485cc Natrelle Inspira Silicone SubMuscular BA Pre Op & 1 Week Post Op - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hi everyone! First let me apologize for the...

Hi everyone!
First let me apologize for the length of this review. I was inspired to write a review after reading so many positive ones on here. I am a naturally inquisitive person and did ALOT of research before I scheduled my BA. And, none of that research helped me as much as this community and this website. My review is so long because I hope to answer all your questions and concerns in one shot! I got so much good information but I had to go to so many sites and read so any stories. Hopefully my journey and story can help you in some way or in the very least, make you laugh. Thank you all

On to the review:
My specs:
Age: 38
Height: 5'1
Weight: 128
485cc Natrelle Inspira Silicone
Under breast incision

One week Pre op:

The mental game:
I was so excited and so nervous. I was worried about everything from anesthesia complications to just not liking my BA. In the end, I had nothing to worry about. I love my breasts so far.
During that pre op week I stopped all my daily vitamins, etc so maybe that contributed to my craziness but I went back and forth about not getting my BA and and being excited. I questioned my decision so much that I drove my husband a little crazy. But, ladies... I urged you to fight yourself and go through with this surgery. It will and has been an emotional roller coaster but I am happy I went for it.
I also experienced what I people call "graduation goggles" about my real breast. Like when you're about to graduate high school and everything you hate about school all of the sudden isn't so bad anymore because you're graduating? Same for my natural breasts. They looked bigger than usual and prettier. Lol. That's why I had second thoughts about surgery. Ladies, fight the graduation goggles!

My PS:
I have mixed reviews about my PS. He is very talented and well reviewed but has zero bedside manner. But, that's ok I would rather my PS be talented than hold my hand. Which is why I relied so heavily on research and RealSelf to answer all the questions that my Doctor didn't.

Picking my size:
The one piece of advice I kept hearing over and over was GO BIGGER! I kept that in mind when I went to my pre op appt. I went under muscle so I knew some of my implant would be compressed so, when I tried on my sizes I went with the one that was one size larger than the one I loved. I loved the way the 450cc looked and even that was a touch to large. Remembering all the advice about going bigger; I chose a 475cc which became a 485cc because the Inspira only came in 450cc or 485cc since they're 95% filled. I have no regrets so far. I remember reading about a lot of ladies that had to undergo revision surgery because they felt their implants were too small. All of that helped me pick my size.

The operation:
Ladies, I was NERVOUS two nights before surgery. However, when my surgery date finally arrived I was unbelievably calm. A peacefulness came over me. I hope you guys experience the same calm, it really helped me. My husband took me to my op and it was over before he even got comfortable in the waiting room!
Make sure to wear loose clothing. I wore sweatpants and a regular top and brought one of my husbands short sleeve button ups to wear post op. It was a great decision. His shirt was so loose and big I felt great ( it might have been the lingering anesthesia)
I also brought a small pillow for the car ride home, that helped.
I was worried about nausea, which seemed to be the most common post op problem. When I told my nurse, she decided to give me some Zolfran( anti nausea med) through my IV. Let me tell you, I didn't feel sick or nauseous AT ALL! Feel free to ask your nurse for this or at least tell them about your nausea concerns. It was the smarted thing I did.
I took my sister to her BA and she didn't get any anti nausea meds. She was a hot miserable mess for days after.
The surgery itself was a success. The scariest part is when they wheel you into the operation room. But, I was knocked out within minutes. When I woke up, I hadn't even realized the surgery was done! So, don't be overly worried about the anesthesia, they anesthesiologists are very well trained and everything you do to prep pre op is to make sure that part of surgery goes well. So, pay attention to your pre op instructions.

First day post op:
I felt great. Again that is due to the anesthesia and the Zolfran. My chest felt heavy but not unbearable. The only mistake I made was thinking I was invincible, trust me I paid for that the next day. I was moving more than I should because I felt good. My advice is to sleep and rest. Let your body recover. Time is your friend and you might feel fine but when those meds wear off you will be in for a world of hurt if you overdo it day one. Just relax, eat slowly if you can and sleep in a recliner to help keep your chest upright. I learned that the hard way.

Day 2 post op:
Remember when I said to sleep in a recliner? Here's why, you won't be able to use your hands to assist yourself in getting up. I think this is due to my implants being under my muscle. My chest was so tight and my pectoral muscles hurt. Which, made sense since there is a foreign object in my body and my muscle had been cut. I relied on my husband to help me get to and upright position and once I was up, I was fine and was able to move around. The pain is bad but it's localized to just my chest.
I was already warned by my friends and nurse that my breast were going to look strange and ugly the first two weeks. That's very true. These boobs are up to my neck. Literally. And they are so weird looking. They're still swollen and they look crazy. But, thank goodness for RealSelf. I was prepared for this. I also feel gross because I can't shower. Pain meds and antibiotics help a lot. Make sure to always eat something with your pain meds. Also, pain meds make you constipated.

