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I am having a rhinoplasty because I have a wide...

I am having a rhinoplasty because I have a wide and flat nose. It looks bad in person and just awful in photographs; it looks like the last 4 inches of a double barrelled shot gun muzzle. It is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the worst looking noses in the world.

That nose is a real disadvantage socially, romatically and at work. I am hoping that rhinoplasty will make my nose look a lot better.

I have told only one friend about the procedure and a few family members. Only the friend is against it as she thinks I look great. Whilst I appreciate her views, I discount them because she has always carried a torch for me. Also, her looks are perfect, so she has no idea what it is like to be so facially flawed.

My children don't want me to change, but that is only to be expected. I am sure that they will subconsciously appreciate a more conventional looking dad attending their school to pick them up. also, the kids have great facial features, so I do not want them being teased about my looks.

Post operation, it will be obvious that I have had something done to my nose. I am not sure how I will react to questions/comments about it from others. Knowing me I am likely just to be open about it. However, to people that have been negative about my nose in the past (former girlfriends, a former boss, some 'friends') I will probably politely invite them to mind their own business.

I am excited about the operation because I see it as a chance for improvement and change; standing still is not something that I am comfortable with.

Transformation Day

The day has come. Surgery is in 3 hours. I am actually a little scared and nervous. I keep imagining that the anaesthetic will kick and then I will wake up in hell...
I am also emotional about changing a part of me that I have had for years.

Pre op photos

Here are some photos of me just before the operation. You can imagine bullets coming out of that nose.
The fear has gone now. I can't wait to go under the anaesthetic.
There are all types of model looking like patients here, very hard to imagine why they need any type of cosmetic surgery.

Pre op shortly before the procedure.

At present I am filled with pain, cocaine and pain and pain killers. He Dr Lucian Ion had to surgically break my nose to achieve the best results.

I have not look looked at the results yet although the nurses say they look excellent. I will see the results when they take off the cast and stitches next week.

Dr Ion offered to improve my Turbobinates (sic) as they were restricting my airflow. That restriction has been an issue for years.

Dr Ion has been exemplary in bedside manner. He had a sight edge over previous Doctor that I had a consultation with in November last year. Dr Ion was very professional with me and his staff.

All the nurses are very professional, warm, charismatic and will put you at your ease. They eliminated my fears.

One nurse went beyond the call of duty. She stayed long after she was supposed to go home. She has permitted me to mention her name. Her name is Helle Petterson. She was exceptionally warm and knowledgable with me. A great person. I really identified with her as a professional : I don't go home till the job is done too.

So this review is a little more informative I will add unedited photos.

Grammar and spelling mistakes

I am in a little pain so I found it difficult to properly proof read my previous entry; please forgive me for any grammatical or spelling mistakes. I also find if difficult as this time to use the Apple spell check properly. Thanks in advance for being understanding.

operation rhinoplasty daylight is

He are some updates about my experiences.

Post Op day 2

The bleeding has eased off. I have removed the bandage from the nostrils. The splint is still on of course however the nose looks less wide. Although the swelling will kick in soon. It will take at least a year for it to settle into its final form. Here is another gory photo.

Post op day 3

The bleeding has completely stopped. I am a little spaced out because of the drugs. It you are going to have rhinoplasty include the costs of medication in your budget.

I have had to take the photos down because of security issues to do with my line of work. I will redact the photos and put them up again soon.

I had a talk with my mother about the 32 years of bullying that I received about my nose. She did not know about it. She then revealed that she had been teased and even beaten because of her nose when she was a child. This revelation shocked me as her nose is far better than my old one and she is a pretty woman. It makes me feel sad that humans can treat others that way over their looks.

Post op day 5, failed street fighter

I went to my local petrol station yesterday to get some sweets. I am fairly well known there because of my distinctive car. I still have my splint on so I must have looked like a failed street fighter. The staff were taking sneak peaks and acting weird. It made me chuckle.

2 of my friends reacted strangely to knowing that I had Rhinoplasty. One joked that I am the male Rihanna!

