am pretty nervous about the surgery and although the Dr. did say it was not a huge surgery compare to others that he does. I had gone to him twice to talk about my nose surgery and I finally decided to move forward with it this coming November.

I will post some pictures later.

If anyone had experience with Dr. Sidle, please send me a private message or post here. I would love to hear about your experiences.

Five days before my surgery. I am getting very...

Five days before my surgery. I am getting very nervous. Is it normal to start questioning if I picked the right doctor and just get very nervous over this surgery? I think the more I read negative stuff on this page the more nervous I get. This is going to drive me crazy for the next 5 days. I have to say I thought about not going through the surgery but then I look at my pictures and feel that I really do need to get this done.
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