Downsize Implants 200cc Range & Revision Full Anchor Lift. Beverly Hills, CA

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I decided to post my journey into my revision...

I decided to post my journey into my revision because of the limited reviews available in the 200cc range of breast implants. I want to start off by saying first that I loved everything about my augment/mastopexy except for the size. My PS did an amazing job and I feel confident that he will again in October. You can follow up on my other review in the mommy makeover section under: Wehaveliftoff

I was never quite comfortable with my size, but held out hope that the swelling would come down and settle into a C cup. The more that my breasts settled I then started to notice some unfavorable changes to my breasts at 14 weeks post op, such as pulling and sagging of the skin on the out folds of my breasts. I was told that the skin could relax but I feared that sooner rather than later, the weight of my implants would compromise my lift. I currently have Natrelle Moderate + silicone implants, sizes 371 & 339 CC (asymmetrical) behind the muscle with a full anchor lift. I measure anywhere from a 32DD to an ever shocking 32DDD! My breasts hide well in clothes and look beautiful in a bra, however in swim tops.... They are HUGE! They don't fit in tops appropriately. I need an extra small band size with an XL cup. Even in an XL cup I have "nip slips". For those of you who do not know what a "nip slip" is... Well my nipples pop out to say hello. I decided that a downsize is a must. My current stats: 5'4 118lbs before lift and augment, my PS said I would be a B cup with a lift alone. I don't want to be any larger than a C cup "appearance" so I'm looking at 213cc as well as tightening my lift and pockets. My pre-op is fast approaching (9/30) but I plan on seeing my PS for another consult to go over concerns, sizing and possible profile changes. I will keep you all posted through my journey!

Up to date photos of current breasts

18 week post op of full breast lift with implants.

Age: 37
Height: 5'4
Weight: 118lbs
Current implant: 371cc right, 339cc left Natrelle mod plus, silicone, smooth round.
Breast Measurements: 32DDD, 27inch

Check out my other Account: Wehaveliftoff

Hello All,

I have another account within the "mommy makeover" section named: Wehaveliftoff
Documenting my journey before and after my full breast lift w/ augment and mini TT to address revise my c-section scar and muscle repair. Please check it out.

I've been getting a lot of messages asking me why I want to downsize. It's a personal choice. Large breasts aren't for everyone. My whole life I had proportionate breasts for my body. I loved them. Not too big, not too small.

When I became pregnant in 2008 my breasts suddenly grew from a small 34C to a enormous 36DD. During that time I was very self conscious, uncomfortable and very much disliked my breasts. While they served a very important purpose (breastfeeding my daughter for 11 months) I looked forward to the day I could have my breasts lifted. I knew I wasn't going to do anything until after I was done having kids and done breastfeeding. I've been dreaming Of this since 2008.

Going into this, I never wanted to have large breasts like that again. My PS did a wonderful job. They are beautiful! We missed the mark on the size. I tried to get used to the size, even though I feel self conscious. After all, they look 100% better than what they did before surgery. However, I couldn't shake it. It still bothers me.
I feel like I did when I was breastfeeding. So now my next step is downsizing and revising the lift.

For some reason when I respond to comments, they will come from my: Wehaveliftoff account. I'm trying to figure that all out.

I'm so glad I posted this review. Hearing stories from other women that feel the same way I do helps. Thank you ladies!!!

Making my list. Checking it twice....

Gathering up my list of questions and photos for my consult tomorrow with my PS. I'm hoping I can stay focused and not feel rushed so I can get everything I need. Wish me luck!

Consult complete for downsize/ revision

I'm home from my appointment. Took some time with LA traffic. My appointment was at 3:30. If you're familiar with LA traffic on a Friday.... Oh man .. Gridlock hell. Took me 2 hours round trip, plus an hour appt in office.

That being said, it was worth the trip. I had about 10 minutes to myself in the consult room. Just the right amount of time to sift through the implants. I quickly found a mentor 150, 200 and 250cc mod + and my current 339 & 371. Wow, I didn't realize how heavy my current implants are until today. Up against an implant half its size... What a difference! I felt my current implants at consult but I was comparing it to larger ones at that time, thinking mine were the smallest option for my BWD. After seeing the smaller options I'm happy to be in the 200 range!

I asked all of my questions, showed him images of my breasts pre-kids, the above wish pics in terms of size "appearance".
I expressed my dislike for the how wide my implants are and skin on my outer breast fold. We discussed implant profile options in the 200 range. He said we should stay with the Mod+ for projection and diameter. I will say, he was reluctant to suggest a size because he doesn't want to be at fault, which I get. So I asked him to post my images and get me as close as he can lol.
He feels that I will have a beautiful result in the 200 range. I gave him 194, 213cc but also said if he feels 234cc will look better and within range, I trust him but no bigger than 234cc.

