24 Y/o Female, Rhinoplasty and Sliding Genioplasty AUSTRALIA - Brisbane, AU

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Like many people I see on here wanting...

Like many people I see on here wanting Rhinoplasty, I had been unhappy with the appearance of my nose since I was a child. It was the go to insult for my brothers when they were feeling particularly nasty. Even though I knew they didn't really think it was as terrible as they made it out to be, they just knew how insecure I was about it. Brace yourselves, this is a bit of a novel...

As I got older I tried to embrace my nose, figuring there wasn't really all that much I could do about it at the time. I often thought about getting Rhinoplasty but never seriously enough to book a consultation.

When I was around 21 - 22 I lost a whole bunch of weight through exercise and healthy eating. I was never chubby or over weight to begin with, just a little bigger than I liked I guess. I was so happy with the way my new body looked, but I could not look past my nose! It didn't matter how on point my make up was or how good an outfit looked on me, I still just saw my nose and felt like it would never matter how perfect everything else looked, it was just there to ruin it! That's when I decided to book my first consultation.

I was living in NSW at the time and booked a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon in Newcastle. When I say the dude came across dodgy as, it wasn't an understatement. As soon as I got in there he tried to tell me that my septum was severely deviated (which it wasn't, I even had scans to prove it) and that with his help I could claim so much cash back. Yeah, nah mate. You know when you just have a gut feeling about someone? Well, he gave me bad vibes! One thing I did learn from that consultation though was it would be a hell of a lot cheaper if I had hospital cover. So I signed up for that and decided to wait a year before looking into again. Another thing that stuck as well was he told me I had a weak chin, and a nose job itself wouldn't fix my profile the way I had hoped.

By the time a year went by, I was living in Brisbane. I researched a few Plastic Surgeons (there wasn't many, let me tell you) and found one, that on paper, seemed great. I went to meet with him, and although I personally didn't really click with him, he was very skilled. He did come across as arrogant, but I figured he was old and it was very obvious he knew what he was doing so I trusted him with the surgery. He also recommended altering my chin, with a silicon implant. I agreed and I booked in for surgery with him.

My mind wasn't 100% at ease with this guy, but I had seen his previous work and knew he was a very capable surgeon. I was still feeling a little uneasy when I went to pay for my Surgery, one week before it was to take place. When I called the surgery I was told my surgeon had taken ill, and was now on an indefinite leave of absence. They referred me to another Surgeon, Dr Raymond Goh. I rang his office and booked a consultation with him for the next day. I googled him before the appointment and couldn't really find much.

I had my consultation with Dr Goh and honestly felt so much with him than I did the other guy. He was lovely, had a good sense of humour (I know these aren't exactly important traits in a Surgeon) and explained everything really well. He also advised instead of a silicon implant he performed a sliding genioplasty, where they cut the chin bone, slide it forward and then screw it in place. Apparently doing it this way has less complication afterwards and gives him a lot more to work with profile wise. I was really happy so I booked in with him for the following Friday.

So I was admitted at 8 am and I was taken to a little area of the hospital to wait a while. I was there maybe 15 minutes when a nurse called me in to take my weight/ ask me all the usual questions. She then gave me a gown and some stockings to change into. Once I had changed I went into another waiting room where I was to wait for my surgery. I was there maybe 5 minutes tops before I was called through. I wasn't nervous or anything, I was actually excited!

I was wheeled into the pre-op room (I guess that's what you would call it) where they popped me into a bed and made me nice, warm and comfy. So I guess they cocked up the times a little and I waited in the bed for around an hour and a half. Dr Goh came and saw me and went over everything we discussed, removal of the hump and reducing the bulbousness of the tip as well as the sliding genioplasty.

The anesthetist Dr Moo (who is amazing) came in and talked to me for a bit. They wheeled me into the operating room and the last thing I remember was the ceiling going fuzzy as the doctors spoke to me.

I woke up in recovery and was wheeled to my room. I had to stay overnight due to the sliding genioplasty. I had one of those sweeeeeet pain button thingies that you press for immediate pain relief, which was nice. I spewed twice in a 2 hour period but that was just because my stomach was full of old blood from the surgery.

Not gonna lie. I looked pretty awful and swollen. I didn't do much but take pain killers, sleep and watch TV. My nose did not hurt at all, nothing. It was my chin that was the absolute killer. The stitches were inside my mouth and my jaw and teeth felt so tight, there was so much pressure!

This was definitely the worst. One of the main reasons I am writing a review is because I really struggled to find more than one review where the person had gotten Rhinoplasty and Sliding Genioplasty at the same time, and I desperately wanted to know that what I was feeling was normal. Now Dr Goh had told me there would be some pain associated with this surgery, but not that much. This pain was almost unbearable. It wasn't just the pain though, it was the pressure, the tightness and the limited movement. I was tired, I could barely sleep and I was hungry. I was sick of soup at this stage and it was only day 2! I have to admit, I did get really upset. I couldn't believe I had done this to myself. I was so uncomfortable and in so much pain from my chin and my nose was leaking and I couldn't sleep and I was hungry. Just so much crap all at once. I took endone for the pain and still felt like it didn't make much of a difference... endone, no difference. It was a dark day.

Today was a bit better, thank goodness. I was able to control the pain with pain killers and my boyfriend was kind enough to surprise me with a potato and gravy from KFC, which I would usually pass up but not today. It was sooooo good after so much soup. The swelling around my eyes started to go down today. Slowly, but surely.

Feeling better. Today I started taking one panadol at time instead of two and spacing the time out. I feel fine during the day but for some reason at night my jaw and chin begin to ache again and I usually have to take a couple of pain killers so I can sleep. Some of the emotional stuff that comes along with this type of surgery is also unexpected. My boyfriend told me I was beautiful, and all I could think was, it wasn't me that was beautiful anymore, not really anyway. Not a "natural beauty". I kinda felt like I had cheated, if that makes any sense. And then I thought that's how it would always feel, like I had bought my beauty. I really hope not.

I washed my hair today and it felt amaaaaaaaaazing. I actually felt like myself today for the first time. It's true what they say, if you can make it past day 3, you're on your way up. I am feeling so much better. I've taken my drip tray off for the first time and it makes such a difference to your state of mind.

So the majority of the swelling has gone down and my bruised eyes have turned mainly a yellow colour. I have had the drip tray off all day and I have felt well enough to check work emails and all the crap that goes along with that. I have only taken one pain pill so far today. I have my follow up appointment with Dr Goh tomorrow which I am pretty excited about I guess. See if the cast on my nose can come off and hopefully my chin strapping. That would be great!

Some pics

Day 7 (plus pics)

Day 7 - Post
So I got my splint and tape off today and I am so happy with my nose and chin. They're both still really swollen though. The nurse was really happy as well and was surprised at how quick my bruising went away.

My mouth stitches are still a little sore but getting there. Feeling great though!

So far, so good :)

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