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Hello fellow Real selfers !! :). I am a mother of...

Hello fellow Real selfers !! :). I am a mother of 2 a 25 year old and a 5 year old . That's right I started all over again in my late 30's. My breasts are a very large DD. They are to big!!! I had very small breasts 6 years ago and decided to have a breast augmentation done. I really only wanted a C cup but for some reason when the doctor was at the surgery Center he decided that if I wanted to achieve my goal I may have to go up a size . Well he is the best in our area and I trusted his judgement thinking they would only be a few cc's bigger than the ones we looked at in his office. Well they ended up being more than what I had bargained for. When I got to the hotel from the hospital and took the bandages off for the first time I was mortified!! Omg they were huge . I thought maybe when the swelling went down they would go down, that was not the case. I did call the office and asked them to fix it but hey said I need to heal for a while before they could do anything. In the meantime I got pregnant so could not have the revision done. I have waited a long time and it is finally the right time to get them fixed. Because of the size of the implant ( 600 cc's) I will definitely need a lift. I'm hoping to go down to 300-350cc's . Surgery is booked for February 3rd . I'm excited and scared at the same time.

Surgery is February 3

I am really looking forward to getting rid of the weight of the huge implants !!They are 600 cc's I'm hoping to go down to 300- 350cc's :) These ones cause so much discomfort in the neck , head , and shoulders. Not only that because they seem to be heading North and South lol is also causes pain in the breast plate area. The doctor will be doing an implant exchange and a lift. I'm a little concerned about the scarring but believe it will be a good trade off.

So I went bra shopping today

I went into Victoria secret and had a bra fitting done. I measured as a 36 DDD ... yikes!!! 2 months to go!!

I'm wondering if my implants are only 600ccs going through some of the other reviews I'm thinking they are bigger! DDD's

Alberta Plastic Surgeon

Excellent doctor I have faith he will make things right! A few of my friends through the years have seen him and have had amazing results.

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