I also added that I want to high at tight! Crank it up!! He was amused. He reminded me of skin laxity, potential issues but said a smaller implant should help over the long term. (Very careful what he says)

We also discussed my "dog ears" on my tummy that we were going to watch till Jan, but said we'll fix it while I'm under. No downtime for that, simple incision, however slightly longer scar. I'm okay with that, his incisions are beautiful. Very fine.

Oh forgot to mention.. I asked if he could rewind my vectra image lol I was hoping to see what it could have looked like. But we couldn't. Worth a shot!!

I'm excited. Feel happy and trust that my smaller breasts will be great. SHOW LESS

Pre-op day tomorrow!

Tomorrow I have pre-op which consists of final paperwork, payment and blood draw. I started my Vitamedica Recovery Pack today. If you haven't heard of vitamedica, check out their website. I used their products with my first surgery and they worked wonders. I will be taking the clinical support for one month. The bromeline for 2 weeks before surgery and 2 weeks after.

Senokot is a stool softener.. A must!!!

Lots of water & Clean eating for the next month as well. Count down begins ... 2weeks to go!

My accounts have merged!

Yay! I contacted real self and they were able to merge my accounts. Downsizeme (breast revision) is now merged with Wehaveliftoff (mommy makeover).

Pre-op completed yesterday

Blood work done, paperwork signed and balance paid. We confirmed Natrelle style 15, silicone in sizes 194, 219 & 234cc.

I've been told by numerous ladies that this surgery wouldn't be as painful as my first. Nadia my treatment coordinator also made mention that this surgery will be a cake walk, stating that I probably will not need to many pain meds. I hope that is true. I don't do to well on pain meds. I get very nauseous. Thankfully she had that Rx ready for me!

I'm scheduled to check in at 11am on the 13th with a surgery time of 12pm. You'd think I'd be really nervous.. It hasn't set in yet. I'm more nervous, as of right now anyway, that I'll be out of surgery during LA rush hour traffic for hours, trying not to vomit and doubling over in pain.

I stayed at a recovery center last surgery.. That was AMAZING! It sounds like I'll be good to go, headed home into the evening and hopefully missing terrible traffic.

I've received a handful of messages from other ladies in my shoes both saying downsizing to 200cc was the best choice they had made as well as some women wishing they would have even gone smaller.

I'm praying that I'm happy with my size choice. I'd have to live with them if they are again, too big...At least for another ten years. My gut tells me I'll be pleased. Fingers crossed.

I'm so happy to hear from other women who have decided to downsize, especially to a modest size. It's been helpful to get a visual and at least try to guess if I'd fall into the same size appearance.

Thank you ladies for your input and sharing your personal expirience. I'm truly grateful.

5 days till surgery

We're getting close! I've been having very strange dreams and shooting pains in my breasts. I can make sense of the dreams, but not sure why all of the sudden I'm having nerve pain. Tuesday can't come soon enough!
I have all of my prescriptions, pre and post op supplies. Let's do this!!!

Surgery time changed

I just spoke with the nurse, my check-in /surgery time was changed from 11:30 to 1pm check-in and surgery at 2pm. They also said no food or water after midnight?!?!?!? Are you kidding me??? I'm hoping the Anestesologist tells me I have more wiggle room. Otherwise we might have a situation. I get very light headed, nausea and dizziness if I go too long without food or water. That's why I made sure to have an early am surgery last time. Unfortunately my PS didn't have anything in the am this time. If this is true, I will not have anything to eat or drink until 7pm because they expect me to be out of recovery around 6:30pm. That's if I'm coherent enough.

The butterflies are starting to kick in.... Shit just got real :)

The anesthesiologist saves the day!

We're all set! I can have solids up to 8 hours before and clear fluids up to 4 hours before surgery. So I'll be setting my alarm for 5am to make sure I have a yummy breakfast and my morning must have.. Coffee by 6am. I can rest easy ......

Pre-op downsize & revision to lift

I'm exactly 5 months post op today from my original surgery. We are in route to Beverly Hills. I'm feeling excited and anxious. I woke up at 5am and had a yummy clean breakfast. Filled up on water and coconut water to keep me hydrated through this heat. I Spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry. Please keep me in your prayers and thank you for all of your kinds words and support.
Hopefully if all goes well I'll be smaller and Perkier :))

All done and home safe.

Too loopy to post details but will soon

Downsize + revision of lift 213 & 194cc

Yesterday went great. Arrived at the office and took photos and went over implant sizes 194, 213 and 234. He said he'd pick based on asymmetry, which would match better. With my "old" implants I had a difference of 32cc's. My current implant choice were 19-21cc. I agreed to let him pick.

