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Ever since middle school (I'm 19 now), my skin...

Ever since middle school (I'm 19 now), my skin wasn't the best. I felt like I always had some type of bump or redness on my face, no matter what I did. I took multiple pills, tried what seemed like every prescription cream and ones that you can just pick up off of the shelves, nothing seemed to make it completely clear up but it didn't bother me too much because I saw that other people had worse skin so I figured I could just live with mine since it could be covered up with concealer.

That was all until the summer of 2011 when my skin seemed to freak out out of no where and I all of a sudden has cysts covering my cheeks and my forehead was covered in bumps. Whenever one bump would go away, it left a nasty dark red scar and was then replaced with another cyst/nodule zit. It was a horrible never-ending cycle for a few months. In that time, I amped up any dosage of whatever I was taking but nothing seemed to even make a dent towards progress. After we tried just about everything under the sun, my doctor finally suggested that we try Accutane. I had heard mixed reviews about it from people. Ultimately, I gathered from them that the side effects can be bad, but the end result is worth it.

This summary was spot on. I ended up being on Accutane for 6 months. I heard that in the first 2 months or so, your acne tends to get worse, and then it starts to become clear. Honestly, I didn't think my face could get any worse when I started so I didn't really notice that. But I did notice that progression is slow, so you must be patient. I didn't take any pictures because I did not want to document what my face was, but people would tell me the drastic changes they saw in my face over time. Around month 4 I still did have bumps and cysts, but they eventually did go down and by month 5 I only had a few small bumps and month 6 was like a miracle to me because I did not have a single bump. I have now been off accutane for almost 6 weeks and my face has remained bump free with just using a mild prescription acne cream at night, which is a huge turn around from using five different cleansers atleast twice a day.

While on it, just like everyone else, I did have some minor side effects. I did have the constant dry lips and skin. But I just made sure to always carry Carmex and I found that using a lotion like Aquaphor at night helped a lot. Dryness to me is just a small price to pay for the miracle that Acctuane preforms. I do still have acne scars and marks on my cheeks but that is not surprising since my acne was so deep, I do plan to try treatments in order to take care of that.

All in all, if you are having acne problems I would suggest giving Accutane a try. You just have to remember to be patient with the progress and remember your desired goal of clear skin. Good luck!

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