4th Breast Revision Surgery 8years of Dramas . Now a New Surgeon - Brisbane, AU

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I had my first surgery in 2005 after surgery while...

I had my first surgery in 2005 after surgery while in recovery 45min later I got a heametoma on the left breast .I had to be taken straight back into emergency surgery to be opened up again on left side to find and stop bleeding,after emergency surgery I had a terrible recovery I could not use my arms hand at all the pain was terrible more so on the left side I had a drain in left side for 10 days before it was removed. anyways after that I developed severe nerve damage on the left side and was in pain on and off for the next 5 years . I had been to see my surgeon every year to check breasts as pain was there during that time in 2007 I developed some lumps on left side of my under arm so I had ultra sounds just to check everything was alright it turned out to be swollen glands .2008 2009 I started to get ill I would have days where I was so fatigued and would almost want to throw up. so my gp started doing blood test etc I was sent several specialist including rheumatoid arthritis specialist, physiologist, I had nerve testing a mri and blood test I had unusually high creatine levels which indicates inflammation somewhere in the body. My gp said the only thing left to check was my implants. 2009 I was due to see my surgeon again for a check up it was around November I dismissed my appoint due to the fact that nothing had changed he had tried to use endep which is an antidepressant to hopefully rewire the pain path ways this did not work as I could not tolerate the drug. His secretary called me agin in January 2010 and insisted I come in for a check up so I made an appointment to see them 3 days later. during the consult my surgeon advised that we should replace the implants with smooth round implants 300cc silicone. previous I had teardrop 280cc implants textured. as he suggested that these implants may reduce the pain if we go in front of the muscle this time previously i had them placed under the muscle. this seemed like I reasonable solution although at no time was I expecting him to say I would be best having another surgery.he did this second surgery free of charge I paid only the difference for the aneathasist I left the surgery devastated as my first surgery was so terrible and painful I was petrified of more pain. 2010 surgery revision taking out 280cc teardrop textured under muscle going to 300 cc smooth round in front of muscle .well I was in surgery much longer than I should have been only to wake up to be told by the dr that my lefthand side implant had spilt from one side to the other I saw the implant after surgery a few days later thanks to my nurse it was split open like a watermelon from one side to the other clean split. so he told me that's why surgery took longer as he and I did not expect a rupture on the leftside that was already damaged. anyways I developed those lumps agin on left side under arm so once again he sent me hospital to have a ultra sound only on the left side. when I went to the hospital my dr insisted we do both breast again as I had been there before in 2007 and they wanted to compare both breast . well I cried and cried the doctor told me I had silicone granulomas on the right hand side breast which is not the ruptured side I was devastated the silicone had migrated to my right hand side breast or it was residue from the right implant I have no idea. totally losing it crying I rung my dr only to talk to the nurse that advised she would tell dr my concerns and get back to me . he got back to me a few days later to tell me that this can happen and it is nothing to worry about. this is when I went on an antidepressant , I was so down it was nearly a year later and these implants had slipped down so I looked like I had pan cakes on my chest it was clearly dropped. once again I went back to see him he advised he could do a 3rd surgery replacing them with brazillian furrys concave shape 315cc silicone in front of muscle again . once again this surgery was free .I was having serious concerns now deciding whether I should go under the knife again with him. I had two other consultations with a plastic surgeon as soon as I said who did my surgery he told me he had seen a lot worse and that I should be happy with what I have, he also dismissed my nerve pain. next I went and saw a cosmetic surgeon who had no affiliation with the plastic surgery . he told me due to the fact that he was doing it free it would be better to go back to him as he is an accomplished surgeon with a good reputation .I also was sent to see a phsychrist by my plastic surgeon a colleague of his before the 3rd surgery so she could assess me and make sure im mentally sound and genuine with my pain and concerns. She gave me the go ahead .the 3rd surgery was done much to my disappointment i never saw my surgeon after my surgery . it is at this point i new something was wrong . Well 1 year later still in pain the lefthand side implant has shifted away from the chest i was aware of this around 3 weeks after surgery as underneath were i had been cut was unusally lumpy and the lefthand side felt not right the implant had slipped down now putting pressure on my inner chest wall you could clearly feel the implant had slipped n slighty folded protruding a hard wedge in the centre of my chest. So between this I saw a rheumatoid arthritis specialist due to fatigue pain he sent me for an MRI of my chest shoulders. it showed up I have muscle wastage on the right hand side breast and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and told to take 2 years off work to recover as creatine levels seemed to only come down if I did nothing , I was previoulsy body sculpting light gym stuff now I cannot train at all I work minimal a week this has changed and impacted my life so much more than I could believe. so ive decide to go back to the cosmetic surgeon Dr Daniel Fleming Brisbane Australia. it has taken 5 months a 10 page scrap book page sized letter explaining everything I have just told so 4 consults several calls to my specialists im booked in for my 4th surgery on 1st October 2013 with confidence that my dr can make things hopefully more comfortable for me . I will in 2 weeks post photos pre op and post op as need help from my son to load up pics
Dr Daniel Fleming

he is wonderful extremely careful and very caring genuine straight talker. Will be able to tell you all more after surgery I feel very at ease and confident that he is the one that can help me .

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