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It’s been over a year since my 2nd rhinoplasty...

It’s been over a year since my 2nd rhinoplasty with Dr Ashkan Ghavami in august 2014 he ruined my nose completely give me a huge bulky nose, bulbous tip, collapsed bridge, pushed in columella, my nose is a complete botch.....  I had to wait a year in order to get another rhino to fix his mess…so i started my research...

After tremendous researches through worldwide forums including realself, makemeheal, rateMD, etc etc..since months. I narrowed my list between Dr Richard Fleming, Dr Jay Calvert and Dr Andrew Frankel. I found, Dr Fleming is extremely nice but he does not do much tip work and thats what I need. Dr Calvert is very confident but extremely expensive $40k …

 So I finally decided to go with Dr Frankel, During the first consultation he spent over an hour with me and explaining everything in great detail. He took photos and spent a good amount of time discussing everything he would and could accomplish. He will narrow the tip, make higher strong bridge, showing lil columela, and remove old scars. My goal is to get a really more refined tip from the front view; moreover, slim long nose . My first consultation went very well 5/5.

 After 3 weeks, I set up another consultation with him (the only thing I dint like that he consults with his fellows) and I wasn’t comfortable so I dint ask him many questions at that time - but Dr Frankel again explained me everything in detail again, 2nd consultation went fine 4/5.

After 2nd consultation, I booked my surgery date , paid the balance (fees) done with all the requirements as required - but I wanted to meet one more time again with Dr Frankel (not with his fellow) before my surgery, so I requested another consultation  and this time I wanted to go over everything in more detail. Sadly, Dr Frankel didn’t give me his time and asked me not to repeat my questions over and over. I felt neglected and his attitude was completely changed …I found it very weird…. My surgery is on September 24th and am so worried and depressed with Dr Frankel’s behavior….should I still consider him or cancel my surgery??? Anybody??? I like Dr Frankel and I totally trust him he is a great surgeon, I was surprised with his attitude …..
I will be posting my pics and you tube videos soon.....



So I decided to go with Dr frankel and am sure he will give me the result I want . AMEN!!
I can't believe my surgery is tomorrow morning, oh lord! am so very much nervous and trying to be more positive. I started my low sodium diet 3 days prior to my surgery as this will help with the swelling and the healing process, started taking bromelain and arnica. OMG! The day is here in few more hours, please wish me luck and pray for me please please everyone…thanks!! will update after my successful operation …AMEN!

Operation successful

Hi everyone, sorry for the late update..
operation went successful, Dr Frankel met me before the surgery, he put me on ease, I really like him. My surgery was at 2.50-3 hours..he used both of my ears for grafting
Am doing great, no swelling, no bruising
Left ear hurts the most but the rest is fine...
Keep you all posted...thanks everyone

Day 1 and 2

Here are my day one and day 2 pics....not swelling at all

Today's pic

Less swelling :)

So far so good

Cast comes off tomorrow, can't wait...
My columella swollen so much looks pretty big...hope it looks better!!!!

Cast off - Nose Swollen

HI everyone
I survived!! I was so much more nervous about today than I was about the surgery and recovery.
Dr Bassiri (Dr Frankel's fellow) is very nice, he took off my cast, cleaned my nose gently inside out and took off stitches from nose and both ears. Dr Frankel again very caring and genuine - answer all my questions - went over my post opp instructions.
My nose is very swollen and looks big, but i can tell its in shape now (still hard to tell as the tip is very swollen) . Am sure it will look good in couple of weeks when the swelling goes down. Sorry! could not post my pics rt now - but i will in 2 weeks for sure for sure!
Thanks all


So i got an infection
They put me on Cipro antibiotics - they also drain out some pus for a culture test to find out what kind of bacteria is it!! Deeply saddened today :( at this point i don't even know what to do anymore..
my nose is looking huge bulkier than ever so scared to see myself in the mirror :( :( :( :(


Hello everyone,
Sorry about not updating my status soon.
Am doing absolutely great - infection was completely off within one week and big thanks to Dr Bassiri (dr frankel's fellow) he took really really good care of me and treated my infection very well as dr frankel was out of the country. Dr Bassiri is very professional, friendly, and a great human being. Am sure he will be a great doctor and will treat all his patients with so much care.
So far my nose is looking more defined and in shape but still swollen as it has not even been a month yet. but so far it looks soooooo much better. Dr frankel is truly an artist, having this surgery with Dr. Frankel was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I recommend him as highly as humanly possible. OMG am really star liking my nose so much
Dr frankel patient coordinator - Vicki has been wonderful. She responded to all of my questions promptly; she is very helpful and responsive.
I will keep you all posted and soon will upload my pics
Thanks a lot everyone

Not sure about the results

Hi everyone,
Here are my pix before and after, and am not so sure about the results...I don't see much tip refinement and nostrils are uneven...I so hope that it's still swollen as its only been about 6weeks...
Will keep you all posted



i have to go through another surgery; first one didnt come out the way was expected.
my surgery was today with Dr. Frankel again but got cancelled bcz Doc. got sick :(
hopefully, i get an appointment soon. I hope they take care of their existing clients first then taking care of the new ones.

unfortunately, this is my 4th surgery. i would need rib graft. i really want someone good. anyone who got their Rib grafting done with frankel?

cast off

hey guys; cast came off today. not so sure about the results yet!
it does not look bad, but still looks bulky and no tip refinement. it looks small and short actually,,
hopefully swelling goes down and looks lil bit slim and sharp. i will keep you all posted

Thank you


Yesterday, I woke up with a red nose tip and fever. Am afraid I may have gotten an infection again. I emailed Dr. Frankel's office, and haven't heard anything yet :(
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