Dr Plovier. Beclinic. 205cc and 220cc High Profile Motiva Ergonomix Round Silicone - Belgium, WI

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This forum was so helpful to me, so wanted to give...

This forum was so helpful to me, so wanted to give back to help others, especially small women or those thinking of having Dr Plovier as their surgeon……So this is my third BA. You can read my full history under my profile. I have been implant free for 3 years and was now ready to have some breasts again!! I was recommended Dr Plovier by a friend. He has his own private clinic in Belgium. I emailed Beclinic and they offered me a consultation at Harley street, London in Feb 2016. I was told to bring £30 cash for the consultation.
The consultation……I showed Dr Plovier my photos of my previous surgeries. I had a whole list of questions, but my mind went blank. He measured me then said that he doesn’t have his booklet with him, so he will look when he arrives back to Belgium. He was very nice. He let me feel a Motiva implant and the quality is so much better than some other implants. The clinic do use other brands too, Cereform, Allergan, Motiva, Sientra. But Dr Plovier recommends Motiva and I can see why!!!
I told him I want to be small, natural and conservative, ideally maximum 200cc, as I found my previous implants too big. Both my previous surgeries were performed by UK surgeons. I also didn’t want the extra high profile implants. I have slight asymmetry so would require two sizes between 15-20cc difference.
I did the rice test by the way, and found 220cc big enough!
My sizes:
Height: 4’11
Weight: 6 stones
BWD: 9.5cm
He quoted £2800 for the surgery. Beclinic also offer an all inclusive package for foreigners, which I recommend. For £260 you get all your transfers, medication, 1 night at the Panarama hotel which includes breakfast.
A couple of days later, Marie emailed me and said by chance he has a date for mid April 2016.
I was told, I could pay deposit now, then the rest on the day of surgery. Dr Plovier recommended Motiva:
Mini 205cc don’t know the sizes and 220cc, 11cm base, 2.9cm projection
Demi 230cc (10.5cm base, 3.6cm projection) and 240cm (10.75cm base, 3.7cm projection).

I told Marie, that although Moderates (Motiva’s demi range) would be my ideal implants as they are the most natural, I really wanted to be as much cc’s as possible. I had previously had PIP 245 and 265cc extra high profile, and these were so big, projected like missiles and so unnatural look. I’m only little. Sadly Motiva skip 2 sizes in their demi range would is a shame as these would have been perfect for me. So I had no choice but to suggest:
Motiva Full (high profile) I figured it was better than having extra full profile!!
205cc 9.5cm base, 3.9cm projection and 220cc 9.75cm base, 4cm projection.
Valerie ordered these for me. Lovely lady.
Marie said I could pay my deposit, then pay the rest on the day of surgery. I didn’t want the stress so just paid 4 weeks in advance in full through Metro bank. I had to pay CHAPS bank fee of £25.
I then booked my Eurostar tickets. I was going with someone.
So this is what I Paid:
£30 consultation fee
£3060 To Beclinic (£2800 plus £260)
Eurostar tickets outbound and return for 2 passengers approximately £170
Banks Chaps fee £25
Total: £3285.00
I also began taking TRAUMEEL tablets recommended by my PS 3 days prior to surgery then 5 days post surgery to reduce bruising.

Day of surgery……. I boarded the Eurostar from London’s St Pancras. Got the 6.50am train. Arrived at Brussels Midi station at 10.10am. Was greeted at the front by the driver holding up a ‘Beclinic’ sign. He insisted on carrying our luggage. We were driven in a Mercedes to Beclinic. Journey time to the clinic approximately 30 mins. We arrived and I gave my pre-filled out questionnaire to Marie. Nice Lady. She took me and my friend to a room, and gave me a complimentary dressing gown and slippers to change into. She said Dr Plovier would come to see me. He came 3 hours later. Was very honest, and told me that the previous surgeons unnecessarily made huge incisions. He said, he understands, I have chosen the Full 205cc and 220cc implants, but said it is likely that my incisions would show. He said if I go for the Demi 230 and 245cc, it would conceal my incision scars. I thanked him for his honesty and told him that after my ordeal, I really would prefer the smaller implants. I figured, the only person who would see my breasts would be a future husband!!! Of course for glamour models or those in jobs ,where little or no clothes is required, then they would have to conceal any previous incision scars!
For women with 30 to 32 band, approximately 100cc is required to achieve a cup size. I only wanted to be full B/ small C. Also 15cc is equivalent to a full tablespoon. A large person would swallow this up but on a small person a tablespoon would make a difference.
I was taken into theatre. Before I knew it I woke up wearing an XS support bra and compression strap (this is included in Beclinic’s price). Bidgit the nurse was so lovely and explained everything to my friend, regarding my medication.
I received: Motiva Ergonomix silksurface (smooth) under the muscle with dissolvable stitches.
Full Round Silicone 205cc (9.5cm base, 3.9cm proj) and 220cc (9.75, 4cm proj)
With Q chip inside. I have already registered them through Motiva’s website.

