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I'm a 25 year old female who's been...

I'm a 25 year old female who's been struggling with acne for about 3 years. I would classify my acne as mild half the time and moderate half the time, however very persistant. I always have small clogged pores that have been pretty much impossible to clear. I am taking 30mg a day 2x a day I am about 120 lbs. This is my 5th week on accutane and I wanted to give a review on my progress, side effects, and products I've been using, so hopefully someone trying to decide to use this will do it. I highly recommend this drug, it's slowly giving me my confidence back day by day. My skin stayed pretty much the same as before the medicine for about 3 weeks then I started getting very pus filled blemishes in my problem areas. I'd say about 4 on my chin and 4 on my right cheek. However, they are drying up very quickly. My oily skin was dramatically reduced by about day 5 and continues to by very dry into my 5th week. By about 2 weeks, I noticed a huge increase in blackheads that almost felt like they were sitting on the surface of my skin, but about 2 days later I literally washed them away!!! Right now my forehead, nose, and left side of the face is looking great.

As for the side effects I have had quite a few of them, although they are all pretty mild. My skin is quite dry, which isn't really a problem because not being oily is a relief. I've had some nosebleeds and a dry nose. I've also had dry eyes, but I recently had Lasik surgery so that could be making it worse. I have a dull headache alot of the time as well. Lastly, I've had more muscle aches and joint pain. This is about it for side effects, no mental changes, hair issues, etc.

I thought I'd go over some products I've been using as well. They have all worked unbelieveably well. I use cetaphil wash am and pm and cerave spf 30 during the day and cerave pm at night. I also mix 1/2 scoop philosophy turbo c powder into my moisturizers (highly recommend For my body I've been using oil of olay anti aging body wash and lotion, which both are out of this world. I've been slathering aquaphor on my lips at bedtime, especially at the sides to prevent cracking and burts bees with mango butter for the day. For my eyes I've been using visine dry eye and this great product called alcone collyre bleu. Celebrities swear by this to make the whites of their eyes brighter and whiter. It totally works. I got in online I use one drop a day each eye and it lasts forever. Takes the redness and any dullness out! I've also been using an icecube wrapped in a plastic baggie for those larger blemishes and that has helped immensely. That's about it.

So overall this drug gets an A+ so far. I went to the derm a few days ago and she said I was already about 70% improved! My face is looking good and is very soft. By the way this drug is fat soluble, so taking it with food greatly increases obsorbtion. I'm a health nut so I take mine with coconut milk and a fatty snack like apples and peanut butter. Try not to drink and keep a healthy diet to prevent any blood test issues arising. GOOD LUCK!!

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