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Been searching for the best rhinoplasty Doctor out...

Been searching for the best rhinoplasty Doctor out there and finally I found the man for the job. Ever since I was in the 8th grade I can remember feeling insecure about the size of my nose and the way it appeared in pictures and how elongated it looked when I smiled. So as the years progressed I thought that maybe if I positioned my head in such a way or smiled a certain way my nose won't look so enlarged, wide or disproportionate to my face. Nevertheless there was nothing that could help subside the way I felt. At times I'm unsure if I want to look in the mirror, do my hair, or go on with my day because of it. I tend to stay away from photographs. As a woman it's very bothersome to feel like your hiding from your self. The nose essentially is the center of your beauty and the most dominant feature on your face. Well my nose is quiet wide, long, and the bridge is heightened also to mention the thick skin that I have. After my entail consultation with DR. Ashkan Ghavami via Skype he held pics on me sent via email and sketch out what I could expect he mentioned that he would narrow the base of my nose, refine the tip, reconstruct the bridge and contour around my eye area. He answered all of my questions made me feel comfortable and mentioned his expertise in rhinoplasty and ethnic noses. The doctors office is based out in Beverly Hills California, which I've never been so just imagine what I'm going to be spending in total. Yeah ALOT OF CASH I'm scheduled to go Late August .... I'll keep you posted ...also inbox me any tips you guys think I would need ...supplies ...etc

Rhinoplasty in 3 1/2 more weeks #Ghavami

Having my procedure for rhinoplasty in about 3 1/2 weeks I mean the pressure is on! My labs are due next week I'm really nervous and anxious at the same time I'm not looking for an extreme change just subtle and nice. Praying for functioning nose as well and not just looks. Praying to god all goes well

Cleared for rhinoplasty

Cleared for rhinoplasty Tuesday will be 2 weeks away, not really sure on how I feel because I'm very scared, anxious, nervous. My biggest concern is healing in a timely manner, the proper functioning of nose and of course the look, because believe me this is not something that you should be doing more than once, based on everything I've read I know Dr Ghavami is the best doctor to go with. Going under the knife again for the second time is definitely scary for me because i was such an emotional wreck. I'm praying to god that everything goes well .keep me n your prayers

Pre-op supplements

Started taking my pre-op supplements today, 14 days away until surgery. Praying to god all goes well with my recovery my biggest concern is any one going to notice the change? I'm not going for a drastic change, something very subtle. Anyone that got a Rhinoplasty that has any advice on people noticing the change.... ? Let me know ?

Bumps inside nose

I'm 9 weeks post op and I'm still incredibly swollen, however I have bumps and hates spots inside of my nose. Approximately how long does it take for this to resolve?
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