(800cc) 1 year 4 mths! Got my confidence back (I feel like the luckiest girl in the world) Mission Accomplished- Baltimore, MD

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Let me start off by saying I have quite a history...

Let me start off by saying I have quite a history with breast implants. I know what it's like to have saline implants as well as the memory silicone gel implants. When I was 19 years old I decided that I wanted a boob job. I come from a pretty large family and off all of my sisters I was the only one with no boobs ( barely and A cup). So I seriously started thinking about getting breast implant. However at the age of 21,I decided to take the plunge on go for it. My first set of implants were 350cc saline implants nice shape for my size for my body at that point in my life, but considering that I'm 5'9 I always knew I could carry more so I've always wanted to be bigger.

Than I decided about 4 years later I would increase the size and go bigger and I did. I stayed with saline and I choose 650cc they were nice no doubt but than one of them popped 6 years later. At that point I no longer felt comfortable with saline, so this is when i first heard of the cohesive silicone memory gel. I figured since I had to go under the knife again to get my saline implant fixed i might as well change profile and go with 750cc round mod plus implants. Omg the mods looked horribly on me. At this point I became frustrated they were way to wide on the side and flat in the front they made me look weight heavy. I was like I can't live like this I look tall and skinny with these wide flat ugly boobs I've got to do something about this. I did'nt want to go through another surgery but I knew something had to be done either I just stick it out and live like this or change it once again.

So I thought this would be the answer I went back to my previous docter that place the mods and me and he recommended I go with the 590cc ultra profile with and internal bra So I said ok if I downsize a little bit it will take some (just a little bit of the side boob away and a little bigger in the front) I should be happy right. Wrong I've made another mistake on size and profile from the morning I woke up from surgery I knew was not going to be happy with those tiny 590 ultra high profile. I kept them for 6 months debating what I was going to do. I still had to wear patted push bras while still looking flat chested with my 590cc. I was so depressed I had decided that I was going to just take my implants out and live without them, but my husband was so supported of it all he told me honey you won't be happy without your implants and going back to being flat chested, there has got to be docter out there that can give you the results you want to achieve. I finally agreed with him.

So, I started researching doctors I had no idea where to start. I wanted a plastic surgeon near by but it had never occurred to me to go out of state. As I was looking online I stumbled across this Real Self site. I started browsing over different posts and reviews of different doctors here and I even sign up to the site myself. I started asking a few doctors questions just to see what kind of response I got. I would look on several of the doctors sites here and look an before and after photos of patients they had previously operated on. One docter in particular stood out to me. So I decided I'm going to call and set up a consultation. When I call his secretary told me he was'nt in and to leave my name and number and he'd call me back so I said ok, not really thinking much of it.

Doctors are so busy most off the time I did'nt think he'd call me back. (But 2 hrs later he did) we talk for a while and I explained to him what I had been through with my current implants and I noticed on his site that he has experience with revision surgery) and this is why I wanted to schedule a consultation with him to see if anything could be done to help me. My husband and I drove 2 hrs away (out of state) to the consultation). The consultation was quick I had my consultation and pre op all in the same day. I knew right than and there I wanted Dr. Schreiber to perform my surgery. He was so kind and down to earth and his staff was really nice. I had all my bloodwork done by my primary care docter and two weeks later my husband and I paid the docter and the hospital where my surgery was going to be performed.

I had my surgery this morning and everything went very smoothly. I am very happy at the moment, I got 800cc high profile cohesive round memory gel. They are absolutely beautiful. I was afraid that I would come out of surgery and they would look like torpedoes on my chest, but not at all. I also thought they would be pushed way up to my collar bone but the are not . My nipples are perfected centered and the breast are round just like I wanted them to be. I have lots of cleavage loving them so much. It's been a long time since I felt this way about my chest. I can't stop starting at them in the mirror. I have no pain at all it's been 9 and half hrs since my surgery and I feel great other than a little throat pain. My throat is little dry I keep drinking water to moisturizer it abit.

It's been 5 days since my revision and I could'nt...

It's been 5 days since my revision and I could'nt be happier. I'm so really to get out off this surgical bra and go bra shopping. I'm trying to be patient and wait until the 3 month mark for final results. I did try on some of my old bras and I'm busting out off those. Yep! I'm sooo glad! I went up 210 cc from current implants and I gain 1 full cup size. Finally I no longer feel flat chested. I like the way I can hide my boobs if need to be and I can show them off if I want too! My boobs are feeling so soft I don't remember any off my previous sets feeling this soft ever. I haven't been out the house since my surgery it felt good to finally get out and get back into the swing off things.

It's been 1 week since I got the new girls, what...

