Skin on Accutane (60mg) Will Not Tolerate ANY Moisturizer - California

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Accutane pros: obviously the clearing of skin....

Accutane pros: obviously the clearing of skin. I've struggled with acne for literally a decade, and tried every treatment available to me apart from Accutane. I finally got to the end of my rope and had it prescribed, and honestly it's the best thing I've done for my skin. I won't say it looks better than I've ever seen it, because I had periods where my acne abated and my skin cleared considerably: I have a hyperpigmentation (red marks) covering both my cheeks and chin, and have mild scarring as well (which I never experienced prior to Accutane). It's been worth it, though, because my skin was getting progressively worse as I got older (irony or ironies).

Best part? NO TOPICALS. No having to worry constantly about the state of my skin, because I'm confident the Accutane is doing its job. No feeling ugly because constant new breakouts, or hopeless because nothing I'm trying is working.

Accutane cons: this stuff is harder to obtain than an illicit drug. Even after you get it prescribed, there are hoops to jump through - as long as you and your doctor stay on the ball, however, you should be fine.

My main complaint would be that Accutane hasn't cleared my skin completely after 8 months, though this could be because of the initial mis-management of my course by an uninformed doctor who seemed to know little about dermatology and was unwilling to engage in dialogue with me (in no uncertain terms told me "I'm the doctor; you know nothing") - luckily I was able to switch over to a dermatologist I'm much happier with, whom I've recommended to friends. My main concern, then, would be that I'm not 100% clear when I should be.

I'm currently on 60 mg of Accutane (and weigh about 100 lbs), but have been unable to use moisturizer for the dryness/flaking. I actually never needed a moisturizer until my dosage was raised as my skin wasn't particularly dry, but on 60 mg it's become quite dehydrated and uncomfortable. My problem is that my skin can't tolerate any moisturizer at all. I've tried everything I can get my hands on, drugstore and high-end. I make a point of sampling formulas that are light, noncomedogenic, fragrance free, and try to avoid parabens when possible. No luck: even the lightest lotion will have me breaking out in a few days, EVEN ON ACCUTANE. I don't know what to do anymore, and I don't want to keep sampling moisturizers, as *every single one* I've tried has broken me out. Do any dermatologists on here have suggestions? I don't need something heavy or super-emollient as my skin isn't painfully dry, but I do need to start moisturizing with something ASAP. Advice is very much appreciated.

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