The nurse told me he chose 213 and 194cc. He also stated he might have to move the nipple if the skin didn't come together properly. I snack a peek.. He didn't have to move them. So he cut out a pie incision. I'm a little sore this morning beneath my breasts and due to take my next pain pill. I took some photos with my bra on because I don't want to mess with them :) so far I'm happy. I can already see a significant change in size and width. They also have a perky look.

Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes. I really appreciate it! Off to rest now.

Day 2 post revision

So far I'm happy with the size, can't wait to see what they will look like after the swelling goes down. I'm very swollen in my stomach as well. Overall I'm feeling good. Not even close to how I felt with my first surgery. I'm pretty sore in the rib area below my arm pits.

We discussed my previous reaction to surgical tape. He said he could use dermabond however it doesn't work as good. We agreed to use the tape and I will come in right away if I see any signs of allergic reaction to remove it and either place dermabond or remove it and do nothing depending on how well I'm healing. Last time we just removed 1 week post op and did nothing. So far I'm good.

I'm wearing a cozy bra on top of my surgical bra to keep the gals in place. Thanks to the advice of LynnCC!! I have extra support without squishing my breasts. I want to keep them as perky as possible. If that means doubling up for the next 6 months, then I will.

I completely forgot that he took care of my "dog ears" on my tummy as well. Those happy pills.. More like magic pills.

Still no bowel movement so I'm going to take more senukot and water water water!

Removed steristrips today

I knew before surgery that I would react to the steristrips, however we agreed to put them on anyway because my PS feels dermabond isn't as strong. He instructed me to contact the office at the first sign of allergy so that we could remove it and either place dermabond or do nothing. I woke up this am feeling a little itchy and became very red around the tape. Soft I went to have it removed. Right now I have dermabond and padded the incisions with non stick gauze. I was instructed to take Benadryl as soon as I got home. Done and done!

I'm feeling pretty good. I haven't taken any narcotics since 3am this morning. I did take a dose of Tylenol for the drive (I drove myself) not because I was in pain, just took it to be safe. I didn't want pain to kick in on my way there or on my way home.

I will say that this recovery has been very easy. I should probably knock on wood. My only complaint would be that I'm very bloated and have yet to go ... Number 2. I've been taking stool softeners and drinking plenty of fluids. Hopefully I get some relief since I'm no longer planning on taking any pain meds.

Now I'm left with: antibiotics, bromeline, arnica, recovery vitamins (start again tomorrow) and Benadryl, dependent on how this first dose takes care of my rash.

I'm loving my new breasts so far. I love how perky they are. I took some measurements yesterday. I'm now measuring 34inches across the front of my breasts. I looked up my measurements on a website, which states that I'm a 32C. I was 32DD bordering on that's good news! Only time will tell. I'm more concerned with how bras and bikini tops fit vs the number on the tag. I already see a difference in my silhouette. I feel like my new breasts balance out the rest of my body. I was feeling very top heavy before.

Off to rest now... The Benadryl is kicking in ... Good night lol

Angry Rash Wins Again.....

Oh boy what a day! I contacted the nurse at my PS office via text with photos of my rash. I asked if they could call in a Rx of oral steroid. I got an approval and while I was waiting for the Rx I got a severe itch attack and my skin felt like it was on fire. I took of my bras and dressings.... WOWZA!!!! My skin was so inflamed. Luckily my mom got home shortly after with the oral steroid, I took the first dose along with Benadryl and jumped into a cold shower.

I contacted the office to let them know I want to come in and remove dermabond just in case it was adding to the irritation.
They told me to come in right away.

The doctor thinks I may have a reaction to masitol not the strips. Its a solution they use to help the strips stick to the skin. Either way we removed the residue with a solution and placed wet cold gauze to the areas in hopes of calming the skin ... It felt amazing.

On my way home I was involved in a car accident. Someone clipped me from behind. Luckily I wasn't hurt. Can't say the same for my moms car eeeeeek.

Anyway I got home took my second dose of steroid and Benadryl, took a cold shower as directed with antibacterial soap.

Please sweet Jesus.... Clear up this rash.. My skin is on fire!


This pic was taken after we removed the surgical tape due to allergic reaction. You'd think I would have learned my lesson the first time. It took a week for my skin to react last time, so I thought I could keep the tape on for a couple days then have it removed at the first sign of redness. Of course my skin reacted much quicker. Don't be a ding dong like me folks :)))))))

I did it....

I kept telling myself to wait, don't try on a bikini top yet.
1. Because I was afraid to aggravate my already allergic reaction / rash under my breasts.

2. Because let's be honest, part of me was afraid .. What if they don't fit into a swim top appropriately? I didn't want to burst my own bubble, of already loving the new size.