It's been 1 week since I got the new girls, what more can I say I'm in love. I'm feeling completely like my old self again. This has been an easy recovery for me. I had no breast pain just a little discomfort around the incision site. My post op is Fri. Hoping that my ps will take the tape and guaze off. I've been wanting to remove it myself but I did'nt want to mess anything up. I'm taking every precaution possible. I'm not sure if ps used regular stitches or dissolvable ones. I plan on bring my ps and his staff a nice gift basket upon my return to the post op. I go back to work tomorrow. Feeling very confident since I only went up 1 cup size so it won't be too noticeable.

Today was my first day back at work. I felt so...

Today was my first day back at work. I felt so confident with my new additions. I was sursprised no one even noticed I had any thing done. Now I know I chose the right size. This is exactly what I wanted I did'nt really want my co workers to notice anything different about me. This was exactly the look I wanted (the round barbie doll look but that I can easily disquise them under clothing) Mission accomplished!

I'm still in love with my girls!

I'm still in love with my girls!

Well it's been 2 weeks since I had my surgery done...

Well it's been 2 weeks since I had my surgery done and I feel absolutely fabulous. I love my 800cc Hp implants. The swelling has gone down tremendously; not too happy with that: however I just love the swollen look: not that I was really swollen to began with: I had no brusing at all: which was very good: I do think my skin has been stretched to the Max; my implants are sitting pretty tight in my skin; but of course I'm sure my internal bra has something to do with why they are sitting up so high. I started massaging to keep the implants soft. They are very squshy and bounce around with I walk. They feel like natural breast. I just love them. I can't stop staring at them in the mirror. I've tried on several off my old bras and the weirdest thing is I still fit in all my old bras they just fit a lot better! Idk; I have'nt officially been sized yet: my band size before my revision was a 34 or 36; now I'm fitting into a 38 for sure: I don't know my new cup size but I'm assuming it's somewhere between a DD or DDD cup. I think I might go to Victoria's Secret this weekends to get officially sized. I had no idea going up only 210cc would give me this much. I'm so happy right now I love the new me.

It' s been 3 weeks since my revision surgery. I'm...

It' s been 3 weeks since my revision surgery. I'm still loving my results even more now, I started my massage techniques, I massage 3x a day for about 4 minutes on each breast, my breast are very,very soft and so bouncy. I finally went to Victoria Secrets yesterday to get sized, I even treated myself to 2 new bras, the lady that sized me said that I was a 36DD which I am very happy with. I can no longer say I'm flat chested anymore, I'm far from it hehe! My breast are still sitting up pretty high, I'm so glad because I don't want them to drop to much, my sterile strips fell off yesterday, my breast still feel kinda sticky were my crease incisions are from the glue that was used underneath the sterile strips. When I massage I'm very careful where the incisions are they are still very delicate. My husband is very happy that I'm happy with my new breast, this has been Long road for him as we'll, and I am very grateful and blessed to him support me through it all. I know I can't quite wear my new bras I bought yesterday because my ps wants me to still wear my sports bra for 3 more weeks! I'm trying to hold off before buying any new swimsuits, my summer vacation is coming up in June, I'm so excited! can't wait to show off the new girls!

My girls just turned 1 month today, my how time...

My girls just turned 1 month today, my how time flies, I'm still thrilled with my results, the girls are looking better and better each day, I feel absolutely fabulous, posted a
few new pics. I think I might go shopping today for some tube tops to wear on vacation this summer, the weather is finally starting to warm up here, I'm ready to bust out of all my summer tops! Lol!

I just approached my 5th week, I'm feeling...

I just approached my 5th week, I'm feeling terrific,the girls are getting more beautiful each day! I'm still so happy and feeling more confident each day! I've been going on shopping sprees just about everyday now, I bought 2 new swimsuits and a few summer tops, I feel like a new woman!

Today my girls turned 6 weeks, I bought some new...

Today my girls turned 6 weeks, I bought some new comfy sports bras to wear from Walmart, I have a few new bras that I bought from vs but I just feel more comfy in sports bras for the time being, I'm been feeling a little bit of tingling in the nipple area I think it's zingers, I've experience them before, they are normal, it just means the breast are still healing, but the zingers do feel kind weird, I had my annual breast exam today by my primary care docter, which I get yearly and the girls are doing great!

New pics posted

new pics posted

I can't believe it's been 2 months, one more month...

I can't believe it's been 2 months, one more month and I get to see what my final result will be, but so far everything is looking pretty darn good, I'm still very happy with my results, I hope this feeling never goes away, my husband says I look like a barbie doll, tall and skinny with big boobs, he loves them too!

9 weeks!

9 weeks (plunge bra by vassarette) very comfy!

My pic

My pics loads upside down grrrr!


