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Just finished my rhinoplasty consultation with Dr...

Just finished my rhinoplasty consultation with Dr Broadhurst. After having three consults, one in Sydney, Gold Coast and now Brisbane. I'm so excited that I have found my surgeon-Dr Broadhurst.
He was so knowledgeable! His before and after photos are phenomenal. And his bedside manner is great.
I am very scared of getting this procedure done. When voicing this with Dr Broadhurst he took the time to reassure me, rather than dismiss my feelings like other surgeons had done.
I'm so excited and am very happy after seeing Dr Broadhurst.

I DID IT ! Best thing I've ever done !

So just an update. Anxious little me did it ! Today marks 6 days post op and the day I got my cast removed !!
I can't actually believe that I went through with it, but by far it has been the best thing I've ever done.
Rewinding a little bit back to the day of surgery. I was so nervous pre op that dr broadhurst had prescribed me some calming medicine for the day of surgery. I took them when I was leaving the house going to the hospital which really helped me. Waking up from surgery wasn't as bad as a I thought. I was not in any pain at all!

After a few hours of being home I was still not in any pain, but my nose felt so heavy that it made me feel uneasy walking or doing anything.

The first night it felt like I was waking up every five minutes gasping for hydration because I could only breathe through my mouth.
After the first night was over recovery was very steady. I was never in any pain only uncomfortable due to feeling very congested and heavy in my head. I got the smallest bruise under my eye ( already gone )
To be honest the week was not as overwhelming as I thought it was going to be. I'm truely the worlds biggest sook with medical procedures and pain and thought I would get " post op blues " but I didn't feel down or cry ( once the needles and surgery were over ) I was actually very happy and, I didn't regret getting my nose done once.

Things I think really helped:

I cut out artificial sugars of my diet a month pre op.

Cut out alcohol two month pre op.

Printed out an inspirational quote and put it on my bathroom mirror to read every time I went in to remind me not to give up.

Had a room tempurtaure bath ( not getting hot or wetting my hair or hair ) every day with lush bath products and relaxing music playing ( even though I couldn't smell them the bright colours, oils on my skin and glitter in them really helped my mind)

Only had fresh fruit, vegetables, home made berry smoothies, and home made soups. With all of these antioxidants it gave me energy and strength unneeded to recover fast.

Over all dr broadhurst is amazing ! My experience has been so great ! His skill have blown me away ! Go and see him if you are thinking about getting a rhinoplasty. I can now breathe and also be confident about how I look- even thought nose is swollen I still feel amazing.
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