Open Septo- Rhinoplasty with Turbinate Reduction. Manchester, GB

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I broke my nose as a child when my brother closed...

I broke my nose as a child when my brother closed the garage door it landed on my nose and all I can remember is running into my mum cupping pouring blood in my hands. I then later broke it around 15 years in hockey at school. After this my nose developed a lump and face on, my nose bent to the side. I have hated seeing my nose in photos but that wasn't the motivation for me to get the op done. Around five years ago I developed breathing problems and constantly felt congested. Every morning I wake the first thing I do is blow my nose and this goes on throughout the day. I frequently get sinus infections and no nasal spray has ever resolved the infections or problem. I had three different consultations and decided on Mr Tahery as he had a pleasant personality, seemed to know his stuff but also because he was not just a cosmetic surgeon but an ENT specialist too. Had the procedure done fri 13 May. It was a long day I wasn't called down to theatre til 7.20 pm and my nerves were gone. Mr Tahery gave me a reassuring hug and the staff were lovely. I had worked myself up that either I would wake up mid surgery or not at all. The anesthetist said it wouldn't happen and in his 30 years nothing like that had happened at all. They have me something to sedate me which helped chill me out then put a milky liquid in my hand before placing me on oxygen. Then I was out. I came round in the recovery room and was a little alarmed initially as they'd placed packing in my nose. That took a little to get used to. I was brought up to my room about 9.50 pm and I was pretty much still out of it. I vomited a lot of blood up and this would have worried me if another girl has not mentioned it happened to her post surgery. If it happens to you try not to worry Mr Tahery says it's perfectly normal. The tip of my nose hurt quite a bit but it was bearable. The key for me has been ensuring I take what ever meds they offer. I have felt sluggish and lacked energy- today I discovered that I had developed a chest infection so I'm on antibiotics and mr Tahery is due to see me tomorrow. Feeling a bit crap, throat is killing as cannot breathe through nose. Let's hope I start to see an improvement tomorrow.

Day 4 post op

Feel like I'm full of cold and totally fed up. The bit between my nostrils is red and so swollen and tender not sure if this is common from my nose dripping or an infection. Still can't breathe through nose, when will this dissolve able packing go?!

Post operation day 5

Well I have woken this morning with the worst headache ever. It feels like one of my usual sinus infections but this time it's worse as I've still all the packing and can't alleviate it by blowing my nose. The only thing I can think of is I went to sleep a little flatter and didn't have my head as elevated as previous nights so maybe it's a build up of pressure.

Still day 5 post op

When will my nose stop dripping? And when will I get just a tiny bit of air in my nose to enable me to breathe through it? I'm having a low moment as that bunged up I feel seriously dizzy. Cannot wait to see surgeon tomorrow and get the cast off and go through a few questions to put my mind at ease. Can't believe I'll be seeing my new nose I literally have no idea what it's going to look like. Have nearly sneezed a few times today and not sure how, but managed to stop it.

Cast removal

Yesterday evening I went for the cast removal. To say I was apprehensive is an understatement which was only compounded by the 1 hour wait ???? I had showered in an attempt to get the cast as soaked as possible. At first the removal was pretty pain free but then that was just removing the outter parts. The cast seemed firmly attached and the surgeon had a long thin metal tube which he was using to get under the cast. It was uncomfortable, especially around my tip. I felt that my tip was going to come off. He told me that I had a skin infection hence the pain and offered me water. He sucked out a little of the packing as I've had no nasal breathing whatsoever. He removed some of the stitches but my nose is that badly infected and inflamed I have to go back on Monday for him to complete the stitch removal. Those stitches he did remove were painful. I'll be sure to take painkillers immediately prior to Monday's visit. He said I could have a quick look but would need to tape my nose up asao due to the swelling. He handed me the mirror and the first thing I wanted to check was the bump where I had broken my nose. I can honestly say i didnt know what to think. My nose was very red and swollen and where my break had been appeared to be a roundish blob which he told me was swelling. I liked the profile there appeared to be a nice smooth slope but my the tip appeared kind of pinched. I didn't really have time to really take it in as he was pressing to reapply the tape to avoid swelling. I was prescribed antibiotics and he said it should clear it up but watch th infection doesn't spread to other parts of the face. Whilst waiting for the prescription my mum took a few photos so I could examine them but it's hard to really see the intricacies whilst the tape is on. I had some relief given he had sucked some of the mucus out and a bit of packing and for the first time post op I had a sense of smell but that was short lived as my nose is bunged up again. I guess I've had my turbinates reduced too which in itself causes swelling plus an infection so hot to be patient but the constant streaming of my nose is driving me mad. Anyone else got this? I'm not sure on Monday whether he will reapply the tape, given the swelling I suspect that will be the case. I'm concerned the infection may interfere with the healing process especially across the but between my nostrils, forgive me, I forget the correct terminology. I guess it's a wait and see exercise and I have to tell myself that what I seen briefly last night is the worst that it will ever be. I love the side profile but I just hope the bumpy blobs around the bridge is just swelling.


