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I had my implants done about 5 years ago now. For...

I had my implants done about 5 years ago now. For the first few months they seemed great and that everything was fine. Then one day I was bending over and looked in the mirror and noticed rippling in the cleavage of my right breast. That one had always been a little larger than the left but seemed even more so after surgery. When I stood up and really examined them, I noticed that my nipple was further to the right and higher than the left one. I started panicking. I waited until I had another post op appointment and let the doctor look at them and tell me what he thought. He said that the right one was definately bottoming out. But not only was it the bottom, it was also into my cleavage (that's why my nipple was so far right).

He booked me for corrective surgery and I went in and he put sutures inside. They didn't hold and a week after that surgery I was back to were I started, and out another thousand and something for hospital and anesthesia costs. So, when I went in after that surgery he told me he thought that I should switch to the cohesive gel implants that were textured and would stay in place better. He told me he would do all of this free of cost if I just bought the implants he would eat the other fees.

Well, in between waiting for the next surgery I got pregnant. So obviously I had my first baby and knew that I wanted another one not long after so I just decided to wait until after I had my family and then go ahead with another surgery. So, right now I am pregnant with my second and last baby and am trying to research to figure out the best thing to do when I'm ready to revise these. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I've spent much of my 20's with these awful breasts and just want to look normal and be able to wear a string bikini without thinking someone can see that my right breat hangs dowm way lower than the left, my nipples go in different direction and the right one ripples terribly at my cleavage.

I've read about different ways of making an intenal bra and I'm not sure if that is what I should do or not. Also, the doctor I went to is very highly esteemed here in Austin, but with all that I've dealt with I'm not sure that I want to go back to him.

I wanted this surgery so bad from the time I can remember because I barely had an a cup, I just wanted normal sized breasts. But looking back at all of this, I realize that I had a great body before and basically just ruined it. I wish I didn't feel that way but it's the truth.

Richard Gorman

Just because of what I went through, I couldn't in good conscience recommend him to anyone else.

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