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Okay so 7th grade i was told twice that i had a...

Okay so 7th grade i was told twice that i had a big nose and i would constantly get these prank calls of girls telling me i was ugly and ever since then i really started to notice it and its bugged me since! I feel so unattractive and there are days where i just cant stand to look at myself!im currently in the 9th grade going to 10th and ill be turning 16! This has been on my mind a lot my 9th grade year and its to the point where i hate going out because of how self conscious i am..i hate my profile and i feel like that is the first thing everyone notices about me!i live with my grandma and she is all for the nose job but money is an issue. i bring up my nose everyday and constantly am battling my self with rude comments.she knows how upset i get when i hear rude comments from others and she knows I've been bullied for it! The bullying has gotten so bad that i tried committing suicide in the 8th grade twice and this year i thought about it once,i try not to let it bring me down but i cant stand my appearance and i don't think ill ever like myself until my nose is fixed!at school i hate getting in the back of pictures because im always faced to the side and my nose is so large that i feel it stands out! We are really tight on money and i don't know if id ever be able to get it done. How much are nose jobs on average? If anyone can help me out that'd be much appreciated !thanks

After seeing all of your helpful comments on...

After seeing all of your helpful comments on helping me make a decision i was actually turning against it! Then today came and i just really started to think about how im not happy woth myself so this decision wouldn't be to satisfy others, but more on making me feel better about my apperance


So about two months ago I've finally contacted a nose doctor and instantly we clicked he knew exactly what I wanted so I went in had all of my tests done and have an appt to set up a date for my surgery date which won't be for a few months because I need to save up! I do had allergies and a deviated septum so the surgery cost has been decreased being that I have a medical issue that my insurance is covering but the cosmetic part is 5,000.. I'm excited and will update once I have a set date
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