Tape removal - partial

Last night I went back to Mr Tahery, who wanted to see me again to remove the balance of stitches and also to assess the skin infection. I had not realised but he had actually telephoned over the weekend to see how I was getting on, which was nice. The removal of tape was a bit sore, probably as my skin was inflamed and the stitch removal was fine- perhaps as I had dosed up on pain relief immediately prior to the appointment. I looked again at my nose which again looked lumpy and red and I can't be sure if any bump is remaining or if it's just swelling. I checked underneath at the columella and it looks sore, bits look unopen but he assured me it is very early days and it shall heal. I guess it's not even 2 weeks yet. I love my new profile. I can't say much about the tip yet as its taped up but it seems a lot shorter than before, which was quite bulbous. My parents and partner think it's a massive improvement. This morning my nose appears less red - I think I had a bad reaction to the tape hence mr tahery's reluctance to apply lots more tape. It's still swollen and looks sore but I think it's healing nicely. On balance I'm very pleased with nose thus far although still apprehensive about final results, which I know we all are. What are your thoughts on columella / is this normal healing for a week and half post op? Thanks in advance x

Nose function

I have been carried away with reporting on the appearance of my nose that not gave much in terms of how my nose is functioning following the turbinate reduction. On Thursday I want to ask which turbinates he reduced / just took it that it would be all of them but noticed some on here saying they may just have one side etc. Prior to surgery my nose would be completely blocked every morning resulting in headaches. Is be conjested but no matter how much I blew my nose nothing would come out. This was a daily nuisance and caused severe headaches. I went to another ENT specialist who reviewed hospital scans and was of the view that repairing the deviated septum and reducing the turbinates would substantially assist my breathing. I would also add that when I would eat my nose would stream clear mucus. Everyone at work would notice and we would have a laugh about it but one colleague used to be irritated by my constant blowing and I'd go to the bathroom just to have five minutes blowing my nose. Mr Tahery said the runny nose could be a result of allergies but I had an allergy test at the nhs and nothing showed up. He said that the turbinate reduction wouldn't stop the running nose- to be honest it's the congestion i mind anyway as this is what triggers the headaches. I woke from surgery completely unable to breathe through my nose due to packing. One week on and still no air through nose. My nose has been running with initially clear mucus, but now it's green. Not sure if this is an infection but I feel conjested. Mr Tahery said my nose was very, very swollen. Day 9 I noticed some air - not a lot. However it must be getting better as my throat isn't as dry in the night plus Tahery said my packing has gone. Day 11 a little more air through nose but I'm still mouth breathing. Thick mucus that just doesn't seem to clear. I will post next week to report on how the breathing is going but it may be around 8 weeks for the results

Columella update

A few people have asked for pics of my columella. These are pics as at day 13 post op. Not sure what to expect at this point in recovery. I appear to have something protruding from my right nostril - if you're looking at the pic -not sure what it is.

Final tape removed

Had tape removed today.

