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This is the BEST plastic surgeon in California. If...

This is the BEST plastic surgeon in California. If you go to any other surgeon, you are nuts. I am a super beauty junky who is long-term lo friends with many actresses, picky high- maintenance girls and beauty insiders.

First, his technique is flawless-from injectables to more invasive surgeries, Dr. V's results are super natural and he is a true artist. Honest, straightforward, and truly the most gifted surgeon in the US. I started seeing him for injectables and now go I will never go to another surgeon.

I am one of the most discerning and difficult to satisfy patients a surgeon might expect to meet. I have spent most of my life obsessed with beauty products, processes and services. I also come from a family which earns their living building hospitals nationwide. Finally, I have seen most of the "top" physicians and surgeons not only nationally, but internationally and spentmore than 100,000 on cosmetic surgery. Despite many of my prior surgeons reputations, I have rarely been satisfied with their results with only two notable exceptions. I was so confident after meeting with Dr. V., I decided to fly into town only the evening before f surgery and go forward with what he recommended as the right course of treatment.

I originally came in asking for a "mid face lift", full face laser, and revisionary breast work (capsular removal and implant replacement). I was feeling that I was looking a little too tired and I was really dissatisfied with the unnatural look of my breasts, that had been done a few years before and ironically, on the same block in Beverly Hills by a doctor who had been featured in People Magazine for doing a whole host of surgeries on a television starlet. They were round and much too high, giving me a very unnatural look with or without clothing.

At my initial appt., Dr. V., actually downsold me! HE let me know i was over-reaching and didn't need a mid face lift; Instead he opted to soften ( my former admittedly, over-surgical look) by adding my own fat to my orbital sockets and lower face, something that cost thousands less. I cant tell you how shocked I was after my swelling subsided and I was able to see Dr. V's results!. The only way to describe it, is somehow, he used cosmetic surgery to transform me into my aesthetic ideal. Reall! My friends and family tell me I look like an entirely new person and I feel I have never looked better in my entire life. From the texture of my skin (baby smoothe and poreless), to the natural and soft breasts that look and feel natural, i couldnt have imagined a better result. Moreover, the biggest difference was the shape of my face. I had learned to live with my longer- oval face shape, camouflaging it with haircuts that had volume in my mid face. After Dr. V's work my face was symmetrical and more round and looked nothing like my longer horsey look. He is the genius of the industry.


February 13, 2013

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Since this review ,I have had seriously horrifying...

Since this review ,I have had seriously horrifying results from this surgery. Never refunded for procedure not done. Further, my right breast developed milia . Milia burst then liquid started squirting out. A week later Dr.V irrigated it and resutured wound to get it to close.Right implant burst and within a week about 1/3 cup of gel had fallen onto y side and clothing. Gel could only be removed with acetone andturpentine. Three days more and implant casing coming thru wound about three inches. Dr.V pulled the implant leaving me with saggy skin, super bad scarring,. He issued no refund and dropped me as a patient in my newly deformed condition.

I am in little physical pain but my social life is...

I am in little physical pain but my social life is zero . I even feel uncomfortable going to the gym because I have to pile on so many shirts to disguise my uni-boob situation.

I am feeling positive about the future. Since I am not out and about , I have been getting super organized with regards to timeline, costs, expenses, and result reports from Nov To Feb. I've downloaded thousands of emails and messages to back up exactly what happened word for word. I am just happy I have been really diligent about recording everything -I have 65 or more photos showing my progress every week since surgery , three videos of both fluid shooting out like a fire hydrant, the gel attached to lots of different surfaces, so the truth will prevail.
Further, my amazing and supportive boyfriend has been there financially to help me hire the best. I have had several consults across multiple states and I have two or three more before moving forward.

Advice to my Real Self Sisters if you find yourself in this situation:
1)Don't be afraid to reach out for help -me my friends were surprisingly kind and supportive and I even got out of a driving ticket ;
2)Recognize depression and sadness is normal given you probably feel a little "ugly", revisionary work is hard to get and much more expensive:
3)Don't blame yourself for feeling sad or angry and direct this energy into working out, and working on finding an angel to fix the mess.
4)Finally, know that mistakes and problems happen to everyone regardless of fault. Even if your surgery goes perfectly, you should always take photos and notes of your continuing recovery. Even if it is only useful in the off chance a third party intervenes-like a car accident etc. You will really be thankful for having kept all this info.
5)Keep to the facts and don't exaggerate or leave something out. Dont use the legal system as a windfall or lottery-IT ISNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lawyers are very expensive and are likely to eat up the majority if you get any award at all.
6)Perjury is a felony and can result in huge jail time, huge fines and loss of professional licenses-tell the truth with regards and be prepared to show photos to back it up.

I have had a little over five months to consider...

I have had a little over five months to consider and evaluate Dr.V. I think it is only fair that now that the extreme anger and unhappiness with my result from my hideous result from capsulectomy with Dr.V October 3rd, 2013, has subsided somewhat , that I offer REALSELF members a more fair and accurate evaluation of this dr.

Believe or not, this morning, I recommended Dr. V to one of my dearest girlfriends. He may not have had the years of experience with patients on their 4th or 5th breast augmentation., to do the best reconstructive work. Still, he is the , best and most natural facial surgeon, I have ever seen. He is the best at injectables and the only plastic surgeon I have ever met who can look at someone's face , and know exactly that their nose would look better with a 5% change in its angle, or that the addition or subtraction of facial fat would really improve their looks to a greater degree than a more expensive procedure like a face lift or similar. Dr.V is unparalleled in creating natural beautiful facial results.

I also do think he cares a lot about his patients, when hes relaxed, rested and not overwhelmed surgically.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I was very happy with him as a dr. until I suffered a complication and he abandoned me looking like a true freak show!!!!!!!He also overcharged me, since he didn't perform one of the most expensive procedures on my surgery schedule. He may be a great dr. when things are hunky-dory but make sure you get all you pay for and check out these photos of my new DR.V breasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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