My Consultation and procedure with Dr. Rahban - Beverly Hills, CA

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I have done a whole lot of research (about 8...

I have done a whole lot of research (about 8 months of searching) to find a Dr. to perform a breast revision due to capsular contracture , and tummy tuck. I found it very hard to find one that did BOTH very well. . . I FINALLY found Dr. Rahban! His portfolio is amazing, and after doing some research on him I was very impressed with the fact that he travels to other countries and does free work on people (lots of children!) who could never afford to get the procedures they needed done . Cleft lip, and palette being one of his specialties. What a nice man!
I have had my breast done for 2 years now, and developed capsular contracture during my second pregnancy. (i had them done in between my two pregnancies). I am also in need of a tummy tuck.
My consolation was today, and this man is SUCH a great guy! I realllllly liked him . He was so nice, so knowledgeable, and more importantly HONEST. he was in no way a salesman, he was not trying to milk me for everything i have.... He told me the honest truth about my breast , and that It may not be worth getting them redone, because I still lactate slightly. (yes 2 stinkin years later !! so annoying ). other surgeons never mentioned anything about that. He broke down the pros and cons for me. Other surgeons just said " yes I can do it for sure" . He also didn't try and get me to do liposuction which another thing other surgeons were trying to push me into getting. ... I am 5'2 and weigh 109 pounds! I don't NEED lipo!
Needless to say, I have set up an appointment to get my surgery.. I will be drinking sage tea to try and "dry up" the milk, and we will decide the week before if we are going to go ahead with the breast, but the tummy tuck is set in stone! very excited! I can't wait for him to work his magic on me!!

Will post pre op pics soon!

Update Post surgery

I am now 6 weeks post op. I just had my 6 week check up today. Got the ok to resume life as normal!! haha Very excited to start working out again !

I made some notes along the way with my healing process so I would remember to write them down!
First week: The pain was pretty bad the first few days, and swelling was pretty bad. By Tuesday (surgery was on previous friday) I did not feel the need for anymore pain meds. HOWEVER on Weds, and Thursday night I did take a Vicodine to help me fall asleep.. I could not fall asleep due to the ITCHING!!! It was driving me nuts. Id say it was even worse than the pain.
By the second week I was feeling a lot better. Stitches were out, drains were out at about 1.5 weeks. I also go to see my results for the first time. AMAZZING! I could not be more happy.
Its only gotten better and better, as swelling goes down ,my tummy is looking better and better. and I am so happy with my more natural looking breasts. Which i must mention: My last PS and I decided on 325cc which was supposed to give me a full C.. and when I received the op report for Dr Rahban, we discovered that he actually put in 400ccs without even telling me!!!!! That would explain my DD sized breasts!! Dr Rahban replaced my old implants with a new and improved 350cc implant :) and did what he called a sub-muscular neopocket and placed them lower so they sit more natural. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.
So overall Dr Rady Rahban is amazing. he is not only a fantastic PS, but a wonderful man who takes pride in his work. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone looking for a PS who is not just good... but GREAT.


a few more photos before, and after

6 weeks TT

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