Day 15 Post Op

Nose is still hugely swollen which I think is causing a bit of unevenness at the tip- one side looks more fuller than the other and one nostril smaller than the other but I'm conscious it's day 15 and the procedure is massive. I initially got myself worked up but I'm going back to see the surgeon in 6 weeks or so and he can check it out if it's still uneven. Anyone else experienced similar swelling? X

Day 16

Profile is looking good despite swelling. One side of tip more swollen than other. Upper lip area significantly swollen! Anyone know where you can but the nasal tape from I'm running out fast! X


Just adding a few pics. Columella is healing very well. Bit bunged up today but I know I'm looking at s couple of months to feel full benefit of turbinate reduction

Update - really pleased

Really pleased with results! Im circa 2 months on now and whilst my nose continues to improve its already fantastic. In my initial review i referred to some swelling on one side slip it a bit of tape on at night and does the trick. I've uploaded pics of different stages post op

More photos

3 months post op

It's around 3 months since my procedure now so thought I'd upload pictures. Swelling is still apparent and my mum
says my nose changes everyday. I use the strips every single night and still sleep raised. I do not appear to have the same extent of stuffiness each morning post turbinate reduction but I have just had a cold so think that has affected things of late. I do have a tiny bump on my left side (right if you're facing me). I've contacted my surgeon and he said it's too early to sort now but at 6 months or so he will shave it down. He has been very good and available when I've called up for advice or reassurance. I was very pleased that he agreed to shave just this little bit because I genuinely believe once this is done I will have the perfect nose that I've always wanted. Not sure maybe I'm being a bit too much of a perfectionist as I know it looks very good even at this early stage? Anyway I believe this takes literally five to ten mins so I kind of think why not? I think it's best to wait the full six months for the swelling to settle in case the other side needs any slight shaving. Notwithstanding that I should emphasise that it's a tiny slight bump and no one can tell until I point it out to them. I feel that my nose is settling well and is a thousand times better than my old one. Really pleased. I still am still quite conscious that when I see people I've not seen since the op that they're all examining my nose but actually I don't think people notice - or they're too polite ha ha. I went out with some close friends that I've not seen for around 6 months and they didn't mention anything at all!

Need a revision ????

Nose looks great from some angles but bump appears on edge of bridge. Looking to get a revision and wondered if anyone knows reputable rhinoplasty surgeons in Liverpool area? Thanks

Updated picture

Anyone know whether this is an inverted v?

Anyone has surgery (revision rhino) with me McGeorge

Hi not found much on this surgeon for rhino other than an article where he had corrected a collapsed nose. Anyone has surgery with him he is based in Cheshire area

Has anyone had revision to fix inverted v / nasal valve

Hi I'm looking to get inverted v and nasal valve (internal) fixed and can't seem to find any reviews where people have had this done. If anyone has or knows of a review they can refer me to could you please let me know. I'm quite anxious about getting it done but really need it sorting. I would like to see before and after pics to give me a bit of confidence. Thanks everyone x

Any decent revision surgeons that don't cost the earth?

Nose is getting worse by the week. I have an inverted v open roof and collapsed nasal valves. If there wasn't a mechanical element I'd leave my nose well alone now as the surgery I've had done has really affected my confidence in so many ways and the thought of a further op is so scary plus I've three children to look after and that's hard post op. My breathing is awful. My nostrils visibly collapse onward upon taking a breath in and flare out when exhaling. I have continuous congestion and a crusty substance daily which is extremely embarrassing but it is apparently a common side effect of an inverted v. I also have scars which are just awful and are obvious even beyond conversational distance. I would be really grateful for anyone who has had a revision here in the U.K. and have had good results to let me know who they went to and the cost. The general consensus is ion is exceptional but in real terms I'm not sure I could afford up to 10,600 for the surgery plus the accommodation and travel to follow ups etc. Are there any other good surgeons who specialise in revision surgery? I'll still see ion as I'm not ruling him out entirely but I don't want to limit options either? Really hope you guys can help recommend some good surgeons. X

Before and after pictures - regret

Just looking at before and after pics. Think I was too hard on myself . I don't regret my decision for surgery it was always something I wanted but I do regret the outcome. Left with dents, scars, inverted v and internal nasal valve collapse - beyond depressed
Manchester Otolaryngologist

Mr Tahery is very professional and is pleasant. He provided me with realistic expectations from the outset and has promptly responded and assisted with any concerns

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