I am over the moon happy to see my small frame. I was feeling very top heavy with my old implants. I honestly feel 10 pounds lighter. (I'm not lol)

So in my rash misery, I was slathering on aquaphore.. I looked over at my dresser, seriously telling myself.. Don't do it. But I caved... I broke out a oldie but goodie triangle top.... YEAHHHHHHHH BABY!!!!!!
My new breasts fit perfectly in it. I'm so excited! I know it's still early in the healing process and things could change. But for now I'm so happy.

I never felt this happy when I tried on swim tops with my previous size.... I want to do cart wheels... I won't .... But I want to :))))))

Day 4 of oral steroid, piggy back with Benadryl

Rash is still present. I have a bad feeling this will hyperpigment....

Perfect fit

I purchased this bikini for a trip to Bali that we had booked before my revision. We had to reschedule our trip because of our timeline with a current project.

I was over flowing in the top and below with my previous implants. I felt uncomfortable in it, but purchased it anyway, because it was the only one that I could find that could at least hold them in.

Like I've said previously I wasn't excited about wearing swim suits before because I was self concious about the size of previous implants.

I tried on this top this morning ... I LOVE MY NEW SIZE!! I can't wait to wear it. Just another confirmation that I've made the night decision.

It's just keeps getting better...

This bustier swim top was in the goodbye pile for months. I couldn't get anywhere close to getting it on my previous implants. They were too wide and big. I'm just giddy right now!!! All of the goodbye bikinis are back in the mix!

Took a trip to VS ...

I ran over to VS to grab some undies. I didn't even attempt to try on any bras (rash in final stages of healing and my incisions are still tender) the thought of wearing the underwire rubbing my already sore skin.. No thank you. Besides I'm only wearing my surgical bra with a cozy or a molded high impact sports bra with a cozy for the next 3 month, so no point anyway. However, I did try on some pretty lingerie. I've been dying to get some pretty teddies and such for my hubby since my first breast surgery. I wasn't able to fit into anything that resembled a teddy. My breasts just flopped out of the sides and looked saggy. Those cute lace bralets were a no go as well... Total bummer.

I found some really cute lace sets, I couldn't wait to try in on.... I'm so excited, I feel youthful and sexy. My rash is still healing so I'll have to hide it in the closet for now...

Some changes....

I'm two weeks post and feeling pretty good for the most part. A few things I've noticed:

I developed some openings beneath my breasts in the inverted T (where all of the incisions meet below breast) it's a common occurrence due to tension and low blood supply, I actually had it happen with my last lift as well. I sent some pictures to one of the nurses at the office. I was I instructed to keep areas clean, with mild soap & water, apply Neosporin 2x a day and cover with non stick gauze. I've had to add non stick gauze pads to give my bra some cushion beneath the breasts. The area is so sensitive in general, the sores are adding to the annoyance.

My right breast has already scabbed over, my left is still trying to heal. My left breast in tender in the area, but no fever, no foul smell. Hopefully it clears up quickly.

I'm also "spitting" some stitches. My PS said at 2 weeks I could lift my son. I don't feel 100% good about it. I'm going to hold out for another week. No pain, just worried it might be too soon. Especially don't want to add any extra pressure on the incisions.

Me rash has cleared, but I'm left with come hyperpigment (no surprise) My skin is peeling where the tape rested. My PS wants me to wait until all wounds are healed and no scabs are present before I apply any scar cream or moisturizer.

I can't wait to work out again. Still on hold. I'm still sleeping on my back and plan to until capsules heal (3m).

I'm very happy with the size. I feel like a good C cup right now. Only time will tell if I have any drastic size changes. So far very happy! I'm waiting until all wounds are healed before I get into bra shopping.

That's all for tonight! Goodnight ladies :)))

More my size ...

Decided to throw on a bra that I purchased after my first surgery. It's a Natori feather bra (this bra style runs small) size 32DD. I started bursting out of it at 3 months and had more settling in my breasts. That's when I was measured again at 32DDD & 32E/F. YOWZA!!

The bra is loose in the cups now, but actually looks like it's fits better now than before. The girls were large and in charge!!

Update Inverted T update: Gnarly

I've been applying washing the area with mild soap and warm water, applying Neosporin and non stick gauze 2X a day for a week.

The area started out very tender and sensitive. A couple days into my treatment I noticed that areas began to sting. I went to clean the area in the shower and felt 2 poking stitches at the base of the inverted T and the top of the vertical incision. They are sharp and very sensitive to the touch, the size is larger. No fever or foul smell. I have noticed that the gauze is sticking to the area, when I clean the area it removes the top layer :-/ making it raw and secrete a yellow like film. Again not too scared as I had this happen with my first lift, just not this big, nor did it have spitting stitches and it healed very quick.

