Preparing for Breast Implant Revision After Implant Displacement.

I had a BA in July 2016, I was super excited and...

I had a BA in July 2016, I was super excited and following my post-op instructions to the T, I was waiting patiently for the implants to drop and fluff. Although I felt went too small and wished for bigger breasts. I even spoke to my PS about my wish and he told me he would give me a discount when I was ready for the exchange. I even planned, that after one year and saving up some money, I would go back and have my implants exchanged. But all my hopes and dreams fell to the ground when one day I noticed my left breast had shifted towards my armpit and my breasts looked disfigured. I knew something was absolutely wrong. I voiced my concerns to my PS but he also acknowledged that my left implant did shift laterally, but he told me I should wait for the implants to drop and they would look more normal. But I knew then even if the implant settled the left breast would not come back to the center. I became very depressed and going every where for an answer if some one could make my breasts look normal again. In the mean time I consulted a new PS who told me my original PS didn't dissect the pockets right and I would be needing Capsulorrhaphy to fix the here I am now, decided to ditch my other blog about BA and begin this new blog about my journey to the world of BA Revision. I feel that crying or feeling miserable is not going to help me. No mater how depressed I feel and how much I dislike the hideous look of my current augmented breasts, I still have to wait 6 months before anything can be done to make my breasts looks descent again. Instead of feeling sorry for myself for my bad luck and going on and on about how much I hated my breasts, or how angry my PS made me feel, I just want to move forward and see my failed augmentation from a different perspective. I want to talk about my hope, my wish and my dream of having those perky beautiful breasts again within the complexity I have developed. This time I would like to believe I am wiser and I intend to do my thorough research before making any final decision. I hope this journey of mine will end with happiness and I will be able to find that surgeon who will be able to help me to make my dream come true...:)
Height: 5'8", Weight: 140 lbs, Age: 44, Pre-op Breast size 32A possibly 32AA.
Hoping for 32D without any further complications....
Please keep me in your prayers...:) Thank you...

A picture just so that you know why I need the repair!!

Bra shopping for crooked breasts!!

The PS here advised me to wear a bra at all time ( I think) to support my injured breast so that the displacement doesn't get worse. So I went bra shopping today! All these days I was going bra less as advised by my PS, just wearing a cami for the implants to "drop and fluff"!! Unfortunately that didn't work, my boobs never fluffed!!
I have been always a VS lady ( not sure why) per VS I was 32C!! But now I have no idea what my current bra size is, and I was not going to shop at VS and spend tons of money on bra's if I am going to have a revision in 5 months time, so I went to Hane's outlet store! I asked the sales lady at the Hane's store to measure me, she did her stuff and told me I was 34B. I tried Bali wireless 34B, OMG I looked like a porn star with my deformed boobs sticking out of my tight B cups!! I ditched the B cup and tried on C cup which felt ok but my boobs felt too snug and was hurting, so I opted for 34D. They felt comfy to me, may be a bit loose around the cup but I didn't care, I was able to squeeze my left boob inside and I was happy! I came into the conclusion that its very hard to buy bra's when boobs do not fit inside the cups! As usual I started to curse at me PS while I was inside the fitting room quietly, sales lady must have thought I was a nutcase! Oh I also informed her I had a botched boob job! I know I lost all my shame..:(
So I will be wearing the bra's to try to keep some integrity of my existing pockets....I feel like I am formulating my own theories now how to preserve the I should just go back to school and study medicine and add the MD beside my name, then it will be all official..but I am too old for that stuff now, I should just remained focus on my current deformed boobs!!

Finding the properly fitted bra's with asymmetrical and deformed breasts with malpositioned/displaced implants

As I mentioned yesterday trying to find a properly fitted bra has turned out to be challenge for me with my laterally displaced breast. I did not have the courage to go to Nordstorm yet and get my bra's professionally fitted. Even though I would like to tell myself I am not shy about talking about my distorted breast augmentation but deep inside me I know I am super conscious about the way my breasts look. So I have been trying to utilize internet to educate myself about how to measure bra size properly. I just feel that those sales ladies in those regular clothing stores really do not know much about bra fitting. If they did I would not be advised to buy 34C bra's by VS prior to my BA ( they were way too big for me!) and 34B by the sales ladies at Hane's outlet store post augmentation ( B cup was squeezing the life out of my breasts!). So I came into this really great website that teaches you how to measure your bra size and what to consider when buying a proper fitting bra. Here is the link
When you wind up having distorted breasts I think you really should not care about the look anymore, your priority should be the welfare of your health, ie maintaining the integrity of the remaining breast tissue, skin, and the pockets.
I also realized these bra's are helping me to reduce the nagging neck/back pain I was having on my left problematic side ever since I had the surgery. So all I needed is the support to hold my breast in place so that it would not pull my pec muscle to the side which is some how pulling my neck and back muscle and giving me the chronic pain ( well at least that's what I think, as I never ever suffered from neck/back pain before surgery and the pain is only localized on me left side). If the bra's can give me some comfort, may be I can attempt to wait full one year before the revision. I was questioning myself if 6 months is too early to go for pocket revision because I got this impression that if the capsule is not mature enough, the sutures will not be able to hold the implants in place and I may have displacement again. So I was wondering if waiting one year would be a better option for me. But if I continue to have this pain waiting one year will destroy me. I have many questions and I will be asking all these to my consulting surgeons as I see them the next few weeks!
Sorry for rumbling on and on...I just want to share with you as may be one of you who are facing the same challenges as I am now may find my thoughts useful! Have a blessed day...:)

More pictures

Consultation #2

I went to see Dr. West of Orange today. He was very professional and seemed knowledgeable. His staff were also very welcoming. His clinic did not look and feel like a mass producing boob shop! He spent a lot of time explaining to me what went wrong and how he could make it better. The part that I liked about him the most is that he did not make any derogatory remarks towards my original PS. As much as I absolutely dislike my PS and like to hear when other doctors tell me he messed me up and he is an idiot but at the same time I feel that all physicians should maintain certain degree of professionalism and not put down any of their colleagues regardless of their opinions of the shitty works that their colleagues have done, or at least not in front of their patients. He was very professional about the whole thing. He also gave me the options to fix my problems without any surgical interventions and also the choice of just fixing my left breast. I suppose he was trying to help me by cutting down the cost and the trauma? But I told him I hated my saline implants, so the only choice we had was surgery. He specializes in reconstructive surgery for breast cancer patients. So I feel like he knows what he is doing, if he can make patients with mastectomy look normal again, he can do the same to me. My issues are small compared to the issues the breast cancer survivors go through and I admire their courage. You also have to have some soft corner in your heart to deal with these patients, you can not be just doing it for the money. I still have few more consultations and lets see where it takes me. Have a blessed day...:)
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