Salama horrible breast implants.

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I just found out the love of my life my husband is...

I just found out the love of my life my husband is been cheating on me and has a porn addiction my life was a breastfeeding mom and a good wife had change terrible after this.
Im very unsecured and super sad with my situation.
One off my 550cc silicon implants had drop so much after breastfeeding.
I just finance my both surgery BBL in march and Breast new implants in November23,2015.

My breast 550cc now, surgery in 9 days!!

Pre operation.

3 more days my surgery almost here!

Sad today with my life after my husband cheating me I just can't function well,scare to go in surgery with so much stress around me I don't know how much my heart can handle,I just can't understand how this man can be so disgusting and perver this mother F. With out heart.
The bible said we will pay for what we make others suffer.
And I Hope God doesn't let this men live without a punishment ????
I really can't forget all of this cheating,prostitutes ,massage parlo,porn,toys.
Sick brain.
Not a good day????:,,(. ;,((

Now he is homosexual

Yes this men that is married to me just confess he had sex with guys:(
Omg what else and how much more I can handle?
I'm speechless this is terrible,why he married me and had kid?

2hours after surgery. was good Doctor very nice,the anesthesiologist Alex "Alexandre" the most amazing one.
The nurse not amazing.
Happy I choose this great team!

Surgery done was good Doctor very nice,the anesthesiologist Alex "Alexandre" the most amazing one.
The nurse was amazing kind sweet.
Happy I choose this great team!

650 cc left side. 700cc right side

I hope the left side look more higher in few days.

One day after surgery 650cc and 700cc

So much pain,I'm not taking pain meds cuz I get take care of my son too.

2days after surgery

I feel way better,I'm taking Tylenol x strength for pain and my antibiotic,it helping me a lot.sleeping on my back.

Isn't my breast weird?.

Please all help me.
My breast look weird?

After surgery what I do now?

After surgery is not good I'm wondering what i can do now

one week after breast aug. round 2

1 month pos operation

One month and my breast still look one up one down,and my left breast the implant feel like is flipped,going to see doctor Salamar for revision,next week.
I'm also trying to gain weight for BBL, 7 pounds gained so far.

My implante is flipped.

My implant had flipped I knew something was wrong I'm so sad ????,Doctor Salamar said he can fix it,it was not his fault,sometimes it can happens when u pocket is too big for the implant ,I hope I don't have to pay to fix it,cuz I have no money,I'm broke ,with a kid and not financial support .
Thank you all for support.

Doctor Salamar will Fix my breast

So I got a call from his office and I'm very happy he will fix my breast implant that is flipped ,once again is not his fault,the implant can flipped because a lot reasons and I prob did too much after surgery or my pocket was too big, Doctor Salamar is very good doctor and he will keep his integrity and good reputation .
I'm having my BBL soon.
Things are not doing well at my house now still dealing with a lot problems,I hope I'm done with all the surgery so I can start my life again with my little son.
Thank you all for you support and the ones that had said hurtful things to me I hope a happy life and and leave me alone.

Still waiting for 3th surgery...

Before fix the flipped implant

Update on my revision

I just talked to Cynthia at Doctor Salamar office, she want me to come back and talk to him,I really don't want have my surgery to fix my implant the same day of my BBl on April, so I want to
Salama to see if he can fix this before or after my BBL.

I hope he fix this with no charge ,I can't imagine what I'm going to have to do to find money for it.

Here my update !!

I been dealing with a lot of pain and horrible nightmare, my breast is been flipped for 10 months now I have horrible horrible pain and it look terrible day after day I have to wear long jacket do ppl won't noticed how deformed it look,

Cynthia's won't respond my emails,calls, any thing. They have 3,000 thousand dollars that I gave them and they won't give it back or fix my surgery

I been one week at the hospital the CT scan show my implant is flipped and infected.

Elite plastic surgery won't let me talk to doctor Salama or he prob doesn't care.

I email Cyntia my coordinator to ask for help or give me me half my money back so can go to another doctor.

I have a hospital bill for $8,560.00 for been at the hospital bcuz my breast. ????????????????

Please all becareful, is very sad I have to deal with this and I have a 2 years old baby that need me more than anything and I can't even hold him.

Why my breast is like this?

Update on my implant

Today I am at hospital i have blood fluid around the implants between the breast and implant, I still waiting to see the doctor to decide what we should do.

I am feeling better.

I have been feeling much better and with no pain.
I don't have infection anymore , only my boobies that weird shape I will post picture tomorrow.
I still have to have surgery to fix one breast implant is very low from all the problems.
Thank you I will post pictures. Soon.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He is very professional but too busy to care for us,but his office staff is not too professional as soon they got my money e it was a nightmare to schedule a appoiment , my breast hurt and it hurt like hell,.i been at hospital with breast pain they did CT scan my breast need a doctor I'm very sad and depressed my pain is day and night. They don't care Cyntia is very sweet till she get you money,after that not matter how much u call,she won't call you back,and even talk bad to me when I ask why she didnt respond me in weeks. If I want receive this bad actitude I would went to a cheaper Hialeah doctor. Also Cyntia mom s works at serenity house care and she doesn't even has any medical degree to been giving healthy care to ppl after surgery is very sad we get deal with no professional people.

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