On a serious note there is not much pain from my nose. There is a little soreness near the area from where the rib samples were taken. It can hurt like nothing else.

I have included another photo. I can see that already my nose has greater projection than it had before; part of my mission is accomplished.

9 Days Post Op, cast and stints gone

2 days ago I attended Dr Ion's office for the removal of my nose cast and stints. The practice nurse, Rosie Thompson, did the deed. She was excellent.

The surgery achieved what I had asked for:

My nostrils are smaller and have a better shape; I can no longer fit any of my fingers into my nose.

The nose is no longer flat.

The nose feels less wide.

I also have my sense of smell back after 3 long years.

With my old nose I would get at least 1 or 2 double looks in the street. Now there are no double looks. I seem to be almost the average joe.

I am aware that my nose is still healing, that it is very swollen and it will take some time to see the final result. So I am not celebrating just yet.

Photo below.

16 days post operation

The nose is still not causing me pain and it seems to be getting smaller. I saw Dr Ion 3 days ago he told me that my nose and face are significantly swollen. Again he was very helpful and courteous.
If you have a rib rhinoplasty please take at least 14 days off work. I went back after 1
1 days and aggravated the rib extraction site. There is some major soreness.

Reaction of others

When I went back to work people made comments about me looking different. I simply responded that I did not have my spectacles; as none of them had seen me with spectacles. I think they accepted that that was the reason for my change of appearance. It was all very amusing seeing them struggling to work out why I look different. Some even thought that I had lost weight, which is correct as I lost over 7ibs since the operation; in the week after the operation I lost my appetite and ate less.

Reaction of strangers

Since the cast came off I notice that I get less attention from strangers when I am in public. There has been an increase in the positive attention. People seem more happy to deal with an interact with me. More women seem to be clocking me, catching my gaze and smiling at me. I think I like it....

Nearly a month post op

I have complex feelings about my nose. It looks hugely swollen, more so than when the cast came off. I can't wait for the healing to be done.I also have 2 boils or pimples appear in the right nostril near the rim; they are probably nothing serious but I will visit the good doctor to double check.

Almost 3 months post op

I had a nose infection that troubled me in May. Thankfully with Dr Ion's help it was mastered and eradicated. since the operation people are more willing to engage with me and be more friendly, especially the women! However, the nose tip is not as defined as I thought it would be. Hopefully the steroid injections and more healing time will help things along. Until the next time.....

3rd November 2015

A lot has happened since my last report in June.

My nostrils have the urge to flare a lot. A further procedure will be required to narrow them. This will take place in January 2015 under local anaesthetic.

Sometimes feel great about the nose, because it improved on what I originally had. At other times I feel less happy and disappointed that a type of vanity caused me to pay all that money and undergo all that pain.

I am not excited about the prospect of more pain and expense in January. It's the coward in me.

May 2017 Update

It is now three year since I had the initial rhinoplasty. I had to have two revision procedures.

Overall the procedures have not resulted in exceptional results:

- The nose is still wide.
- Nostrils are asymmetrical.
-The upper roof of one of the nostrils appears to be sagging. The Dr has recommended another another revision to correct it..
- Photographs of the nose look bad. I can't even take a decent photo for a Tinder photo anymore!

I have put off taking a decision about whether to have the revision as the previous revisions just seemed to make things worse!

From time to time I am experiencing shooting pains in the nose. I will speaking to the doctor about this.

Further appointment

Contacted clinic re my concerns for above and told the next appointment with the doctor is in November 2017.


The appointment has been brought forward to October 2017. That is a good thing.
The condition of the nose is this:
-From the side it looks good.
-From the front it looks alright unless I tilt my head up. The issue is the interior roof of the nostril is visible and looks like a swelling. At first I ignored it, now I would like some symmetry.
-Surgeon proposes the inserting cartilage from the ear to resolve the issue. That option is not that appealing as it would leave a small scar on the back of the ear... Decisions, decisions.
- Despite the issues, peoples reaction to the nose and my appearance is much better than with my old nose. Especially with women, I am far more in demand.
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