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? Amazing Doctor..

Amazing Doctor - listens to patients wishes and is realistic with expectations.

10 years ago, I had a BA 300 cc saline low profile to give my slightly droopy natural big breasts a lift. Doctor did an amazing job but he told me that around this time I would likely need a review. He was right.  My surgery is in 2 days and I am nervous but excited ! More to follow !

Surgery cancelled!

Unfortunately, there was a problem with the operating block at the hospital - all surgeries cancelled ! I am waiting to hear back from doctor'a office. This is quite upsetting !

New date confirmed

I received confirmation that my surgery will be August 8th!

Wish it was sooner - huge impact on schedule and organization - but at least I am glad I did not have to wait several weeks or months !

Now the countdown begins... again !


Surgery went well!

So I had my surgery yesterday and I am glad to say that everything went well. The hospital staff, nurses, anesthesiologist and Dr. Silverman took very good care of me. The surgery was apparently just about two hours.

The only minor issue was that I got nervous on the operating table - a anesthesiologist said that I got jittery so he had to quickly put me to sleep. He said that next time I have surgery, I should not get so nervous because I did really well!! Last time I had nausea and extremely low blood pressure... But this time nothing !

Actually, when I woke up from surgery, I felt very rested and calm. No nausea at all. It helped that the anesthesiologist had been warned and adjusted my medication and that he gave me anti-nausea meds.

As for the pain, well it is uncomfortable but much less than I expected!! I feel tightness and some pressure, but no much more. The medication helps a lot, I am sure! I left the hospital at about 3:30 pm and was comfortably resting with my pillows and hot pad for my back.

My husband is taking good care of me, tracking my medication, making sure that I am comfortable and have everything that I need. He is truly the best !

A few photos Day 1 post surgery

So far so good - I do feel tightness across the chest, but I do not look to swollen. I do not want to remove the bra as I do not want to put undue pressure on the scars.

I did check bandages - no visible bleeding.

Day 2 - post op

Everything is going well. I am resting and taking minimal pain killers.

The one issue that I am concerned with is bloating and constipation. I started taking a mild laxative to help things along. Also, I also seem to have some localized swelling on the hips - strange - not a great look I tell you ! I do hope that it will come down in the next couple of days!

I also will be calling my PS to ask if I should be replacing bandages - I do not see new bleeding, but I am feeling some local pain at the incision areas.

Back to resting - will post photos later.

Day 6

6 days post-surgery I attended a wedding and hurt myself (an over-eager guest pulled me on the dance floor and had me twirling around). Let's just say that I left the wedding soon after - I did not want to risk any damage! It lasted all but 2 minutes - but it was very painful (the next day) and lasted a good 2 weeks. I was swollen - bot Doctor does not think it damaged anything. I am just afraid that it will cause my breast to drop lower than I want.

Day 7

Photos sent to my doctor.

All is settling

Glad to report that the pain on my right side is almost gone. I have almost full sensation on both nipples. The nurse removed the stitches last Wednesday so it is nice to almost feel normal again!

The swelling has gone done considerably - and breasts have already dropped ! I hope they do not drop any more than that ! I find that the right breast is a bit lower and the implant moves quite a bit more.

There is still some swelling on the right... Love the upper fullness on that side - fingers crossed that they do not get too much smaller after the swelling is down completely...

The incisions look pretty good - although a bit thick in some areas - normal I assume. Again, on the right side, a part appears to be a bit pulled - I hope this was not caused by the dancing incident. :(

P.S. Breasts are both very soft to the touch - feels like natural breasts.

Week 4 pic

Photo did not load - here it is.
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