I've sent pics to the doc and all seems to be fine But said I can come in if I'm overly concerned. I said I'd wait to see how I feel this week.

I'm a little concerned that the spitting stitches are slowing the process down. I've been reading that these areas can take weeks to heal and sometimes a stitch needs to be removed in order for it to heal. Uggggggh I hope not. The thought of someone digging in there is enough to make me sick.

So I'm going to try and hold out till my 3 week follow up next Monday. I've been taking my vitamins and protein to help my body heal as well.

Anyone else had any issues of healing in this area with a spitting stitch present? I'd love to hear if you have.

There is a silver lining... Lol aside from above info, my incisions are paper thin. I will try to take progress photos tomorrow.

Officially 3 weeks post-op downsize/revision

Three weeks flew by relatively quick. Took the time to post some progress pics. I haven't noticed too much change in dropping. I've been wearing 2 bras around the clock, 24 hours a day except to shower. This seems seems to have worked so far (yay) but it's still early in the healing process.

I wear a front closure Hanes sports bra (pictured in black) with either a Hanes cozy bra or a high impact sports bra with molded cups. Both have wonderful support without squishing my breasts flat. They keeps the girls in their place at night while I'm sleeping too. I owe all of this wonderful advice to LynnCC. Thanks doll!!

My hyperpigment from my rash is slowly fading. But still very much present. This will take months and much needed patience.

I'm peeling like crazy where the strips were placed. My PS advised me to not moisturize (risk of infection) until my appointment next Monday. However he said that at my one week check, I now have the open wound beneath my left breast so I'm sure he'll say no to both moisturizer and scar treatment until it's closed.

I have spitting sutures on my right vertical
Incision and my inverted T on my left breast. I have left them alone for now.

My scars are paper thin, which I'm very happy about. With the exception of the wound on my left breast. I reviewed some of my old pics from my last lift today, only to realize that I had one almost as large (thought it was smaller, funny how we forget) an healed up beautifully. So I'm hopeful to have the same result. Either way it's in the breast fold so no biggie.

I feel good, but still cautious. I've read to avoid heavy lifting and reaching when dealing with and inverted T wound. Added pressure only lengthens the healing time.

I have noticed some zingers, nerves are a healing! I still feel bloated or like I'm retaining water. A cleanse is in order.. But that will have to wait. Have to keep my protein up while healing.

Thank you ladies for such great support!

Week 3 Post-op downsize/revision

Three weeks flew by relatively quick. Took the time to post some progress pics. I haven't noticed too much change in dropping. I've been wearing 2 bras around the clock, 24 hours a day except to shower. This seems seems to have worked so far (yay) but it's still early in the healing process.

I wear a front closure Hanes sports bra (pictured in black) with either a Hanes cozy bra or a high impact sports bra with molded cups. Both have wonderful support without squishing my breasts flat. They keeps the girls in their place at night while I'm sleeping too. I owe all of this wonderful advice to LynnCC. Thanks doll!!

My hyperpigment from my rash is slowly fading. But still very much present. This will take months and much needed patience.

I'm peeling like crazy where the strips were placed. My PS advised me to not moisturize (risk of infection) until my appointment next Monday. However he said that at my one week check, I now have the open wound beneath my left breast so I'm sure he'll say no to both moisturizer and scar treatment until it's closed.

I have spitting sutures on my right vertical
Incision and my inverted T on my left breast. I have left them alone for now.

My scars are paper thin, which I'm very happy about. With the exception of the wound on my left breast. I reviewed some of my old pics from my last lift today, only to realize that I had one almost as large (thought it was smaller, funny how we forget) an healed up beautifully. So I'm hopeful to have the same result. Either way it's in the breast fold so no biggie.

I feel good, but still cautious. I've read to avoid heavy lifting and reaching when dealing with and inverted T wound. Added pressure only lengthens the healing time.

I have noticed some zingers, nerves are a healing! I still feel bloated or like I'm retaining water. A cleanse is in order.. But that will have to wait. Have to keep my protein up while healing.

Thank you ladies for such great support!

Inverted T- Wound update


Just got home from my PS office. He had to "trim" a poking suture that was aggrivating the area and keeping it from healing. It was painful. I think he actually removed it, but baby caked me because I expressed fear of what would happen if we did. He assured me I had nothing to worry about and away he went. He then placed something called SilvaSorb. I guess it keeps the meaty area sealed in a gel like layer keeping bacteria out. Let's just say I let out a few F bombs in the chair, followed by a few I'm sorry's, then a few more F bombs.

You ever get that pain.. The kind that makes your stomach turn.. Like you're going to throw up????? Well that sums it up.

He said no more Neosporin, just a dry gauze. Right breast looks great, healed with no issue.

