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I went to a Dr i found on YouTube (Dr Brown) in...

I went to a Dr i found on YouTube (Dr Brown) in Virginia. He made my boobs not so saggy, but other than that I'm completely UNHAPPY! My boobs still sag, the size is NOT what i was wanting, my TT scar is 70s style and i have MAJOR fat on my sides. The Dr i went to wasn't very personable, didnt communicate well with me and he did a BAD job. So now, Im going to one of the best surgeons in THE WORLD- Dr. Don Revis. I'm so excited too.

Originally, before prior surgery, I had 2 kids, ages 10 months and 5 years. I worked my ASS of each time to get the weight off (both pregnancies over 200lbs). First time it took me a year to lose the weight. Second baby i lost the weight in 3-4 months (i worked out AAAA LOOOOOT! lol). I was left with saggy boobs, and extra skin on my stomach.

I got 533cc silicone mid profile+ implants, a lollipop lift (was supposed to be anchor lift) and a TT with muscle repair.

Dr Revis will be doing a lift revision, a BA revision with new silicon 800cc HP implants, internal bra, TT scar revision, and lipo of the flanks, back and abs.

I am more than excited. I will be flying out of NY to FL on Sept 5th. Pre-op is the 6th, surgery is the 10th, post op is the 11th, and i head home the 12th.

Dr Revis is world known. I am so happy to have him working on *ME*

I'm exactly 4 weeks post op today. This recovery...

I'm exactly 4 weeks post op today. This recovery has been really hard, i think due to the size we went with.

We all flew in to Fort Lauderdale (my husband, my son, my daughter and myself) on the 5th. We stayed the The Hyatt (pretty nice...I'd pick different if i go back)... My husbands dad and step-mother live in Florida and drove down to the hotel to stay for a few days to visit, which was nice...

Went to my pre-op appointment where i met Dr Revis for the first time. He was SO nice, and answered all my questions. I brought a pic of what i was wanting to look like and he said we would go with 1200cc's mod+ saline implants with an internal bra as well. Also, he said he was going to try to bring my tummy tuck scar down as much as possible, and also lipo of my flanks, back and abs.

The day of surgery, i dont remember much. I remember signing in, them calling my name...and then being in a bed asking each nurse that came in to call my husband to come get me. Im pretty sure i got annoying, but i dont care... i wanted to leave.
Time at the hotel came and went... Dr Revis took my drain out the day after surgery (thank god), and one thing i do remember was this- he unwrapped my stomach and told me to look down. My eyes teared up because my stomach was FLAT. I dont think i've ever had a flat stomach. =] ........and then the next day we were on the airplane home.

Right after surgery (like the first few days) was a lot easier this time around than last time around. But it seems like the time it's been taking to do other things has been really hard. I JUST started sleeping on my side about 4 days ago...first time i was sleeping on my side by 2 weeks or something.
This internal bra hurts BAD. My left boob is always in some sort of pain... Always.
I did the math, converting cc's into pounds and whatnot... i have just over 2 1/2 pounds in each boob! WOW!!! ha I wanted big!

Anyway. 4 weeks out, im doing good... I still have a TON of swelling. I went to the Doctor today because im sick and they weighed me, and yeah...that was NOT a good idea to see that result. It made me REALLY depressed. Speaking of depressed...Ive had really bad post op depression.I feel like since ive gotten this surgery i cant sleep well, i cant work like i was, i cant do things the way i was.... i just feel sad.

Anyway. Ill post more as it follows.

For some reason its not letting me upload more...

For some reason its not letting me upload more pics....anyone know why? What am i doing wrong?

Im a little past 3 months out and i LOVE my body!...

Im a little past 3 months out and i LOVE my body! only thing i dislike is my dog ears, but can be fixed =]

34-I cup
Size 7 jeans! (i was smaller once upon a time, but hey- the gym could help. ......or more lipo haha)

Sorry I haven't updated! Pregnant after TT & MM!

Here it is, 2 years later, and I am 9 (NINE!!!!!!) months pregnant! Lol that deployment got the best of me, I guess lol.

My boobs are huge, my tummy is tight and I gained a ton of weight! I'm SO hopeful that after I have him in the beginning of January that I'll be able to go to the gym and the weight will fall right off. I'm SO hopeful!

My boobs are almost double in size. I honestly can't stand them being this big. I can't eat over a plate because my boobs push the plate away from me... Funny, but annoying. I'm super hopeful that since I had an internal bra done that my boobs won't sag after my milk dries up. Ugh... Cross those fingers!

And since my tummy was pulled so tight, I'm carrying the baby up and down, ibstead of outwards (if that makes any sense) so I can barely breath.
My AWESOME husband pointed out to me that Im getting stretch marks too. Just great.

I'll try to post some updates of my "weight loss" with hopes that things will go back yo "normal". I REALLY hope they do! If anyone reading this has ever gotten pregnant after a MM, will you let me know if things went back to normal?

Thanks yall!
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