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I just had a revision with Dr. Frankel and while...

I just had a revision with Dr. Frankel and while it hasn't been that long, I am already very pleased with my nose and it is a huge improvement over my primary results. I have the typical swelling that is to be expected at this point and I hope that as everything settles down, I will only like it more. I feel far less self-conscious of my nose this early on than I did with my primary at any point. 

My nose seems to be healing well. I do like it so...

My nose seems to be healing well. I do like it so much more than my primary nose. I was looking at my primary nose pics and then compared to my revision nose and it made my primary nose look even worse that I thought it had. I still can't believe how they managed to make it look as bad as it did, okay, I have to stop lamenting about my primary. The good thing now is that my primary nose is behind me and I am very happy with my new nose. Is still has some slight issues but really I don't think the average person would notice. We are always our own worst critics. My nose had some unique issues because I had a crooked tip from an injury to begin with so that has complicated things from the start. All I know is that I am very happy that I have found Dr. Frankel and feel confident in him doing any minor touch-ups that might be needed (to adjust alar on the side where my nose had the impact). I still have a long way to go so I just try not to analyze it too much. My kids are a great distraction during the healing process, I just have to make sure they don't bop me in the nose accidentally!

the healing continues

I will see Dr. Frankel in the fall for a follow-up. I think I may need a couple of adjustments and I am hoping they are minor. I think that for an excellent revision surgeon like him, these issues will not be too complex to correct. I do feel that he is easy to talk to about concerns and doesn't brush you off and that is reassuring itself. I have heard stories of people who can't seem to get decent follow-up care from their surgeons and I do think Dr. Frankel is very good at this. He isn't big into providing details but he does validate any concerns you may have or questions though there is only so much he can do or say until adequate time has passed and he has seen you in person.

almost one year has gone by

Dr. Frankel is going to do a couple of minor adjustments for me. I don't really want the look of my nose changed much, if at all. Now I am just trying to figure out when is the optimum time to do it and if it would be better to wait for another year to proceed. I feel confident in Dr. Frankel and he and I are both in agreement in what needs to be done. It is fairly minor in that most people unless they are also rhino patients, may not even notice. I am not looking forward to the healing process again but it went well last time though I had to deal with the swelling and oily nose for several months afterwards but that is to be expected. I found him to be very warm and kind at my last follow-up and was easy to communicate with. I really appreciate that.


Hello! I am updating as I finally came back onto Realself. I didn't check my hotmail for ages and I had so many messages and many that I may have missed from people on here. Please resend and I will answer. I am still considering and contemplating having my spreader grafts repositioned/augmented. Most people can't really tell what I am talking about but I notice it in the way the light hits my nose and I think the highlight that hits my nose looks like it comes in too much where the spreader graft has drifted inward. I want it fixed so that it improves my nose aesthetically (wider right where the bone and upper laterals meet up) and to ensure it's structure is sound for years to come. Who knows if this would have happened anyway or if it was a result of something that happened since the surgery. Dr. Frankel concurred when I last saw him over a year ago and he feels that it would involve much less recovery than last time. My husband is not too impressed and thinks I should just leave it but he is annoyed with the whole rhinoplasty journey anyway. PM me for more details. I know there have been mixed experiences with Dr. Frankel but he really did help improve my nose. I had a complicated nose (damage to cartilage from a sports impact) that made it less routine than some rhinoplasties as well as a disastrous primary (thanks to Profiles Beverly Hills- just thinking of that conjures up terrible memories).
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Frankel after corresponding with several of his revision patients personally. I also had a positive consult with him. I had a great experience with all of the other staff involved and liked the facilities. They are convenient and private. I feel like Dr. F is interested in my long-term result.

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