Seeking Opinions from Revision Rhino Pts - Miami Beach, FL

I'm considering Dr. Ghavami for a possible...

I'm considering Dr. Ghavami for a possible revision rhino to make my nose bigger. I had a very ethnic nose originally and my original surgeon completely altered it. I'm looking to make my nose 'stronger' overall- more structure, definition, and projection. If any of you have had a revision rhino with him and are willing to share your journey and pictures, I'd be SO SO SO thankful. You can inbox me through here and we can exchange emails. Thanks in advance. And good luck to everyone else receiving procedures. I hope you love your new look! <3

Seeking Opinions from Dr. Davis Revision Rhinoplasty Patients

Hello everyone. I'm highly considering Dr. Davis for a revision
rhinoplasty and am wanting personal experiences/opinions- good &
bad! If you're willing to share your journey with me, I would be
eternally grateful. Dr. Davis is currently my number one option; I love
his end results and am hoping he can transform my short, flat, and
upturned nose into a stronger, more defined masterpiece. If you're
willing to share your experiences with Dr. Davis, please inbox me and we
can chat through there privately or by email. Thanks so much. Take care
everyone xx
Pembroke Pines Facial Plastic Surgeon

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