Worried About Marks, Constantly Changing Dents, Lack of Results - Chicago, IL

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I did Cellfina on May 3rd, so it's been 6 weeks. ...

I did Cellfina on May 3rd, so it's been 6 weeks. I'm lighter-skinned Indian female. I thought things would look at least decent by now... I have TONS of really dark marks from the insertions (the ones lower on the back of my leg are not lightening up quickly at all) and deep bruising (looking just like darker areas of skin, not obvious bruises). Plus my cellulite is just weird looking now. There are still dents everywhere, and a large line (maybe fluid) on the back of my right thigh. If results are supposed to last for 1-2 years, when do those results show up? Starting to regret.

How long does it take for Cellfina to show positive results?

Please see my earlier comment, can anyone advise? Myself and another commenter are waiting for good results and at 1 and 2 months, things still look strange and not good. We are both worried.

Cellfina Regret

These are the horrible after photos, 2 months post op. New cellulite everywhere, long lines of it. Dark marks everywhere too. Major regret. Any help appreciated.

Cellfina 2 months update: very slow improvement/hopeful

I still don't think it was a good idea to do this procedure. In good news, things SEEM to be slowly improving? But if so, it is extremely slow going. I went for a follow up with my doctor, who saw me the instant I returned, and she saw my reason for concern. She said that she spoke with the Cellfina reps, and apparently the company did not actually do much if ANY research on the effects of this procedure on darker skin - something which I find extremely upsetting and kind of unacceptable in today's world. She has a few patients with darker skin that have done this procedure with her, and ALL are much slower to heal than patients with lighter skin, especially the deep dark "bruised" areas (they're not bruises per se but I don't remember the technical term, subdermal ) and the dark marks (which cannot be treated with hydroquinone on darker skin due to risk of halos).

The cellulite looks different day to day. I have stopped looking at it every day, but if I look, it is different than the last time. One tip: if I have just gotten off a plane, it is very bad for a couple of days. New ridges form, then they disappear, then they are slightly there again... And the other kind of cellulite (not dimples, the lines) seems to be WORSE than before. It is all very confusing and patience is my only option, but I feel angry and hurt whenever I think about it. My doc advised me to apply some spray tanner to help disguise the marks, it has helped a bit but there are a lot of them. My left saddlebag is definitely still worse than before the procedure, I will be very upset if by 6 months/1year it is worse. The marks and deep bruising are a big price to pay, just know that before doing this. And if you do it, DON'T do it before/during summer. The healing time is longer than even the Cellfina site claims. Irresponsible. Will update. This is 2 months out.

Still not worth it

I'm 5 months out, will take photos. Still tons of dark marks everywhere. Some of the releases were concentrated in an area on my lower left buttock, and because of this concentration the releases led to laxity instead of dimpling (so in that area I just traded 1 type of cellulite for another, yippee). The thing that pisses me off the most is the extensive amount of hemosiderin staining that remains. This is the dark iron staining that remains long after bruising, I didn't know the technical term for it before. It's still all over the place and as you can imagine, my legs look lousy because of it. My doctor is being amazing about all this, though, she is owning the unsatisfactory result and will not rest until I'm happy. So she did some ulthera on the lax spots and some IPL on the dark marks. Let's see how it goes. But I reiterate, if you have any ethnicity in you, BEWARE of this. You cannot use hydroquinone like light skinned women, so those dark spots cannot be treated the same way a caucasian woman can. And at 5 months out, despite all the help and support from my doc, my backside looks worse than the day I went in for Cellfina.

Still very unhappy

cellulite is still there, totally irregular, and the dark marks are horrible. They treated some irregularity with Ultherapy, zapped the marks with IPL and now zapped them with Fraxel (about 3 weeks ago, so some of the redness might be that). But still, it is 8 months out and look what I have to show for this. Legs I can't expose. Depressed.
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