I'm sore, but the good new is I can't feel the poke. This morning I couldn't raise my left arm because I could feel it poking the rib under my breast. Now I can and feel nada.

He did leave the other suture near the vertical incision, said that one isn't an issue and should stay.

I'll see him next week for my regular follow up and to check the area as well. He said its will take a few weeks for area to close entirely.

4 week post revision

It's been 4 weeks since my revision and 2 weeks since I developed a wound to the inverted T area on my left and right breast. The right side healed up in just a few days. My left... Is taking longer. I went on for a check-up yesterday and my PS said it looks good, healthy tissue and clean. I'm getting a tiny bit of bleeding when I change the dressing, but he's not concerned with it. He wants to see me weekly and continue to wash 2x a day with mild soap and apply non stick gauze. He mentioned that we have a few different options for healing such as wet to dry dressings, saline rinses. Silvadene and triple antibiotic ointments are out of the question due to my sulfa allergy. So I took a trip to CVS to purchase more non stick gauze and some saline wound care. It's slowly getting better.. But again... Time and patience is a must.

I have another appointment next Wednesday, so we'll seeeeeeeee. SHOW LESS

Saline wound wash

Yay yay yay!! Starting to see some progress. I began using saline wound wash yesterday, wow what a diffence. My dressings aren't getting stuck like before. I've done a total of 4 dressing changes with the saline, so it could be a coincidence. The edges of my wound are starting to shrink and soften. It no longer feels like a hole, deep in the tissue. That creeped me out a bit .. Eeeek

No pain or discomfort. Feels dry, so I'm trying to keep my left arm in check. I don't want to dry skin to split open and bleed or something. I took picture after my shower and saline rinse for your viewing pleasure :)


Saline wound wash did the trick. I've been waiting for the wound to scab over (dark brown) to my surprise the wound is closed with Some dry skin almost peeling off. I'm going to continue with the saline wound wash and dry gauze just in case. I have another follow up on Wednesday to evaluate the area. Hopefully I'll get cleared to workout and start up on my scar cream.

5 week post op - downsize revision

Hello ladies!

5 weeks came and went! I was suppose to see my PS today for a one week follow up to check the progress of my lower left breast today.. However, I decided not to go in because the area is closed (yahoooo) & It's about a hour drive back and forth. I sent pics to the office. He said I can start using my Biocorneum scar gel, I'm cleared to do lower body workouts and light weights to upper body as long as I have no pain. I'm looking forward to getting back into the gym!!

I haven't noticed any major changes other that the left breast wound healing. I'm still diligently wearing two bras 24/7 (high impact sports bra with molded cups with a Hanes cozy bra or Hanes front closure cotton bra. I thought this would drive me crazy but I'm very comfortable and my breasts feel secure without feeling squished.

I went to dinner with some girlfriends last week. I wore a full support bra with my dress.. It felt strange .. I'm so used to the feeling of wearing two bras for support!! I'll continue to do so until I'm at least 3 months post.

I'm loving how natural my breasts look and feel. I have zero pain and they are very soft and squishy. My skin has hyperpigment from my surgical tape allergy. It's pretty prominent, but I have product to help speed up the healing process. I'm going to start it up soon. I dug out some bras I wore before my first breast surgery. They are 32D Natori Feather Bras and they fit perfect, but things can change it the upcoming months.

I took some photos. I apologize for the terrible lighting! I'll take some better ones in the daytime :)

Oh and please excuse my nipples lol they've been squished in the bras day and night.. making them point in odd direction when I took my bras off :))

Off to bed! Good night!!

VS Knockout sports bra

Did some shopping today. Popped into Victoria Secret to try on their "knockout" sports bra. I've been hearing so many great things about it. I wanted to try on a 32C but none were available, so I tried on a 34C, 32D and 32DD. YOWZA! PAINFUL! I think the 34C (grey) was the right fit for cupsize, but the band was too big. The 32D and 32DD (black) felt more comfortable in terms of my incisions, but felt all three squished my breasts together and pushed them up, making them very uncomfortable, pretty painful actually. The sales girl suggested I wait another couple weeks before I purchase one. I agree, maybe even longer. My incisions are very sensitive still. I completely spaced it (had my 21m old son with me, he wasn't in the mood lol) and I forgot to ask if they had a wireless option. Shopping with toddlers .... What fun! Lol

6 week update

Not much change around here! I started using my Biocorneum scar serum this last week (2 x a day). The area on my left breast where I had the tissue breakdown is closed and slightly red (to be expected). My incisions are paper thin and hyperpigment from tape allergy is still present (again to be expected). I finally feel 100% when lifting and carrying my son so that's great news! No soreness when we cuddle or I receive an accidental head butt or swift kick during diaper changes :) I'm so happy to be at this point in my healing. It's been a long 6 months. At this point my only complaint would be (if I had to pick one) would be the hyperpigment from my tape allergy. But honestly, it doesn't bother too much as I know it will heal. I'm so excited about my current size, shopping and clothes that I haven't let it get to me. Again, only validating I made the right decision. For those of you wondering what my bra size is.. I fit perfectly into a 32D right now. I only purchase Natori bras so it could be different in other brands. I tried on the VS knockout bra in a 34C and 32D this past week, they didn't have a 32C available. The C cup fit great but the band was too big. The 32D felt good too. So I'm guessing I could fit into a 32C as well. Either way I'm happy! Everyone have a great day!

