Frankel Could Not Deliver or Stand by His Work

I went to Dr. Frankel for a repair of the bossae...

I went to Dr. Frankel for a repair of the bossae and he took off 6 mm off the front of my nose, removed my columella and cut off my footplates. All which we never discussed. He gave me a pointy tip when I asked for a larger boxy one. Even his morphs he didn't remove my columella. Very confusing and depressing.

Update---meeting with other doctors

So, I did meet with a few doctors to see if this is all in my mind and most of the doctors cannot believe doctor Frankel took off the footplates. They say, unlike Dr. Frankel, that no doctors do that. However, this is why my nose is kind of floating off my face and not attached anywhere. The nose is badly deviated to the side. The nostrils are crooked and it swings off to the left badly. I didn't realize these things, only the missing columella and supratip break that Frankel said he deliberately tried to remove despite me only wanting the bossae covered. I only found one doctor that thinks my case can be improved or even done at all. It is very depressing and hard right now, but, I have hope somehow that this can be improved after looking at some of the cases on here. Lots of offices have told me they do rib, but when I get there, they tell me they don't. So, it's been disappointing. I'm glad other doctors are telling me how badly retracted my nose is because Dr. Frankel is like, it's not retracted and I didn't remove anything. I want to put up photos and let you see, but only if I can take them down, which I don't know if I can. I do realize we all have styles of noses we like and Dr. F gave me his style, despite me asking for something exactly like my own nose with just the bossae covered. I want to help people not get a surgery if it looks okay. I was very pretty and now I'm not, which is so scary. Most of the doctors tell me Dr. Frankel should not have touched my nose, but I wanted the bossae covered and discussed it with him and made sure we were on the same page. I felt I did everything right. Telling him, if you cannot do it, please don't. He promised not to take anything off. My columella now sits in a ball in between my nostrils which I found out yesterday from Rady Rahban. However, it's not so easy to just pull them down and re-suture them to something. They are grow together at some point and that is what I am dealing with and going to doctors to undo.
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

I like Dr. Frankel. He thought I was pretty, but I told him I wanted my bossae covered. He is charming and a very good salesman--he convinced me I was in good hands and that he would make my nose larger. I told him the issue with my previous surgeon was aftercare and he promised to let me speak to him directly. However, once I saw that he removed my columella, cut off my footplates and shortened my nose 6 mm, I tried contacting the office. Not only do my emails have to go through his front staff (as nice as they are), but, he writes back and claims to have had to go over things in the emails without ever addressing them. I have met with very good surgeons to help fix this and they say the footplates cannot be put back and that I need rib now to rebuild my nose. They say despite the addition of a graft on the bridge, that one isn't actually there. Dr. Frankel promised not to take any tissue out and just did whatever he wanted, cut things off and threw them in the trash. It's not only that he didn't do what he promised, it's that his refusal to call me to explain how to undo it, is very disturbing and toxic for a patient. I have communicated with lots of patients on here and they are all baffled why a surgeon won't contact them and answer their questions. Perhaps he is nervous about lawsuits, but the lack of response is what would make someone that upset. Mostly, people just want to be seen and heard. I am very disappointed in what Dr. Frankel did to me. And moreover that his ethics are not based in compassion or care about the patient. Yes, he did a lot to me I did not consent to, however, had he just called and treated me as a person with an issue and helped me get it fixed, I think I wouldn't be so upset. Please know this is just my experience and I do think he is a capable doctor. Just not a very good person at this point. He doesn't stand by his work and won't communicate with patients with an issue.

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