Replacement Implants After 13 Years, 2 Children and Bottoming out - Birmingham, GB

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I had 280cc Nagor implants 13 years ago when I was...

I had 280cc Nagor implants 13 years ago when I was 19. Since then I have had 2 children and managed to breastfeed them for a year each.
They looked really natural but did seem to drop somewhat after kids. The fullness at the top just wasn't there any more. I started running in 2012 and wore a normal sports bra, when I started HIIT training in 2014 I jut wore a light sports bra of tops with built in support - these were clearly not supportive enough as I noticed bottoming out of my right implant in November 2015.
The surgeon who performed my first operation has since retired so I went to see Mr Staiano at a friends recommendation. I knew straight away he was the right surgeon.
I knew I wanted to go slightly bigger as I have a bit more skin now than I had at 19! Mr Staiano measured my chest wall and recommended up to 390cc HP Nagor implants or 360 HP polyurethane. They both have the same stats. I decided to go with the polyurethane. Surgery was booked for 20th October at the Spire Parkway Hospital.
Jonathan J. Staiano, FRCS (Plast)
Jonathan J. Staiano, FRCS (Plast)
17 Aug 2017

Thank you for your kind review. I am confident that you will have a great result too. Jonathan

First 3 days

Day of surgery - I was really relieved not to suffer any sickness following the anesthesia and pain wasn't too bad. Mr Staiano came to see me in recovery (although I have no memory of this as I was out of it) and again when I was back in my room. I had a sneak peek at my boobs and noticed my nipples were pointing outwards. I'm putting this down to swelling for now! I know that it's going to take some time for the swelling to go down and fit them to settle, especially as they are polyurethane.
Day 2 - went home and tried to stay on top of pain relief. Feeling uncomfortable more than anything, and my chest is tight.
Day 3 - chest is very tight today, feels like I can't take in a full breath, I think it's just pressure though. Had a little pain this morning but I'm taking cocodamol and ibuprofen and keeping on top of the doses! Sat outside whilst the kids played as I was getting cabin fever stuck indoors!

Day 4 Post Op

I'm so bored!!! Slept better last night and have had a 2 hour nap today but this healing period feels really slow! This feels worse than last time but I think that's because I have a lot of internal stitching. That being said I'm not doing too badly.
Have managed to wash my hair today and I'm not needing as many pain meds. I'm walking a little hunched over so I hope to address my posture over the next couple of days.
Still really bloated, trying to eat light meals and drink plenty of water.
Had a wobble yesterday and questioned why I had done this but feeling better today.
Think I need to try and get out tomorrow!


Urgh! I am still so bloated! Feel about 6 months pregnant. Trying to stay off the cocodamol today so tonight I have resorted to alcohol instead!
Boobs still looking crazy and stuck on, can anyone comment on how polyurethane implants heal?

Sore Nipples!!!

Had a bad day yesterday, I must have done too much the previous day and I definitely pain for it! Had to go back to taking cocodamol so spent the day feeling spaced out!
Woke up today feeling much better but omg my nipples (right especially) are unbelievably sore! I'm getting some zingers too. Hope this doesn't last long.
I've noticed the swelling has gone down loads but I have a definite ridge at the top, which is the hard edge of the polyurethane implant. I've been searching on here for anyone else that's had poly overs - to look for comparisons but I can't really find any. I knew this might be an issue when I saw and felt the sample implants in the clinic and I'm sure it'll soften out, I just wanted to see how this worked out for others.


Has my dressings removed on Friday. Expected to have some stitches removed but they must have been dissolvable as it was just a matter of removing waterproof dressing and some little strips. All healing well.

I mentioned my painful nipples and sensitive skin at the top of my boobs - it's the nerves healing and should resolve in a few weeks / months. Surgeon recommended messaging the area to stop the hypersensitivity.
Feeling pretty good apart from that. The internal bra sutures on the right side (to fix bottoming out) is the only thing I feel now. It's not painful but can get really uncomfortable.
Photos are incisions today (day 12 post op) - surgeon went in through old incision and excused the old scar. You can see the edge of the old scar when the new one is shorter. I'm sure this will blend in given time!

Have had full range of movement with my arms since a week out. Driving since then too. Just putting that out there for anyone considering the procedure. Back to work tomorrow. It's been nice to have a couple of weeks off, one week I think is definitely necessary.
Don't think I'll be seeing any change in boobs for a while. Polyurethane takes a good while to soften. Might not have anything to update on for a while!
If anyone has any questions about bottoming out, internal bra sutures, or polyurethane implants over - please message me!

1 month update!

It's been 1 month since I had my implants replaced and I have no regrets!
I still have hypersensitive nipples, the right one particularly - you'll notice in the photos it looks smaller - it's just felt the cold more than the other!!
The stretch marks are from my last BA, the lighting isn't very flattering!
I've also developed a rash on one boob over the last few days. Not sure if this is the polyurethane rash or irritation from where the front closure on my bra rubs.
I can still feel the edges of the implant around the upper pole and it still feels sensitive, but I think this is improving. When I felt the hard edges of the implant at my consultation I was aware it could be an issue but I'm confident that as the polyurethane breaks down it'll soften.
Projection is great, I love the fullness at the top. The last year or so of my last implants I was wearing a bra that had upper breast padding, which seems crazy when you have implants!
I've started exercising again but I'm taking it easy. I've not done any circuit training yet as a lot of it is high impact and upper body. I'm a bit worried about messing up the internal stitching. When I wake up in the morning I'm finding the outside of my boobs achy, I'm guessing this is the lateral stitching for the pocket revision. Am i putting too much pressure on my boobs when I'm sleeping on my side?
I'll be seeing my surgeon again in 12 days so I'll ask him if I need to be cautious.
I'm still wearing my post op bra. I have to wear it for 5 weeks in total so just a few days left. It's so comfortable and because it's compression it holds my hypersensitive nipples in place so I might just wear it until that settles down.
I've not been properly measured yet but I think all my swelling has gone down. I did my own measuring today and got 29" underbust and 35" over. Will have to look that up online. Surgeon said it would be unlikely that I'd go up a full cup size but it'll be nice to I'll the top part of a bra again!!

4 month check up

Had my 4 month check up last week. All looking good. Implant edges are still quite firm but I knew to expect this, it should settle as the polyurethane coating breaks down and the scar tissue softens.
I have looked on here for other reviews by women that have had Polytech implants placed over the muscle, but I've not found any. I know they are used quite extensively in Australia but they tend to be anatomical and placed under the muscle.
If anyone has any experience on how these settle (I know it can take more than a year) I'd love to hear from you.
Don't think my review is getting many views but I'll keep it on here in case in helps anyone, plus it's useful for me to see how things are progressing!
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

I met with Mr Staiano twice before I booked my surgery. Both times I found him to be very professional and informative but with a warm personality. I felt so confident with him that I didn't feel the need to meet with any other surgeons. I had visited him following a recommendation from a friend and had seen her results, which were flawless. I felt very well looked after before and immediately after my surgery. I am 2 days PO and feeling confident that I will have a great end result.

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Jonathan J. Staiano, FRCS (Plast)
Jonathan J. Staiano, FRCS (Plast)
17 Aug 2017

Thank you for your kind review. I am confident that you will have a great result too. Jonathan

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