Breast lift with implants over the muscle 505cc

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4 weeks PO

YES! OMG YES! Went for my four week checkup yesterday and am cleared to workout! Went and did some light legs and hot damn...I am weak AF. Also, where did my butt go!? I have Embrace scar therapy on (btw that shit is expensive) and it’s supposed to stay on for 7-10 days before I get a new one put on. Holds the nips in so that’s a bonus. That bruise is unsightly. Going to find some arnica gel today (nurse Ashley says it actually works). Slowly getting used to them. I don’t have to buy all new sports bras for work so that is a HUGE plus. I don’t exaggerate when I say I have 30; I’ve also had them for four years, but let’s not talk about that...
So no high impact for a hot minute, but I did some light legs. Could barely walk out of the gym, but definitely did a celebratory fist pump. You can definitely tell I got my boobs done, but I don’t feel the proportions are unsightly in my gym apparel.

Nearing that 4 week mark...

I’ve got some bruising going on, but all in all, my scars aren’t nearly as bad as i thought they’d be. Excuse the stretch marks. Those were there before.

POW 3 (sorry not sorry)

So I am bad patient. Nurse Ashely “just leave the tape on me I’ll take it off at your next appointment if it hasn’t fallen off by then.” To be fair, a small portion WAS starting to roll up on itself. And then after was like how you can’t stop pulling on a hangnail and so you remove half the skin on your finger. No? Just me? Ok then. I SMELLED SO BAD. I could smell the sweaty, nasty, 3 week old tape. I smell like a rotting corpse. That’s dramatic, but it was nauseating. To me, I still smelled like surgery. So you can guess what I did right? No? I pulled the damn tape off.

3 weeks PO

They’re starting to soften and drop. I hope they don’t drop TOO much more though. Getting used to them being there and in clothes. Still back and forth on the size, but I think once I wee a bra that pulls them together more, I’ll feel better. Just feel like I look like a linebacker.

2 weeks PO

Having the opposite of “boob greed.” I’m larger than I expected. I can’t decide how I feel. I’m hoping some of it is still swelling. I feel like I can’t look elegant in anything because I’m all tits. I might just need to get over myself and take some time to get used to them.

POD 11

Almost two weeks with the BAMF and I’m loving it. I’m going insane without the gym. I’m buying useless shit on amazon and HauteLook. So now I own five wigs and I make them look awesome thanks to some YouTube vids. And I have more makeup than I know what to do with. Please Dr. J. Clear me for some heart elevating exercise! “Emily, you only get the chance to heal well once.” -Dr J


Also, for those of you that are concerned with the cleanliness of my bathroom...I’m cleaning now. ????????

Bless my friends

You know I’m sneaking in some boobie shots in my IG and bless my friends who tell me “oh they look so natural!” Yeah...bippity boppity bullshit. They are as natural as PETA supporting a meat processing plant. Let’s call a spade a spade and not set unrealistic expectations.

Just because

1wk PO
No bra tank. Feeling myself now that I’m ditching those pain meds! Still bloated AF.

1 week PO

One week down. They are still enormous and I love them. I kind of feel like those douchey body builders who can’t put their arms down by their sides because their biceps are so big? Mine are my ta-tas. Can’t wait to go to the gym again!


Headed to next post op #2 check in

Best nurse care

Two kitties and one long haired chihuahua and I am spoiled by the love


Very little pain. Just more so getting used to side boob brushing up against my inner bicep. Still very bloated. Missing the gym like crazy!


505cc over round textured silicone by sientra


Pretty swollen and bloated. I feel like all of me just has tons of extra water. Finally pooped yesterday. I ate so many prunes, exlax, and magnesium it was bound to happen. But damn if I don’t till feel full of shit.


505cc textured round over the muscle high profile. Full anchor lift.

The details

My apologies, I put “unders” when I in fact have “overs.” He went in with 505cc, over the muscle, full anchor lift, textured and round implants.

505cc under, textured silicone, high profile

I’m actually very surprised with how good they look one day after. Little sore, but not too bad with meds. Just took a shower and saw them for the first time and am quite pleased. I also had a very intense fraxel lasering done on my face, so that is where the majority of my pain is.

Before bathing suit

And here we are at sagsville. Surgery bright and early tomorrow!

Before boobs

You can see that I gap in my 36D, Victoria’s Secret very sexy push-up bra. Didn’t used to :(
I have no upper pole volume and my tits are facing both the west coast and the east coast. No amount of push-ups or chest exercises will get them back to their former glory.
Here are some more words to fill up the 200 character requirement.
Today’s word of the day is “Lenitive.” - alleviating pain or harshness; soothing.

The Book of Boobs

This is a slide show I made (out of boredom) for my surgeon to reference, and to add some levity to the situation. Here are some more words so I can meet the minimum 200 character requirement. Today's word of the day is "chiliad" meaning a group of 1000. I also ordered a pink wig from amazon, so I'm pretty stoked to get that in.

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