REGRET. Treated TERRIBLY by Mr Tahery. - Manchester, GB

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I had surgery a long while ago now so i feel i am...

I had surgery a long while ago now so i feel i am in a position to evaluate the final result confidently as i don't think anything else will change. In my opinion i was treated very badly by Mr Tahery and going by my experinece i would not recommend him to anyone. The nurses at the hospital were not friendly at all (i was so nervous and at one point was shouted at by a nurse because i had failed to get changed.. when in reality she had failed to tell me to do so!) His secretaries were also slightly off with me every time i rung up which made me nervous (even before i had the surgery, but i put it down to stress or tiredness). My cosmetic results were extremely poor to the point that people are asking me whether i broke my nose after surgery. It has hooks, its bent, lumpy and quite frankly ugly. I went back to him many times with my complaints and it never got me anywhere. I also have an infection that is reoccurring that Mr Tahery failed to treat, i am currently seeking help to treat this but no one seems to know what to do as i am not their patient. I have been on 4 courses of antibiotics and counting and it keeps reoccurring. I have no idea what is going on in there and i am extremely upset that i cannot ask the man who knows because of the way i was treated/lack of trust. This experience has wrecked my confidence and i feel i will struggle to trust surgeons in the future because of this. Overall, i regret cutting costs and deciding to have surgery with him.

All this is my own opinion that i have formed since undergoing surgery with Mr Tahery. I hope that someone finds this short review useful.

Tip twisting on top of everything else!

My infection still will not go away. I'm on my 7th or so lot of antibiotics! On top of that and my bridge deformity and overall wonkiness/humps/columella sewing, my tip has completely twisted to one side. I also have a large sharp chunk of cartilage on one side of the tip which is missing on the other, so it looks very lumpy and odd. I have seen quite a few other people with similar problems to mine who are patients of mr taherys so i'm thinking it could be his technique/tools? Whatever it is, i hope he looks into this soon because i'm getting a concerning number of messages from people all with a similar story and i would hate for anymore people to go through this and not get answers :(

Love to you all xxx

Hindsight is a wonderful thing...

Now that i look back to before i chose Mr Tahery i realise that all the signs were there. I was in such a bad place so jumped in with the first person i saw, so i had no one really to compare him too (bar one other). His reviews were also often very brief with no pictures or only pictures that were taken straight after the op in the first month, no updates or anything. Now i have began to notice good reviews crop up whenever a bad one goes up, that rings alarm bells for me (although i am not for one second saying they are all fake, just that its weird and convenient that a good one goes up around the same time and are often very brief!). I have received messages from so many people in the same position that are too worried to post reviews or photos of their noses on here, virtually all of whom say the same thing, he is denying the problems. Many have the exact same cosmetic issues as me.. i wonder if it is his technique? Or maybe he doesn't have access to the tools needed to sculpt certain noses..? Some, like me, have breathing issues, which is a bit frustrating considering he's meant to be an ENT surgeon. Anyway...back to the signs...
Now i realise that he was overly fake at consultations before the op. He was lovely the first time i saw him, however the second one he didn't seem to give as much of a stuff, but i assume he'd changed because he was tired from operations etc. I was very nervous and made this VERY well known, i even booked a consultation very close to the op because i wasn't sure his technique was right for the shape of my nose (oh how i wish i'd listened to this feeling!). I gave a lot of the signs of someone who was in a bad place and needed time to think, but he reassured me the op would be a success and he was 'very experienced' and kept it booked in. I realise now that any other surgeon would have refused to perform surgery on me because i was a wreck and not in a good place (many revision specialists have refused to perform surgery until i have therapy and heal emotionally first). I feel like carrying on with surgery despite all that he knew about me gives insight into his character and motives...
When i look back on real self and on other social media at the reviews/people i looked at before my surgery and then compare them to other surgeons 'after' noses, i again realise that they are nothing special (in my opinion). In fact i am shocked that i ever thought they were good results. Some WERE good results but i believe most are an improvement and thats why i saw them as 'amazing' whereas really another surgeon could have got them to look much better (going from other surgeons results and my opinion). I am alarmed at how many people need revision with this surgeon as well or his famous 'fine tuning', and i am also alarmed at how many of these 'fine tunings' make no difference or make the person even more unhappy than before. I am truly shocked at how he can keep making the same mistakes and not want to help his patients that are left unhappy and out of pocket because of him. I don't understand how he sleeps at night...
I am going to keep this anonymous for reasons that would put you straight off him if i told you..but i am no longer going to be scared to put my opinion forward and tell my story of how appallingly this man treated me. Please bare in mind i will not be replying to newly created accounts that look in any way like they don't belong to who they say they belong too.... Love to you all xxx


