32 Year Old Just Received Calf Implants 1 Week Ago - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hi guys my name is Alan I've just got my calf...

hi guys my name is Alan I've just got my calf implants 1 week ago today
I travelled to California from overseas to get he procedure done

It's been one week and here are my symptoms
When I sit in a sitting position my lower calf on both legs gives me very sore pain
Pain which than passes when I elevate my legs
My next pain I cannot straighten my legs either of them it's extremely painful if I were to force it
And finally because of the above I cannot walk yet at all I can stand hunched over but cannot walks legs became swollen and I brushed pretty bad to ankles,feet.heels and calf areas

Is all this normal? Obviously results vary from patient to patient

But I would be really greatfull if somebody could tell me how long it takes before I can stand and Wall again
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