Revision Rhinoplasty and Mommy Makeover with Dr. Ghavami - Beverly Hills, CA

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After thinking about it for so long, I have...

After thinking about it for so long, I have finally decided to schedule a revision rhinoplasty and mommy makeover with Dr. Ghavami. I am a little apprehensive about the timing because I will be starting work less than 4 weeks after my surgery date, but it's the soonest date available.

I plan to update my review and add pictures.

Quick Update

Thank you to those who have contacted me to check on how I’m doing. I’m sorry I did not post an update sooner. I tried to list this entry in both the mommy makeover and revision rhinoplasty categories but wasn’t able to. I will attempt to separate and organize my posts for each procedure at a later time, along with adding proper side-by-side photos of my before and afters.

A little background, for the mommy makeover I wanted to regain some of the shape my body had pre-pregnancies. I had a pooch and lots of loose skin on my tummy. I also didn’t like how my thighs protruded out on the sides.

As for the revision rhinoplasty, the tip of my nose had shifted to the left over the years (5 years since my rhinoplasty), and my breathing was impaired on the right side which looked caved in, and Dr G. agreed it was off-center. He also said I have a very high profile which he described as a “masculine trait,” and I was glad he mentioned it because I really hated that my last doctor raised it so much. Dr. G’s plan was to address the asymmetry of my nose, the high-set bridge, and general refinement because it was so round and lacked definition.

Currently I am having issues with swelling, which I’m told is very common with revisions, and the incision scar is more extensive than I expected. I’m seeing Dr. G about steroid injections and dermabrasion. Scheduling follow-up appointments has been difficult, especially with the holidays, but I have an upcoming appointment in January. I will do my best to provide more updates on how my healing is coming along.

Thanks again for the support! :D

Update on Nose Revision

Not sure how much swelling is left, but I'm getting closer to the one year mark.
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