Realself removed my last post because of the pictures, so i am just going to type up what happened without them so they don't get removed again. I am going to keep it brief as i am still very shaken by the whole experience. I'm sure a few of you may have saw the screenshots before they got taken down, if not the jist of it is that when i first had my rhinoplasty done with him, he told me to leave a good review on here because at first the swelling disguised the mess he made. I left a review and was feeling positive, but as you all know you can update it and let everyone know how you are healing. i had a lot of issue crop up, nose began to collapse, i had all sorts going on. So i brought this up with him as well as posted updates on the site. He denied it all at first, said it was perfect and that i was acting neurotic. He made me think i was crazy and imagining it all. I kept going back to get answers but he kept saying the same thing, that it was fine. So i went for second opinions. Everyone i saw came to the same conclusion, that i had a collapse, and open roof, dodgy columella stichting and a chunk of my tip was missing on one side (although this was not as visible at the time due to leftover swelling). I went to him with this evidence as well as posted what i had been told in my review update. Again he denied it and said that these other surgeons 'know nothing', then bigger himself up to me about how skilled he was blah blah blah. I also emailed him a few of the photos i posted directly to him so that he could clearly see the issues i was concerned with, i thought the pictures would help him understand my concerns more. Still nothing. He even did an ultrasound on me to prove that my roof was closed, but i don't know how to interpret the results so i just had to take his word for it. (it turns out that it is open, you can actually feel my septum through it!!). So i take that as him lying maybe?. So i get a few short tempered sounding emails back regarding my concerns, i carry on being polite and DESPERATELY trying to get him to admit the issues so they can be fixed. He did admit that i needed his famous 'fine tuning', but thats not what i'd been told. He said i had tiny bumps that needed a ten minute op to fix called fine tuning. However all the surgeons i got second opinions off said no way on gods earth go for that 'fine tuning'!. in fact they said they had never even heard of a surgeon 'popping back in' to scrub off a bit more, especially when my issues could only be fixed with more breakages, grafts and more. At first i believe in his fine tuning and booked in. I didn't realise at the time he let me book in way too soon, at 5/6 months post op! i later found out no matter how much a patients wants it, it isn't safe or ideal to do that! I cancelled it when i found out. Eventually he ended up cancelling my appointment with him for antibiotics for an infection that wouldn't go away, all because i posted a review update telling everyone the situation. Bare in mind he TOLD me to use real self when he thought everything was going fine. He ended up sending me threats and i won't get into them to much because i don't want this post removed, however they were enough to scare me enough to make me remove my bad review from the site. His emails also contradicted EVERYTHING that he had been insisting to an extent... he admitted a 'minor' inverted v however that was the first time he admitted that, i assume because he already cancelled contact with me so he didn't have to bother fixing it so he just thought he'd admit it and claim he was going to fix it. They were very intimidating and rude and as a 21 year old disabled girl it shook me so much that i removed everything and was left depressed, jobless, a wreck for a year. I am only just gaining confidence to go out again and start up my life. I don't want him to wreck me forever, in fact i am now the happiest ive been in a long time, but thats only because I've had intense therapy (costs a bomb!) for the trauma he put me through. I just thought id get that out there. I have nothing to loose by sharing my honest but traumatic experience with him.So all in short, Mr Jawed Tahery threatened me via email because i put up a review and he didn't like what it contained. And i have the evidence to prove this. Theres more to the story (like his very rude secretary who made my cry and hung up on me etc) but i'll leave it there for now. If you want more details then message me privately, however i will not talk to anyone over this site or anyone that is anonymous as i know they check this site regularly and i don't trust them, so i will have to send you a number and see who you are first! (sorry I'm paranoid but can you blame me the way that i was treated?). Thanks for listening. Be safe out there. Love to you all xxxx
Manchester Otolaryngologist

Going by my experience i would not recommend this surgeon to anyone. He was ok before i had the operation but as soon as i had issues develop, he denied them all and even resorted to calling me names at my follow up consultations. Absolutely appalling treatment.

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