9 weeks

Hello ladies!

It's been pretty busy around here since Thanksgiving! Feels like I haven't had any sleep since then as well. We went on a trip for a week so my sons (22months) sleep was completely interupted, barely sleeping at all during the night. Since then he's been waking up multiple times a night, only wanting me and only wanting to sleep on me, which means I still can't sleep. So I'm EXHAUSTED lol

I haven't had any time to take my usual photos. I'm still wearing two bras 24/7. I haven't noticed any major changes. However, my husband did notice that this pair isn't as "soft" as my other. He said they are soft and squishy but the others were VERY soft and squishy. We think its from the wearing the double bra. Things are slower to settle this time around, which I'm very happy about.

Clothes are wonderful! I have the perfect amount of cleavage. Oh I almost forgot!!!! The one thing that I was most excited to buy after having my breasts done was the beautiful lace bralettes from Free People. My bubble burst when I couldn't fit in them with my previous breasts. I can now!!! I bought a few (size small and medium depending on the cut)

My current bra size is 32D. 32C is too uncomfortable! I'm very happy with my new size :)))

Here are some pics that I took while trying on some dresses. I'm wearing a bralette (zero support) with the wine colored dress. Love the cleavage. It's subtle :)

I have no bra on with the black, but you can see the projection :)

I'll try to take some progress pictures later today. Off and running :)))

Pics didn't upload

New Years Digs

Hello Ladies! Hope you are healing well and had a wonderful Holiday! I can't believe the year is coming to an end. I found my NYE dress and couldn't be more happy with my progress. This dress is a XS and the boobs look amazing in it! They fit beautifully in the triangle top.

I'm still wearing two bras 24/7 and fitting into a 32D in most Bras (old bras in my drawer) I haven't been to a specialty shop just yet but plan to at my 3 month check.

I'm about 2 weeks shy of my 3 month post op. I had to cancel my last check up because I wasn't feeling well. Which reminds me, I need to schedule one!

Nothing new to report. My only complaint is my hyperpigment from the surgical tape allergy but it's slowly fading. I started using a product from "skin Ceuticals" to help move it along. Only time and patience will tell :))))))

Progress photos

3 month post revision

Hello Ladies,

Hope everyone is well! I went to my 3 month check last Thursday everything went so well, I don't need to be seen until June! I couldn't be happier at this point. I haven't noticed any changes really! I'm still wearing two bras 24/7. I've gotten so used to it that it almost feels strange not to!

I love shopping right now..going a little overboard! Clothes fit beautifully. I've been dying to wear this maxi dress my husband gifted me after I had my daughter and lost all of my baby weight. I wasn't able to enjoy it because the girls were a mess. It's been in my closet ever since. After my first augment I couldn't wait to wear it... Only to be disappointed because my breasts were too big and wouldn't stay in the dress lol.

I have a Maui trip planned in April, It's prefect for Maui. I whipped that puppy out again... YAAAAAAAAASSSSSS I can finally wear it confidently!!! It's the little things that make me happy lol.

Up until last week I had been doing light cardio for exercise. I started doing Piyo this week. I feel great, even in a push up position.

I attempted to hit the slopes as well. I haven't been snowboarding since last Feb so I set my expectations low. In hindsight it's rather silly for me to be boarding. I didn't get hurt but came close, trying to avoid a beginner. I came to a quick stop on my toe edge and landed in a push up position. It wasn't painful, but scary.

Now Bras... I'm still fitting comfortably in a 32D or 32DD, depending on the bra co. Still perky. Still happy!

I have a triangle of a scar underneath my left breast where I had tissue breakdown. It's creating somewhat of a pull in the skin. My PS said not to worry, keep applying scar cream and the scar will soften. Not too concerned, my husband is the only one under there ;)

Self confidence: I do not regret my first surgery or any money I have invested. My self confidence has returned. I feel sexy again and my husband is happy ;) Stella got her groove back!

