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For anyone that has been through a rhinoplasty,...

For anyone that has been through a rhinoplasty, you may know all to well the the anxious feeling of having another surgery. I am definitely type A personality and I like to know a detailed plan of what a dr intends on doing with my face. I am the type of person that likes to research and read different cases and real self experiences. I think anyone undergoing a revision should ask questions and be 100% you are both aiming to achieve the same goals.
I met with Dr. Frankel for a total of 15 minutes during my first consult and he was annoyed that I came back to see him for a second consult (as per his fellows Instructions). After much hesitation, I decided his bedside manner should not matter and I should book based on his skills.
Fast forward, I decided to book with him. From January to May I have sent him three emails with pictures showing what I would like to achieve and more understanding of grafts, specifically spreader grafts.
I read a bunch of reviews, which mentioned spreader grafts make the nose wider, so I reiterated my question to Dr frankel again. He obviously did not appreciate my asking so many questions and with less than 30 days notice, he cancelled the surgery.
I had moved my own clients around, booked flights that are non refundable $2500 and booked accommodations for two weeks. I've been planning since January. I was utterly shocked to receive his lame excuse that he does not feel he could meet my expectations and that I should rethink why a rhinoplasty with minimal changes is important to me. He made generic comments about what a concern my nose is to me. Anyone who is a rhino patient has a concern with their nose. I don't sit home all day and think about my nose. I run a successful business and work 60 plus hours a week. Completely and utterly shocked and pissed off that he would waste so much of time, money and efforts. Completely unprofessional.
I was able to receive my money back from the house rental, but lost $2500 for flights! Do you think that is fair?? I certainly don't.
I understand a dr may have reservations if a patient seems anxious, but to cancel with so little time is complete BS and so inconsiderate. I am guessing that he currently has a few patients that are a handful right now and does not have the patience for someone that is going to do their homework and ask too many detailed questions. My advice to you is, if you really want Dr. Frankel to do your surgery, DO NOT REPEAT your questions. I can only assume if anything were to go wrong, the door would close on you. So very disappointed and pissed about the money is all I can really say.

More thoughts. - see the big picture

After the initial upsetting news that the surgery has been cancelled, I can see the big picture clearer. I just wasn't ready to undergo an invasive revision. If I were ready, I would not have felt so anxious about the spreader grafts and what was going to happen. The fact is, It's nerve-wracking being so far away from home and having a major revision. I trusted Dr. Frankel, but not entirely. I am going to continue to use fillers for now and find a dr closer to home and come up with new plan for a minor fix and use fillers for the bridge . I am still really upset about the money loss and changing all my clients around to accommodate the surgery, but in the end, this is a blessing in disguise. He did the right thing by cancelling the surgery, but he should not have waited so long to let me know of his intent.
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I believe Dr Frankel is a skilled dr, but I feel he could have been more considerate with respect to his timing. Canceling a surgery with less than 30 days to go without any sort of notice feels unfair and I feel a bit cheated for being thorough. I was just looking for assurance and clarification on the surgical plan. I am upset about the loss of $2500 for flights which are non refundable. On the contrary of him canceling, this also makes him a good dr because he sensed my anxiety with the surgical plan and my confidence in him.

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