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I had primary Rinoplasty last September, he had...

I had primary Rinoplasty last September, he had all the credentials, so I thought my choice was right. I had septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and slight changes to the tip. I actually had a great nose to begin with, but...since my septum really needed to be fixed, I figured why not while you're at it...Refine a little. I know have a slight Pollybeak, and a hanging columella and a crease above my lip when I smile. Ugh, I know it's not deformed, but this has been the worst 6 months of my life. I knew as soon as he took off the tape, my nose looked like a parrot. It was that soon. My DR at first said it was swelling, but as weeks went by it looked worse and worse. At 5 months post op, I started going to see DRs. I read all I could on Real Self. I saw about 5 Drs, all revision specialists, all agreed on what needed to be fixed, but one said I needed rib graft...the others said remaining septum or ear cartilage. The DR that said I needed rib graft, also said I needed to wait a year. The other 4 all said - my revision could be done much sooner. I know there are different thoughts on this, some say 6mos some say 9mos some say a year, some even longer. I chose Dr. Jason Hamilton. I loved his before and afters, but right away I LOVED him. He was so informing, and kind. I'm nervous, I trust Dr. Hamilton...but still sick to my stomach that I have to do this again. I have read so many awful stories on here, but at the same time this site has brought me comfort. I'm praying for a great outcome. I'll update as it goes...????

Nasal tubes

Hi y'all I've had the nasal tubes in for about 3 days.. And one side is oozing.. Not very much. But it makes me feel like I have to sniff it... Should I be concerned ?

3 days post op.

Got my tubes taken out today... Feeling so much better, I can breathe again. Got to see the results kind of.. It's amazing u can barely even see the stitches. Don't want to get my hopes up.. But I'm really liking the results. It's less swelling than I had imagined. Today I feel 100 percent better.. Not going to lie first 2 days was hell. Burning, pressure, dry mouth from clogged nose, no appetite.. But feeling like it was worth it. Get my splint off Monday! Update soon..

Got my cast and splints removed today.

I am beyond pleased with my results so far! First of all I had these giant tubes up my nose that he pulled out... I saw God when he pulled them out. I was not aware at all! But felt relief right after.. I thought there was only an outer cast. But now I can breathe, and smell.. My nose is apparently really swollen. But I think it looks amazing already! ????

Day 2 cast off

Very bruised... But loving my slope! Doc said it's just gunna get better and smaller.

10 days post op

Absolutely loving the results!

Exactly 2 weeks post op

Still loving my new nose ! Getting prettier each day .. Bruises are almost gone, I'll update again at one month. It's crazy I can barely tell there's swelling though, especially for an open revision rhinoplasty.

Exactly one month post op

Still happy with my results! The tip dropped a bit, but he told me that would happen after the first couple weeks. Hopefully it stays right where it is. Really love that I can smile now , and still look pretty.. Without a beak or hook nose appearance!

2 months post op

Hi guys , just updating you ... I absolutely love my nose more and more every day. The only downside is I still have really bad dark circles. But I just bought this eye corrector and it's absolutely flawless. So I finally feel back to normal!

3 months post op

I really am starting to notice the definition.. It's slim and more striking. I still have some swelling though, overall it's looking better and better every day! Instead of worse... It's gotten some what pointy from the side !but i loveeee that. My dad and boyfriend call me tinkerbell lol.

Exactly 6 months post op (revision)

Hello, it's been 6 months since my surgery... Still the best decision I ever made ! As you can see .. You can really begin to see the refinement happening. Since it was a revision... I still have some slight swelling. I think by one year it'll be completely gone.. There's definitely improvement every month ????

8 months post op

At Dr Hamiltons office as I speak. I'm starting to really notice the refinement in my nose. I still have swelling in my tip I can tell and I feel it. But overall still very happy with the progress.

Stages of my nose

I get asked a ton of questions, and a lot of you are confused by my blog.. asking what's wrong with your nose? So hopefully this clears things up. 1st pic was my god given nose, 2nd was 3 months after my 1st rhinoplasty.. something when terribly wrong my tip fell and had no support. The bridge was messed up too. 3rd is my nose now after my revision rhinoplasty. Dr Hamilton narrowed the nasal bones and gave me a collumelar strut, (with my own septum) no rib or ear grafting. What I wanted in the first place, but the first dr messed up and I went through that horrible stage. My nose is shorter and slightly more turned up now... and I can honestly say it was worth going through it all... cause I think it looks way better than my original nose.. my nose stays in place when I smile now cause of the strut. Before the tip would come down.. he also made my nose even from both angles. So I don't necessarily have a "good side & bad side" anymore :)

Original nose and now.

For those of you who asked why I even wanted to fix my original nose. This is why... I was aiming for the results I have now. What always bothered me about my nose is that it dropped significantly when I smiled.. also was long and me feel very ethnic (droopimg is most likely from breaking it when I was 4 and ending up with a deviated septum, the tip didn't have enough support) now because dr Hamilton performed the collumellar strut and tongue&groove technique.. my tip stays in place when I smile. It's also shorter, and more refined. Everything I wanted.. really excited to see how it improved still.
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