4 months post revision: officially sized for Bras

Hello Ladies,

I'm at 4 months post revision. Time has been flying by. Spent most of the day shopping. I've been sitting on some gift cards that my mom gave me for Christmas.. Wanted to hold out until I was ready to purchase some new bras! I've been wearing two bras consistently, 24/7 except for a few occasions, like a night out with my husband or friends. I attempted to go braless one night, bringing a bra in my purse just in case. Lol Going braless didn't last long, I'm so used to having such great support that it felt too strange to go without.

Anyway I took a trip to Nordstroms to pick up my go to, all time favorite bra, the Natori Feather Bra. I've been fitting into 32DD, but decided to get fitted anyway. Why not?!? I wasn't surprised when she said 32DD, however she did say I would get an even better fit in 30DDD. So she asked me what type of bra I was looking for. I told her my goto Brand and style, which is lightly lined, no padding and absolutely no push up! She then came back with 8 bras in sizes 30DDD and 32DD, in brands Natori and Chantelle. Now, I've said it once and I'll say it again, GO TRY ON A NATORI FEATHER BRA!!! They are wonderful!! I needed a black and cafe colored bra, these colors rarely go on sale, However seasonal colors always go on sale for 40-50% off.

So back to size, the 30DDD fit rather well around the ribs but the cups seemed to be more full coverage compared to the 32DD. I ended up getting a black and cafe colored .... Natori Feather bra size 32DD!

The Chantelle bras seems stiff, the underwire too. The lace and fabric in the Natori bras are so soft against the skin and the underwire is very comfortable. They run $69 full price, but I promise you they are worth every penny!

So the Verdict: 32DD it is!

Some more pics from bra shopping


Some photos from a laying down position. I'm very happy with how natural my breasts look :)

I might need to cut back on the underwire, it's making my anchor incisions pretty angry! I only wear them for a short time currently but maybe too soon!

When in Vegas...

I love shopping for Vegas!

21Day Fix / Mini TT update

Getting motivated for summer. We've been traveling more than usual, making it harder to maintain my normal diet. Alcohol is the devil lol. I'm one of those people that doesn't drink on a regular basis, so when I do, I end up eating like crap for 2-3 days to ease the hangover.

I was on a good streak of going to the gym almost everyday before my revision. Mainly cardio and light weight lifting. After my revision my son developed separation anxiety, making it impossible to leave him with the daycare at the gym. I would drop him off only to be paged on the intercom ten minutes later. He wasn't having it AT ALL. I decided to try some home videos that a friend suggested called Piyo. Love love love. The videos are about 30 minutes. The same friend recommended 21Day Fix. They arrived while I was away this weekend, on yet .... ANOTHER TRIP! Ugggghh. These trips are killing my routine.

My husband dropped a bomb on me, said we're heading to Mammoth for 4 days to snowboard, leaving yesterday. I said no, not going to happen. Lol I told him, he should go, I'll stay with the kids. He ended up meeting his sister in Tahoe instead for a quick 2 day trip for fresh snow.

Finally today, I opened up the box, set a alarm for 21 consecutive days and did the first 30 minute Cardio Fix video. It felt so good to sweat and struggle!! I normally have to wait until my son takes a nap. But I took a chance, popped in a movie on the iPad and gave him snacks. Yeeeeeeeeessssssss he didn't make a peep for the entire 30 minutes. That's impressive for a 25 month old LOL
For those of you without kids... This is a big deal!!

Anyway, I have a trip planned in April. Headed to Maui with my mom, one of my best friends and her mother. Little mother daughter vacation. As well as a few other vacations in the summer, so I need to get my ass in shape. I've never been a person who LOVES to work out. It's a love hate for me. I want to change that. Especially now that I'm approaching 39. Here's to working out .. Alarm set Lol

Oh and I'm 10 months post mini TT. Forgot to mention that I'm considering having my navel piercing scar removed. I wish I would have done it when I had my mini, but at that time the scar wasn't as bad. Now that I'm at my pre-baby weight I've noticed some sagging in the scar tissue. It's only noticeable when I lay down, making my BB look wrinkled. When I stand it's pretty firm. I discussed briefly in a previous appointment, but I'm pretty certain I'll have him take care of it. It's a simple procedure under local anesthetic in office. I'm not sure of the cost. Anyway here's some photos!

Some update pics & from summer 2016

Please refer to my other review for update details!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Diaz is a phenomenal surgeon. He and his staff are amazing. I had a mommy makeover 5 months ago, which included a full breast lift with augment and a mini TT. My results were BEAUTIFUL. After about 3 months I realized that the impants I chose were bigger than I wanted. I struggled with the idea of downsizing at first, because he did such a great job, I didn't want to chance the complications that can come with revisions. He was very understanding and informative, I felt confident that he would again make them beautiful in a smaller package :) I'm one week post op from a downsize and lift revision and I'm in love with my new breasts. I feel like my pre baby self. Thank you Dr. Diaz and Staff!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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