I was given a course of Antibiotics, and 3 different painkillers (paracetamol, ibruprofen and oxynorm).
I was also given 2 disposable sick buckets, all my paper work, receipts etc. Motiva card. All very professional.
Personally I’d stay away from the Oxynorm, especially if you are travelling back to the UK on the day of surgery as this will make you vomit non stop! The pain wasn’t a problem but the vomiting was something else!!!! My friend contacted the clinic just before the driver took us the next day to catch out Eurostar, and Valerie said stop the Oxynorm and just take the rest. I did and the vomiting stopped. After surgery, because of the Oxynorm I had no appetite. My friend ate at the Panorama’s restaurant and said the food was soooooo delicious!! I was gutted missed out.
The next day, I was driven to Brussels Midi station. In total Beclinic drove us 3 times. By the way, the panorama hotel is only 15 mins walk away from Beclinic which is handy.
My only regret is taking that darn Oxynorm painkiller!!!!! Take my word, not worth it!!! The pain is easy to cope with with the paracetamol and ibruprofen alone. Also you have to take half a valium tablet before bed. All instructions are given by the clinic.
So far, I am very happy with my results. So pleased I chose Dr Plovier. Girls, you won’t be disappointed!! I was lucky, no vomiting on the Eurostar as I stopped those Oxynorms just in time!!! Caught an Uber from St Pancras and ate like a horse when I got home. My appetite is back!!!!!
So far, I have followed all Beclinic’s post op advice. Only one day left for antibiotics! The left breasts has dropped more than the right. I am able to move around okay. Can’t tie my hair back properly as yet, but every day is improving. By next week I should have better arm movement. So pleased with my size. My follow up appointment with Dr Plovier will be in 2 months time in London. Cant wait for the months to pass and to see the final result. So far I am fitting into a full 32C.
I have also ordered Cicalfate, silicone scar sheets, bio oil.

Noticed a mistake!

Sorry, I noticed it says I told Marie I wanted to be a much cc's as possible! I meant I told Marie, I wanted to be as little cc's as possible! Haa,haa!!
It's annoying that previous reviews cannot be edited!!
Today is 1 week and 1 day post op. Last night I noticed a rash and it was so itchy. I knew it was nothing serious as I am allergic to the glue from the bandage adhesive. I had mentioned this to Beclinic. Anyway, I took antihistamine but the itchiness was just too much! I didn't scratch though! Anyway at 3am I was still awake from the itchiness. I got up, and even though I still have another 2 weeks left until I remove the bandages, I had no choice. The rash was so bad. I peeled it back, didn't touch the incision which looked all dry and healed, but the bandages were absolutely soaking and moist. So probably a good thing I removed it. Anyway I cleaned my hands with antibacterial wipes then applied sterile gauze pads over the incisions and used a fresh clean support bra to hold them in place. I put Beclinic's support bra in the wash. Anyway, the rash seems to be clearing up. I've already had to change the sterile gauze again as some liquid was still coming through. But the incision looks healed. I've just ordered a dozen sterile gauze pads. I have had 6 operations on my breasts (3 to insert implants and 2 to remove without replacement and one to remove a lympth node), and everytime I have ended up with a rash from the adhesive. Actually the last operation I had was last year to remove a lympth node in my armpit which had trapped a large 2.9cm lump of PIP industrial silicone. I had this lump for 3 years. It just got more and more painful. Sadly the doctors could not remove the rest of the silicone as it had gone to my organs. Only the left implant had ruptured. This was the wider one. The right was 10cm and the left 10.5cm. I had some side boob. I had assymetry so required 2 different sizes. I have heard implants which sit wider then your BWD and give you a kind of side boob look, do not last as long as those that sit exactly within your BWD. Apparently it causes shell deteriation due to the 'bending'. I have heard this from numerous surgeons. It doesn't matter what brand it is, it's the same for all. That's why this time round, I stated I wanted no more than 9.75cm as my BWD is 9.5cm. It's okay to go a tiny bit over, but not too much!.....
So far, I have finished my course of antibiotics. In 2 weeks time, I will stop using the sterile gauze and apply the Cicalfate scar cream recommended by my PS. Then a few weeks later, I will start using the Silicone Scar sheets. I highly recommend this. I didn't discover this until after my 2nd BA. Can't believe how amazing they are, hence their costs!!! They are quite expensive but worth it. I ordered mine from EBay. They make the incision scars smooth and soft. The colouring also improves. AMAZING!!!!!
I really hope all you ladies wanting small boobs will find my review helpful. I will of course update. Right now, nothing much has changed. Boobs are still a little high, especially the right side. But I don't feel at all top heavy and matron looking which is great!!!!! I am currently fitting a 32C.

