Boahene Cancelled my Surgery. Baltimore, MD

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I had a nose revision date set with Dr. Boahene. I...

I had a nose revision date set with Dr. Boahene. I made hotel and plane reservations as well. I just needed my tip done without rib graft surgery. However, I was quoted the highest price for rib surgery. Since I almost have a total blockage in my nose, part of this procedure is considered a functional to correct my breathing. Out of curiosity, I called my insurance and they said it would be a covered procedure if the doctor's office filled out a preauthorization form. Although I told them Dr. Boahene doesn't participate with their insurance, they said preauthorization would allow him to receive partial payment for this procedure. So, I contacted Dr. Boahene's Office Manager regarding it. Right away, she became mad stating that Dr. Boahene doesn't participate with my insurance. I tried to explain what my insurance told me and how my breathing problems were already discussed during the consult. I said that maybe he didn't note the area that was blocking my nasal passages because he said he was afraid to damage it. I also said I knew for sure that he was fixing my collapsed nostril because it was blocking airflow. All I wanted to know is if it was possible for my insurance to cover the functional part, not the cosmetic part of my surgery. Dr. Boahene's Office Manager was still mad, but she said that she would ask him when he was in the next day. Because I didn't hear from her and payment for the surgery center was due that afternoon, I contacted her that day to ask if she heard from Dr. Boahene. I said that I still wanted to make the payment in full since my insurance could just reimburse me later if they approved it. I also said that I didn't mean to cause any trouble by inquiring if the functional part of this surgery could be covered by my insurance. She said that she would get back to me, but she never got back to me. The following morning she contacted me to say there may be a conflict with my surgery date. When I asked her what kind of conflict, she did not reply. So, I called the surgery center and they didn't say there was any conflict. Then, she contacted me to say Dr. Boahene cancelled my surgery and that I should only have a doctor in my state do it. I explained that doctors in my state have been referring me out of state since there aren't really any experienced revision doctors here. Dr. Boahene's Office Manager also said she already told me the day before that Dr. Boahene said he would only code the procedure as cosmetic, not partially functional. When I told her that she never updated me on what he said, she yelled at me claiming that she did. I asserted that it was ok if Dr. Boahene didn't want to send a preauthorization form for the functional part because I was just asking. I can't speak for Dr. Boahene since I don't know if his Office Manager screens (or deletes) his office emails, but he never replied to my email about this issue brought on by his Office Manager. If he did read my email, then he lacks character.
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