My breast haven't changed much! They are still beautiful and I'm still very happy happy happy! No matter what I do I can't cover these babies up, so I just decided if you got it why not flaunt it! Lol! I got to get back into working out, my 6 weeks is up now it's time for me to start up on my Pilates and Taebo workouts again! I have been doing alot off walking lately, I bought a couple of full coverage bras that I wore maybe once or twice, I don't like them too much, they cover up too much off my boobs, I can't see much cleavage, so I decided not to wear them I tossed them away into the back off my dresser drawer, I can't help it I love my Demi and plunged bras, even though I know my boobs are hanging out off them, I like to feel sexy underneath my clothing,

11 weeks

This is the time when I look in the mirror and say, where did my boobs go, they look so small to me, but not with these, they still look big, I'm so happy with the size off them, I have to be honest, around this time I usually get a little bit nervous because at this point all the dropping and fluffing has pretty much taken place, I have 1 week left and ill be 3 months, I've been waiting for this moment just to see what the final outcome will be, I've made it to 11 weeks and I'm still very pleased with my results, 1 more week to go for final results and 1 more week to go until my cruise vacation, I'm so excited about my upcoming vacation, I got tons of new swimsuits to wear, ok! I kinda went overboard shopping for my upcoming vacation but i couldn't help myself!

3 months

Happy 3 month anniversary to my girls, my final results are absolutely beautiful, I could'nt be happier, I love my boobs, they are perfect, they are so full, round, big and natural looking to me, also let me not forget how bouncy and soft they are as well! My biggest concern was that my boobs would not be even, usually at the 3 month mark is when i decide if im fully happy or not with the girls, I must say I feel like my results way exceeded my expectations, thanks to my husband support I'm so glad that I did'nt give up on having the perfect boobs, its a dream come true, I'm so ready for swimsuit season, I feel sooo sexy and fabulous, my hubby can't seem to keep his hands off of me, lol!

13 weeks just got back from my cruise

I had and awesome time on my 8 day cruise vacation; I had a chance to really show the girls off and have a fantastic time as well! Def. Glad I went as big as silicone goes! I could'nt be happier! My hubby spoiled me by updated our original suite to a grand suite! I felt so spoiled! I felt Like a princess in her castle; this one one off the best vacations ive had in a long time!

4 months 2 weeks

I'm 18 weeks! I recently just went to my 4 month post op! My ps says my breast look beautiful and they are healing well, I'm still elated with my results! I won't have another post op with my ps until 1 year from now!

5 months 2 weeks

Well, ladies its been a month since I updated my review, I can't believe I'm 5 and half months, almost 6 months, where has the time gone, I have def. been enjoying my boobs, I just love them, I added some new pics, also I put in a few older pics as well!

7 months

Hi ladies I know it's been awhile since I've updated my review, I'm still happy with my girls, they have changed so much, I was little nervous because one of my breast sat a little higher than the other, but all seems well now, they look like they have even out quite abit, I was trying to wait for awhile before I contacted my ps, but it looks like they are pretty even now, I have been aggressively massassing the higher boob, every day, I guess the massage must have been working, Even though they look pretty even to me now, I'm going to continue to massage only the right boob, I don't massage the left one at all, I used to at first but I stopped because I felt as though that boob is perfect just as it is, I've always like my results of this current boob job but I still wanted to see some improvement, I guess at times I'm too hard on myself, by far this has been one of the best sets of boobs I've had in a long time, I'm still loving them thus far, I recently bought a couple of cute sports bra, they are not as supported as I would like but they are so darn cute so I couldn't resist, my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and my husband plans on taking me out of town to do some some shopping, I'm excited, I love to shop, I know I have tons of bras but I'm sure I'll end up buying a couple of new bras for the girls, I guess a girl can never have too many bras right, have a wonderful evening my boobie friends!

1 year 2 months

Hello ladies, It's been 7 months since I've updated my review, I'm still feeling fabulous at 40, my girls are getting more beautiful each day, I love my boobs, lol! Here are a few new pics!

Final Size

I'm wearing a 38DDD in Victoria Secret bras and E cup bra by other designers; but technically a DDD size bra is an E cup; I never thought about ending up with an E cup when I started this journey; but I'm definetly ok with it; no complaints this way!


More pics

Recent pics

I'm slowly adding new recent pics to my review! It's been a little over a year now since I've gotten my new set! I am still loving these girls! Sometimes I just stare at them In the mirror still can't believe they are mine!



Past photos from previous breast surgeries


Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Schneider here on Real Self, he is and awesome, wonderful, nice, and very down to earth docter. His staff made me feel right at home. He really goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. He answered all my questions. And he does'nt rush you.Which is definietly a blessing! Dr. Schneider is a true artist and I am very happy with my results.He gave me my confidence back. I couldn't be happier. I feel like a million bucks. The only regret I have is I wish I had found Dr. Schneider sooner he would have saved me alot of heart ache and pain.Thank you Dr.Schneider for giving me light at the end off the tunnel!

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