13 Days Post Op

I am still taking the occasional painkiller, probably only twice a day though (one every 4 hours).
Morning boobs are a nightmare! I am still sleeping elevated (3 pillows). Although I can get up and adjust much easier than a few days ago, I still have stiffness and my chests ache like crazy! I was advised to remove my water proof bandages at 3 weeks post op but due to a serious allergy to the adhesive on the dressings, I had to remove them at approximately 8 days post op. My skin was incredibly itchy and a large rash had appeared. The incision area is dry and crusty and sore. I have been placing sterile gauze over them held tightly by a sports bra. There's some horrible sticky yellow/orange fluid coming a little onto the gauze, so I have to apply a new one around 3-4 times a day. I haven't got the incisions wet yet. I will await until after 3 weeks post op.
The compression band is a nightmare! It is not painful, just incredibly uncomfortable, as it digs into the right armpit only. I have tried everything to make them comfortable, from placing a sock against the armpit to a cotton wool pad! I also still have itchy skin and a rash, but it can take at least 2 weeks to subside. My last adhesive allergy took about 6-8 weeks for the rash to disappear from the time that I removed the adhesive dressing to the time the rash went! I am also taking one anti histamine a day to control the itchiness. The incision is still very dark. I hope all this horrible fluid stuff goes away! It's making me feel sick every time I have to change the dressing. The swelling has really gone down. My right breast still feels fuller than the left, but then I always had asymmetry. I am not seeking perfection just for them to look better than previously, and they certainly do so far (in my opinion!).

The right breast is still sitting higher than the left. I prefer the side profile of the left breast as it has a nice natural slope. The right still has that fake upper pole look.
So far, apart from the yellowish/orangey stuff oozing from my incisions, I am happy with everything else. It's not a lot of fluid just a little. I still cannot stretch fully on my right. It feels easier to stretch on the left. Maybe because the right implant is still sitting high up behind the muscle and hasn't dropped yet?
I have started my vitamins again. I am eating a healthy diet. I shall update my progress in a few days. Happy to answer any questions.

2 weeks and 4 days Post Op

So I am now 2 weeks and 4 days post op. The left looks better and more natural than the right. I am hoping that the right will drop and project a little less!! I like the front view, just not loving the side profile view. I am hoping it's all just swelling. The rash is quite itchy. I am able to do a lot now, but still not 100%. I can lift up my left arm, but not my right. I'm right handed by the way. I understand that the dominant hand breast side usually takes longer to drop. I am fitting into a 32C cup.

Almost 3 weeks PO

The right is projecting more than the left. I measured my projection today. The left is 4cm and the right is 5cm :-( that's too much difference. I hope the right projection goes down as I don't like this missile look :-(
The right is also higher than the left. I prefer the way the left breast looks.
My rash is still very itchy.

4 Weeks Post OP

My wounds have healed fully. No more morning boob, woohoo! But still some pain now and again. I an applying Cicalfate cream and bio oil twice a day. Still wearing a sports bra. My right is still fuller, projects more and is higher than the left. It also has more upper pole fullness than the left. Not sure whether this will change much over the coming months. I like the left breast better as smaller and more natural looking. Rash still there, but itching a little less. Here are my comparison photos. Before and after Breast Augmentation. I went under the muscle but so far I have ended up looking bigger than with the rice sizers. By the way I measured super accurately more than thrice!
Dr Plovier

Wonderful Dr. Very compassionate and caring.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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