Day 3 PO:
Less painful. Still very swollen and now the bruising is starting. My sisters surgeon suggested she use Bromlene and Arnica for sweeling and bruising. These should be taken immediately. It helped her post op tremendously, she never bruised. By the time I heard about these pills, it was too late for me to start. So, I bruised, badly. Also, there will be fluid in your body. Some from surgery and some that your body creates. The reason I me still this is that you will feel this fluid in your chest, near or under your throat. Don't freak out, it's normal and will slowly get abdorbed by your body.
My chest is still tight and the implants are still very high but, I've now learned that this is due to the excess fluids.
Good news, I'm finally allowed to shower and its glorious. Remember to pat dry and use non scented dove soap. Also, I'm still constipated.

Day 4,5,6 PO:
More of the same. Sleeping on my back and propped on pillows is starting to suck. My right breast hurts more than my left. I kept feeling shooting pains and finally investigated. It turns out that I have developed water blisters near the incision site. It's scared me but I've learned that it's common. I called my surgeons office and was told that its a reaction to the surgical tape. I was instructed to remove the tape, clean the site and apply Neosporin. The blisters themselves will also be re absorbed by my body and is nothing to worry about. Moving around isn't an issue but getting up is still a problem. I find that if I'm already propped up, I can kind of roll over and get up unassisted. But, I need my husband to help me get out of bed because I keep trying to over exert my chest muscles and pull myself up. And, I'm finally not constipated!

Week 1 PO:
What a difference a week makes! I am no longer in any pain. I can move around on my own and am almost at my regular routine. I feel much better.
I had my post op appt today. Dr says things are going well and I am now allowed to massage my breasts. I'm no longer on antibiotics or pain meds. I can now slightly sleep on my side. It's still uncomfortable but better than just sleeping on my back. My abdomen is showing a lot of swelling. This is due to all this fluids moving down. Fluids follow gravity so, everything that was in my chest is now in my tummy. I look puffy. When I lay down the fluids to to my back, naturally. This causes some back pain but it's temporary. My breast are less ugly this week but still look strange. They look very large. The upper poles are defiantly full and my muscles are still sore. The massages help. It is painful to touch some parts of my breasts. But, I think it's due to the bruising. I have a long bruise down my sternum, between my breasts. And one on the outside of each breast. My incision site is getting better and the blisters are getting better.

Lastly, I wore the post op bra I was given all day except when I showered. I have purchased sports bras that I will start wearing week three.

That is all I have for now. I will try to keep you guys updated on my progress. Though my breasts don't look great yet, I can see that they will, once they start to drop. I am very happy I've made this decision and am happy with my journey so far. Please feel free to question or comment! Thanks for reading!

Three weeks post op

My Stats:
Age 38
Height 5'1
Weight 128
Natrelle Inspira 485cc Silicone SRF Full projection
SubMuscular implant
Under breast incision

Three weeks post and thank goodness for massages!!! I feel the implants are still sitting high, but that is common at this stage. My breasts are still a little franken-boobie but they are getting there. I'm so excited because they're finally dropping.
Less bruising and the scabs on my stitches are starting to fall off. I will be starting silicone scar treatment next week.
I am experiencing some zingers. They're quick if not a bit shocking.
I massage 3-5 times daily for 5 minutes each. I massage my right breast more than my left as I feel it's a bit harder. It's strange to actually feel the implant "bottom out" when I massage, but they look really pretty the that happens.
My side boob is starting to fill out more ????
I can feel a lot of natural breast tissue still and I believe that's what causing my implants to feel so soft! They're starting to get bouncy and I can grab and rotate them a little while I massage.
My nipple sensation is incredibly sensitive ???? I really hope it stays that way.
I feel 100%. Back to my normal routine with some limitations. I don't raise my arms over my head for too long. I still don't lift heavy objects. I am able to shower and go through my full beauty/Hygiene routine unassisted.
I switch out between two full support sports bras and two post surgical bras. I feel a tightness in my chest when I'm in the sports bra so it's a bit of a relief to put the ugly post op bras on. Though, I feel my breasts are heavy when in the softer post op bras.
I haven't taken any pain killers since day 6 and still feel great.
In conclusion, I'm still completely ecstatic about my decision to undergo my BA! I don't know why I waited so long! Best of luck, ladies. Please feel free to ask any questions!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I didn't have much facetime with my surgeon but, he has an amazing team that makes up for that. There is no rule that states the Dr must be the one to answer all your questions. His team is warm and knowledgeable. Yes, his bedside manner is a little rushed however, bedside manner has nothing to do with talent. Dr Kadz may have not held my hand, but he is an incredibly talented surgeon. I am very happy with my results. My rating is just an honest reflection of our few encounters outside the operating room. I do recommend Dr Kadz.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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